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  1. Please help

    ah okay thank you
  2. Please help

    Wslams , I don't exercise much as I'm lacking iron so I pretty much have days where I cant do anything but that's normal I get better when I take vitaims and iron tablets . My diet I would say is pretty bad . Due to lack of iron I rely on junk food to give me energy,and get the energy for a few hours then go back. Or some days I don't eat at all . i don't attend harram places I'm always at home and if i do go out its either with family or town to do the shopping or need something from the shops With praying i don't but i was a few months ago . I stopped due to everyone pointing out mistakes , i totaltaly understand there saying it from my benefit but my personality is when i get negative feedback i just give up . But I'm working on that Also Brother , are you able to message me on here ?
  3. Please help

    Salam's Thank You brother , Inshallah Allah will guide me to the right path . Thank you once again
  4. Edit Post

    Salam's Can an Admin help change a post for me
  5. Please help

    Ah okay - in reply to your questions: (1) have you always had these attraction feelings towards males, or is it a new thing? For a few years - (2) if it is a new thing, when did they start? (3) do you still feel any attraction for females? Sometimes
  6. Please help

    Salams , Thank You for replying . Is okay if I message you instead ?
  7. Please help

    Salam's Brothers , I'm writing this post as I need help . I've taken a wrong decision in life which has really affected me and my family big time and my relationships between them. I had sexual attractions to the same gender and things got to a stage where I was seeking a relationship & fun . Before I go on please don't judge me I know everything I've done is wrong but I've been lead astray by being in wrong crowds and not realising this is wrong . As I was being included I was young about 15-16 didn't have much friends in school or college. This has been going on for about 4 years . I physically can't cope anymore because I want to change and i am , I haven't engaged In any activty with the same gender. I want to change as know I have no friends , feel so alone , jealous that everyone has friends I don't . I'm scared if I go out ill go back to the same thing . I just feel depressed , scared and not myself I just want to enjoy life and you know be on the right path but I'm struggling and I need help . I guess I've made the first step in changing by seeking advice . And Thank You for reading this & Replying