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  1. Saraharvey


    I dont think my OCD is severe because Alhamdullilah just perform well in my daily life. It is just that these thoughts keep coming and bothering me. Its making me insecure maybe this is because of my past. I have experienced bullying and the thoughts has stayed with me since. Most times I think I am less than other people and that I am not strong enough.
  2. Saraharvey


    thank you brother. sara
  3. Saraharvey


    Asalaam Alaykum dear SC members, I have what it is called intrusive thoughts (or vasvas). From the day I wake up until the night time I suffer from negative thoughts which is affecting my studies and relationship. Most times these thoughts are bothering me and as a result of this I lose my valuable time thinking all the time. At theend of day I get mentally exhausted. Even right now whilst I am typing this the thoughts arent stopping and is bothering me all the time. I feel like I am not myself as if I am outside of my body. I have had therapy and meds in the past and now I dont. The therapy did work for me to some extend, but why dont I get better? Especially that I am now married (not living together yet) it scares me. What if I cant handle my responsibilities in the future as a wife? Has anyone had this experience? Did you get better and yes how? Thanks in advance. Sara
  4. Saraharvey

    I’m married!

    Asalaam Alaykum sister. When I read your post I have become so happy. I wish you all the best and happiness. Love, Sara
  5. dear brother @Qa'im, I am looking forward to your reply. Sara
  6. Asalaam alaykum brother, Your reply touched my heart. I have always thought I would get married to a relatively/absolutely religious guy, but it seems like Allah wanted something else. We people could also be the means of a helper to help someone become more religious. He is not non religious but I think that he kind of needs some structure in his life. He is far away from his family for years and has been always living alone. If I ask him what are your ideologies or ideas about raising your kids. He tells me that hasn't come right now (he means that it will be alright). He is sometimes not what he wants and as a result of this leaves me with with my questions unanswered. Sometimes he provides me with answers and later he says something else. ( I am confused).
  7. To be really honest I didnt know what I wanted at first. The more time we pass the more I know what's important to me. The peoblem is that if I ask him I won't get a straight and clear answer. It's as if he is not too sure what he wants.. What can I do?
  8. Allah could bring a change who knows. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Asalaam alaykum, I dont know. I could give it a try.
  10. Interests: going out, being social and have fun with people. He likes to laugh. Hobbies: No particular hobbies know yet. Field of study: he works at a company where they work with machines: manufacturing different kind of things. He likes to invest and start something of his own.
  11. Asalaam Alaykum to you all, It's been a few months since my marriage with a not too religious husband. Unfortunately he is not much into reflecting about Islam and Ahlulhayt (A.S.) and he also doesn't read or research about it. He does try to perform his prayers, but next to this he doesn't do anything else about his religion. This worries me sometimes as I myself know about Islam to some extend and find it very important. What is your advice on helping him on this path? Should I tell him about my worries? Should I take it step by step? Is he going to become more religious with the time being? Note: we have had our nikkah but haven't started to live under a roof yet. So culturally we are engaged. Thanks in advance. Sara
  12. Saraharvey

    What advice would you give your younger self

    Just what I needed. Love, Sara
  13. Saraharvey

    Struggling with insecurity

    thank you brother. Sara