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  1. What advice would you give your younger self

    Just what I needed. Love, Sara
  2. Struggling with insecurity

    thank you brother. Sara
  3. Struggling with insecurity

    Thank you for your message brother. Mah Allah bless all SC members who provide good advices and lighten up hearts. Sara
  4. Asalaam Alaykum dear SC members, I suffer from social anxiety. I am engaged and sometimes I find it very hard to communicate with my fiancee because of my fears, doubts and anxeties. There are moments I get shut down and want to be alone. With Allah's will I am going to get married Inshallah. Everything in this relationship is so new to me. I am very insecure how to act towards him. I fear that if I share my insecurities all the time woth him that he might stop loving me and leave me. I know I think irrational, but these thoughts keep popping into head and doesn't leave me at rest. I suffer alot sometimes. I don't what to do. Is there any of you with mental health issues ( be it social anxiety or anything else) married? If yes how do you and your spouse cope woth this? Thank you, Sara
  5. abusive father

    Asalaam Alaykum sister, I like to offer my sincere apologies about a few question I asked a brother in this forum without considering your post. I feel very bad about the message I have posted, I am very sorry. I hope you forgive me and please do. Kinds regards, Sara
  6. abusive father

    Asalaam Alaykum brother, Can you please explain to me what are the effects of growing up in an abusive environment? By this I mean the long term effects/results at a later age. And also, what if someone is abused; beaten, threatened and insulted by his/her parents? What kind of personality would he develop in his adulthood? Thank you, Sara
  7. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Can you please state the reason(s) why we shouldn't discuss about these things? Thank you sister, Sara
  8. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    What are those culturally acceptable limits?
  9. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Thanks for your reply brother.
  10. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    I am not very sure.....but it does worry me sometimes. Is it possible for someone to chance a bit and get more religious for the sake of his wife?
  11. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Dear Shiachat MOD, Thanks for your advice(s)
  12. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Than you brother. Sara
  13. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Asalaam alaykum, Thank you for your reply. You see this is the problem. When there aren't enough people who you could ask your questions (anything which comes up into your mind) you'll be left without any support and wondering how things work. This will be even hard er when you have to enlighten your future to be hisband as well. Believe sister I have noticed there's hardy anyone from my community or mosque (where I live) who could provide logical, sensible, beneficient and important information about this subject. Greetings, Sara