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  1. Start of Ramadan Sayed Sistani

    Thank you both! Glad to know we will all be celebrating Eid together this year
  2. Can someone please clarify when Ramadan starts for Sayed Sistani in Canada? I believe I have been assured that is starts on a Sunday in the middle east, but is the ruling the same for Canada? I have not been able to find any information on the topic in English. Thank you, please include sources
  3. How can we delete or deactivate our accounts? With all the changes made to the site, it would be nice to add this as well.
  4. What Professional Success Means to a Woman

    I've owned a business since I was 18 and I'm looking to start another one soon. I agree with you, definitely the bar on the left.
  5. Survey: Hijab and Identity

    Oh, that's before I read all these US related questions. Oops.
  6. Survey: Hijab and Identity

    Oh well, I'm doing it. Close enough.
  7. Life in the grave?

    I've heard that God is so Merciful that when a believer dies, God lets his soul witness joyful things that happen to his family and friends, for example a wedding or graduation. And to punish disbelievers they only see their family and friends when they're upset or fighting with eachother. I hope it's true. Hope my lover sees me when I'm laughing and happy. I miss him.
  8. marriage and students

    ANyways, marriage is more than just relieving sexual frustration. You can't marry someone just because you want to sleep with them. There needs to be some connection between the two, or else good luck keeping the marriage strong at 40.
  9. Huh???? We believe in it BECAUSE it was narrated and, well, known that the Imams practiced it as well. That's like saying, I wonder how many Muslims will break their fast with a date if it wasn't narrated that the Prophet did that. If it wasn't narrated then who would do it in the first place? We can break our fast with water and soup and get onto the meal. We do things because they're narrated. That's the point.
  10. Thanks for your example and opinion, but unless you're answering my question I don't need the thread going off topic. This isn't a debate on whether Muttaa is halal or not. Theres a question posted, either you answer, view the answers, or keep it moving. Have a nice day.
  11. My friend is doubting Islam and wants answers

    Exactly. These "constrictions" listed in the image are so simple. What's the problem with women marrying only Muslim men? Because someone of a different faith isn't going to give the woman the same freedom a Muslim man is. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. I'm sure that is not a restriction, lol. I've never seen a Muslim woman complain about that. It's just men. Complaining. About everything. That doesnt concern them. This guy wants to leave Islam because he's mad women are restricted and we feel just fine. Onto the next thread.
  12. Marrying Syed / Non-Syed

    What's so special about being sayed though? Let's find someone who prays these days before we set our expectations through the roof.
  13. Marrying Syed / Non-Syed

    If a sayed and non sayed are married, will the children be half sayed? They'd be sayed too because they're still offspring lol. I'm sayeda (is that what it's called? lol) and never have I asked someone if they're sayed or not lol.
  14. My friend is doubting Islam and wants answers

    Who are we talking about? I thought we were talking about the Quran? Most females don't have anything that indicates they're female. Their username would be hussein88 with a photo of a flag lol.
  15. You men are so brave. I'm scared and I live in Canada lol