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  1. Lol brain curry. what.
  2. And what do you interpret of this hadith? What are you thinking?
  3. Ameen. Im sorry if I came out wrong, but brother, where do you get this eye concept?
  4. No such thing. get your Illuminati bull.. out of here. This has nothing to do with Islam. I seek refuge in God from Satan the accursed.
  5. Poland?
  6. Russia like every western country is a slave of Israel.
  7. Then why are you saying things like that? don't let this Sufi alevi fool you, you are a follower of the best school in Islam.
  8. Yes, five daily prayers is definitely Islamic. You can be a non muslim alevi kafir, but don't try to lie about Islam.
  9. I think maybe Mutazili is somewhat closer than the others to Shia
  10. Im pretty sure sister @zainabamy said she was there. not sure if shes still there
  11. They don't.. I can understand why some people go Salafi. Although Salafism is misguidance, their thought (Tawhid) is good.
  12. You are a slave of Allah (swt). Fear Allah and do not have perverted thoughts.
  13. Five daily prayers is 100% Islamic. Don't listen to that guy. He has no proof. Also Ismailism is a dead sect, How can Ismail be the Imam when he died before Imam Ja┬┤far as-Sadiq (as)?!
  14. If I remember correctly either Shaykh Saduq (ra) or Shaykh Mufid (ra) said his mother was not a black bondswoman. And it doesn't matter. People who want him to be of one race over another, surely they have something in their heart that is not good.
  15. I don't. What is your point? The Holy Quran is one, just as He who sent it is One.