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  1. Haram Activites during muharram

    Ziyarat Ashura tells us that Ashura was the day when the people of Ibn Ziyad and the people of Marwan rejoiced because they had killed Imam Hussain (as). The Ziyarat also says that the Ummayads see Ashura as a Blessed Day. You can argue that any form of rejoicing or happinesses (or calling the day 'happy' or 'blessed') during Ashura is an act of the enemies of the Prophet (pbuh), and, as the Ziyarat says again and again, we refuse to be associated with them.
  2. My darling, my android

    Clearly Mu'tah is the answer here, my brothers.
  3. Masoom learning religion from non masoom

    Correction: they are not learning shariah from anyone but the Prophet (pbuh). The knowledge is his and the question is Ali's (as). The knowledge is not independently gained by Miqdad and then relayed to the Imam (as). There is a difference.
  4. Masoom learning religion from non masoom

    Masoom means free (protected, really) from sin. It doesnt mean omnipotent or all-knowing, you collosal copy/paster. Its from the root 3yn, Sad, Mim which in the Quran is defined more as 'preserved, protected(from sin), prevented'. No where does it mean 'full of knowledge/self-sufficient'. And in no way does asking someone to act as an intermediary negates one's status as a man of knowledge. If anything, it shows a willingness to learn from the Best of Creation (pbuh), whether directly, or indirectly.
  5. Simple Reason why Shiasm is False

    ook 002, Number 0571: Abu Kuraib, Ibn al-Mubarak, Ibn Abu Za'ida all of them narrated from Amr b. Maimun with the same chain of transmitters. Ibn Abu Za'ida narrated as was transmitted from Ibn Bishr that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) washed semen, and in the hadith transmitted on the authority of Ibn Mabarak and Abdul Wahid the words are:" She (A'isha) reported: I used to wash it from the garment of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)." Book 002, Number 0568: Qutaiba b. Sa'id, Ishaq b. Ibrahim, Ibn Abi 'Aruba, Abu Ma'shar, Abu Bakr b. Abu Shaiba, Mansur and Mughira have all transmitted from Ibrahim, who transmitted it on the authority of A'isha's narration pertaining to the scraping off of the (drop) of semen from the garment of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) like the hadith of Khalid on the authority of Abu Ma'shar. I can tell you with 100% certainty as I've read these myself, that the Sunni's don't believe nor have in their Hadith that the prophet SAW prayed with Semen Stains on his shirt, and Shame on you! For not having the wit/sincerity to follow up to verify this and let a slanderous assumption take grasp of you. I pray that you do apologize and hope that you will be careful in the future from now on brother. Nowhere in these Hadith's does it imply that the Prophet SAW (God forgive me for even saying) would leave such fluids on his garment while in Salah, and nor do any Knowledgeable Sunni's believe that. When people try to say things seemingly bad of Shia I always make sure that what they're saying is verifiable or undeniably gossip/slander from baseless conjecture, and the same goes for the Sunni's. Salaam Brother. Let me start by saying that I quoted no hadith. The one you offered is but one of many. Here is the Hadith in Question: Narrated 'Aisha: I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them. (Bukhari, book #4, Hadith #233) And: Sahih Muslim Hadith 566 Narrated by Aisha When I saw (dried) semen on the garment of the Messenger of Allah (saws), I simply scraped it off, and he (saws) offered prayer while wearing those garments. Lets not get carried away here. That clearly says there were spots on them, though i am willing to entertain they were water spots from washing (which is also strange, but w/e), the Sahih Muslim one is clear. Unless you believe that scratching out semen can clean a garnent (it cant, seminal fluid, like most fluids, will leave a residue), we are left with a hadith that says the Prophet(pbuh) prayed with semen on his shirt. And I do not slander. This isnt a false accusation. The Hadith books of Sunnis slander the Prophet (pbuh) all on their own.
  6. Going to a Shia Mosque This Weekend (Q)

    Shia Salaat is like Sunni Salaat but with a few differences.
  7. Permissibility of Sunni-Shia marriages.

    My wife was raised in Jordan to a Sunni father and a secular Shia mother (like, Syrian secular - it's a long story) - so needless to say there was a lot of 'sunni' in her. Maybe I was lucky, but she was well on her way to deciding what was the truth, and she didn't agree with a lot of sunni ideas (the succession to the Prophet pbuh, for one), by the time I met her. At the time she was calling herself 'sufi' which sounds funny now, but I realize now that at the time it was a good bridge into loving the Prophet (pbuh) and his family. Needless to say, she prays with her hands open, going to majaalis even when I'm not around, and had me recite dua kumayl during the period she went into labour. She calls herself shia too (which is important, for whatever reason). There are still things we disagree one (she doesn't want to talk about Aisha - like, at all; and she has trouble with the marja system), but I realize that beliefs are never 100% compatible. As long as the major things match, it should be okay. That said, if a sunni denies any aspect of the rights of the family of the prophet (wilayah, fadak, etc), then stay away. It's not worth it. If they side with the Imam Ali (a.s) then you can build a foundation. Otherwise everything is dust.
  8. The 72

    Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters, and my condolences to the Imam of the Time (ajf) on the unjust killing of his grandfather, Hussain ibn Ali iibn Abi Talib (a.s) on the plains of Karbala. I realize that the nexus of Muharram is the Imam (a.s), and that through him we get glimpses into the wider tragedy of those with him, but are there any resources or stories about the 72 soldiers of Imam Hussain (a.s) that we don't often hear about in our lectures? I'm talking about the ones that aren't mentioned often - or the ones with smaller biographies. I've been trying to find out about these men who stood with our Imam (a.s) but the literature (at least online) seems a little thin. Any help would be apprenticed. And if anyone knows any stories, whether substantiated by scholars or not, of them at Karbala (or from their lives), please share here. Maybe we could start a chain of some sort? Jazak Allah Khairun.
  9. Simple Reason why Shiasm is False

    no offense, but every sunni i know who takes a deep, hard look at their own hadith collections finds himself/herself super confused as to what is going on - especially when they get to the part where the Prophet's (pbuh) 'favourite wife' talks about semen stains on his clothes and how he stood for salaat with semen on his shirt. If that doesn't disgust you, then I don't know what to tell you, akhi. It kills me to type this out. It makes me want to die to even distantly link the best of creation (peace and blessings on him and his family) which such garbage.
  10. Wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi

    Indeed! Peace be upon the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh), but not those amongst the Companions who were usurpers, those who could not contain their anger, and those engaged in rampant nepotism (you know, like putting their own family members who were exiled by the Prophet himself into positions of power across the Caliphate!).
  11. Fadak belonged to Imam after Prophet not Fatima.

    Look at the people of Abu Bakr, denying the right of Fatima (peace and blessings upon her) even today. Shame.
  12. why the shia hate abu bakr and umar??

    Salaam Alaikum, the only thing which is bothering me is why you are not sending your salaams on the Prophet (pbuh) when you use his given name. Besides that, Abu Bakr skipped out on the burial rights of his Best Frend (pbuh), and was instead navigating the corridors of power with his other buddy Hopefully my friends will wait till im buried before deciding who gets to take over what I leave behind. And there's the fact he denied the inheritance of the Prophet's (saw) beloved daughter (a.s) while he sat on the very mimbar her father sat on! It breaks the heart. I get that hes banned but w/e.
  13. If mawla=leader/caliph then Ali is not your mawla

    Question. If Ghadir was the announcement of BEST FRIENDSHIP 100% FRIENDS FOR ALL TIME, then why doesnt Abu Bakr get an announcing? Or Umar? Or the most pious of men, Uthman, who makes Angels blush? I mean, one of them is literally called Abu Bakr 'The Friend'.
  14. Palestian views on shias

    Yes the answer is to arm everyone. This is the best policy. Im sorry, random stabbing sprees? What does that have to do with anything. There are crazy people in every society (some guy just crossbow-ed three people in Toronto), but it's worse under occupation. They have liberally zero outlet for all this opression and no hope for justice when their houses get razed and their familes killed. Tell me you wouldnt go stab an occupier if you witnessed all that. All im saying, and this coming from someone married to a Palestinian, is that all you need in outreach. They are, by and large, kept ignorant. First by the Occupation and then by their fun Salafist preachers. Thay said, those in Gaza are surprisingly pro Iran. The entire Sunni world holds the same opinion. Its nothing unique to the Palestinians.
  15. thoughts in namaz

    I dont think thinking other thoughts invalidates Salaat (its not explicitly part of the rules - but things like Laughing Out Loud or purposefully turning away from Qibla are), but it is very strongly stated that your attention and focus should be 100% on Salaat and Allah. Try reciting shorter suras maybe? It might make it easier to focus on the task at hand. That, or you could try making your Salaat area more in tuned to Islam, like make it a more Islamic atmosphere, or just more peaceful, where it doesnt remind you of other things (so away from a TV or pictures or even a window). May Allah accept your prayers and perfect your Salaat!