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  1. Shia and Halal Food in Milan

    Let me know about your experience InshAllah. Fi Amanillah
  2. Shia and Halal Food in Milan

    L'indirizzo del Masjid รจ: Centro Culturale Imam Ali, Via Valsolda 21, Milano
  3. Shia and Halal Food in Milan

    Salam alaykum fratello, per il Masjid, chiedo e ti faccio sapere.
  4. Pratically they refused Sharia. So i don't know if you can talk about Islam when you talk about Ismailism.
  5. Shia center/mosque/husainiya in Venice?

    Salam alaykum fratello, sei italiano anche tu? se vuoi mi informo e ti faccio sapere Insh'Allah
  6. Thanks brother. What about loud or low voice?
  7. Assalamu alaykum, can i add "audhu billahi min ash shaytanir rajeem" before "bismillahi rahmani rahim" in surah Al Fatiha and Al Ikhlas during salat in the first and second rakat? if this is correct : during dhuhr and asr can i say "audhu billahi min ash shaytanir rajeem" with loud voice like "bismillahi rahmani rahim" or this is valid just for the last verse?
  8. Shia vs Iran

    Salam Alaykum brothers, can you talk me about the shiites who don't like or are neutral but not interested to Islamic Republic of Iran? can you tell me something about those clerical shia authorities and movements/people ? Thanks in advance
  9. What mean Amaal?

    Please can you explain me also the meaning of: - Taaqebaat - Majalis - Manqabats - Naat - Nohay - Qawwali Thanks!
  10. What mean Amaal?

    Many thanks brother! Very interesting website. Jazak Allahu Khayran
  11. What mean Amaal?

    @hasanhh No, i think the correct term is Amaal (i was reading about "Amaal for the month of Rajab" etc. etc.). Please, another thing, can you explain me what is "munajat"? is something like a "secret dua"?
  12. What mean Amaal?

    Thanks brother. Jazak Allahu Khayran
  13. Assalamu alaykum, since i reverted to Islam i heard about salat, duas and ziaraat. But what is Amaal? i read about it on the Android app Shia Toolkit. I have to learn a lot of things InshAllah
  14. Halal and Haram music

    Do you know if ambient music is halal? i'm courious also about classical music and jazz.
  15. Background nasheed about Ali (as)

    Found it