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  1. Sahih International: O you who have believed, do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet or be loud to him in speech like the loudness of some of you to others, lest your deeds become worthless while you perceive not. But I mean..... its Umar.
  2. way too techy for me.
  3. Don't you think parents should have a significant amount of authority over their kids though, espescially in their teenage years? I mean, most of us are delusional and naive during our teenage years, and need guidance from our parents.
  4. work hours from 9-5. Marja needs to change fatwa on Zuhr salah!
  5. Ok. Yeah, it is kind of odd to do Taqlid to a marja who doesn't recognize himself as a marja.......
  6. I always like to be in the middle of the spectrum in an argument, because that way I can change my ideas very freely. @Islandsandmirrors can't you understand why your mother would be worried with you holding hands with another guy? I mean, nowadays with young people ditching religion and all, its pretty hard to keep young people into it. And for any parent, to see their kids dating is kind of hard, you know, as it goes against all the rules of Islam. Even the holding hands is prohibited. @starlight I'm starting to see your point of view better, which is making me align with it more. But it isn't easy being a Muslim parent or a young person in the West, so given the circumstances shouldn't Muslim parents try and talk to their kids more. I mean, my sister doesn't talk to my mom until 9:00 (she's younger than me) which means both of them are getting more and more agitated with each other. Shouldn't parents work to prevent that? (kids too, but young people including me are usually a bit naive)
  7. hahahahah Anyone on here look like this?
  8. Really, I thought of her being more serious. Like sitting on an unimaginably uncomfortable chair with reading glasses and a pointed nose. I hope you guys can picture what I'm picturing. Me sitting normally is something not many people see. I'm usually half lying down wherever I go. In class evenI'm basically asleep half the time (but its june so why not)
  9. Hmmmmmm let me think about that one. I think maybe it has to do with the politics of today vs the politics of back then. The West is attacking and occupying countries in the Islamic world, so the media, tabloids, etc will say nothing good about them. At that time, Muslims were raiding Europe, had delegates in Beijing and even in the 1200's they already had powerful kingdoms in the Malay region, like the Kingdom of Samudra. And it happened over a large period of time. The first Muslim gravestones in the region are dated back to the 11th century, and by the 17th century it was almost all Muslims in the region. Muslim presence as an immigrant minority in Europe=about 200 years. Add in the fact that Islam is a stranger due to the current political climate and you'll understand the difference between Islam in the West today vs Islam in Malaysia.
  10. Yeah but doing Taqlid of multiple established maraji is Islamic. Bro DU did a thread on it, and I posted a quote from Tahrir al Vasila on it. Seyyid Ali Khamenei, Ajwebatul-Istifta’at, Darul-Naba’ lil-Nashri wal-Tawzi’, first print, 1420 (ah), vol. 1, pg. 10, question 17. Not only isn’t tab’iz (following a mujtahid in some issues and another in other ones) problematic, but if there are marja’s that are each more learned than others in certain subjects of fiqh, it is necessary and wajib to follow each in the field that he is an expert in. Seyyid Ruhullah Khomeini, Tahrirul-Wasilah, Darul-Ilm Institute, Qum, second print, vol. 1, pg. 6, issue 8. Imam Khomeini’s judgment: If two mujtahids are equal in knowledge (and none are more learned than the other), others (who aren’t mujtahids and have to practice taqlid) can refer to any of the two that they desire, and they can also follow one of the two in some issues and the other in other issues. Lets wait until bro Muhajir is unbanned (if that happens)
  11. I do have a small face actually, but I'm pretty small, 5'8" and what, 130-140 lbs? idk. Though I have really white skin, I could fall for southern European, Arab, Turk, really anything.
  12. Well, look at the numbers of converts today. There are quite a few, but centred around big areas. Muslims are prominent in western cities like New York, Washington, Toronto, Detroit and Los Angeles in NA, and London, Paris, Copenhagen, Munich in EU. Even though in Canada only 3% are Muslims, since its more like 7% in places like Toronto, it gets huge media attention like on news, etc. And coverage, good or bad, is prompting people to look into the religion. Like @000 said, they may have married into nobility, etc, which made Islam more accessible.
  13. fine, I'll give a legit answer compare it to how people are converting to Islam today. Simply more exposure to Islam lets the religion spread. They see the azadari, the prayer, the duas and the quran, and theyre drawn to the religion. I guess it just happened on a huge scale in Malaya.
  14. @Marbles do me
  15. I think parents can be like that a lot. My father when I asked him for money to attend Quran classes, literally said super loud in a McDonalds Playplace (I know, I know, I was with my brother) "We were in my backhome (english on point) they didn't even learn Arabs when neighbour countries Arab." We got some odd stares after that. Did I mention he's part Arab? No, because he would have punched me in the face. I think parents should take the viewpoint of kids more often, but I agree with @starlight in that we owe them so much its probably better to tolerate the Arab-hating which comes with the average secular Persian.