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  1. Did Ahlulbayt a.s found the Nation of Islam?

    But you believe that the devil created all white people no? So it is about skin colour. I undersrand what you mean, that white people acted like devils towards blacks, but you still believe that the white man was created by the devil including the good ones.
  2. Did Ahlulbayt a.s found the Nation of Islam?

    Oh yeah, you deny the fact that whites are men, forgot that.
  3. Shia Contribution To Palestine

    Where I would draw the line is if the lives of Shia are in danger. The hadith's say that whoever opposes the Shia is a Nasibi, so if we are funding groups which oppose Shia, then we are funding the Nawasib! Also, although the Palestinians are oppressed why do some of these groups like Hamas for example fire on civilians? I've even seen in their "music videos" on youtube showing women in houses which have had the sides blown off from bombs, firing on civilian buildings, etc. I agree with a violent resistance against Israel but firing on women and children is a crime in Islam, is it not?
  4. Did Ahlulbayt a.s found the Nation of Islam?

    That's called racial superiority. Sounds like reverse white superiority to be honest, just applying what whites said about black people the other way around.
  5. Did Ahlulbayt a.s found the Nation of Islam?

    The thing I have the most trouble with is them claiming that all white people are devils created by some black scientist.
  6. Shia Contribution To Palestine

    Wow really... I guess all the 2006 fervor died down. Though if Palestine is still very anti-shia then why are they re-establishing ties with Iran?
  7. Did Gaddafi kill Sayed Musa as-Sadr?

    That must be why Wiki says that Lebanon asked the rebels in Libya to investigate the matter. Considering the state of Libya right now however that's very unlikely..... Yes I saw the videos, that's what happens to the tyrants. Fir'aun, Nimrood, Umar, Yazid all died humiliating deaths, and Gaddafi's was just as bad. May Allah curse the oppressors!
  8. Shia Contribution To Palestine

    I agree with @Sumerian that Palestinian Sunnis are mainly nawasib unfortunately. However I know my mother took english classes with a Palestinian when she first came to Canada, and the Palestinian was talking on and on about how great Khomeini is. Guess there's a range of opinions. I think Lebanese Sunnis are more favourable to Hezbollah from my regular conversations with my favourite sunni shawarma guy. The polls there also suggest that most support Hezbollah I think.
  9. Distortion of Kitab Sulaym ibn Qays

    No response rip. @Qa'im @SheikhAlHabib'fan one of you has to know
  10. Did Gaddafi kill Sayed Musa as-Sadr?

    Wow, thank you brothers. I think this piece of the Wiki article explains the motive. In an interview, political analyst Roula Talj said that Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, told her that Imam Musa Sadr and his aides, Mohammed Yaqoub and Abbas Badreddin, never left Libya.[43] According to a representative of Libya's National Transitional Council in Cairo, Gaddafi murdered Sadr after discussions about Shia beliefs. Sadr accused him of being unaware of Islamic teachings and of the Islamic branches of Shia and Sunni, following which Gaddafi became enraged and ordered the murder of Sadr and his delegation.[44] The motive seems to have been that Gaddafi was insulted by Sayed Sadr telling him the truth, so he ordered him killed. Inna Lillah wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon.
  11. Did Gaddafi kill Sayed Musa as-Sadr?

    Hmm true, that's how tyrants think. I'm wondering why the Sayed went to Libya though, maybe for dawah?
  12. hassan shemrani/sayyed abbasi lies & sectarianism

    These guys are funny
  13. Did Umar slapped Sayyida Fatima (as)?

    Source: Dala'il al-Imamah, Sheikh Muhammad bin Jarir Tabari, Page 134, I plan on watching and summarizing Dhulfiqar al-Maghribi's videos on this over the weekend once I have the time. He proves the event from Sunni books.
  14. Bismillah and Salam Alaykum A knowledgeable brother on discord told me he hated Muammar Gaddafi because he'd killed Sayed Musa as-Sadr. Is this true? I thought it would be unlikely because Gaddafi (with all his flaws of course) funded Iran during the 80's, so what kind of grudge would he have against the Sayed or against Shias in general?
  15. Bismillah and Salam Alaykum I'm wondering if anyone knowz the section of Bihar al-Anwar in which Allamah Majlisi mentions the parts of Kitab Sulaym which were added/omitted over time. I've been really interested in the book for a while.