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  1. Shiachat I read Talk with family Drink tea Call friends/family Work out Overall I am pretty relaxed most of the time. I do whatever and don't let anybody bother me.
  2. Oh I am sooooo scared. A bunch of drugged-out wahhabis who just got their arses kicked in two already war-torn countries are threatening the military of Iran. Maybe Donald Trump was bored so he called one of his friends in Raqqa....
  3. @Sindbad05 @A true Sunni please stop. This argument is getting out of hand and personal. Why can you not agree you have differing views, or if you want to debate do so respectfully. As for ATS saying he is more knowledgeable than maraji, I am pretty sure you are allowed to disagree with a marja, if you are doing so respectfully. Nevertheless, each marja has a pretty good reasoning capability. On tatbir, why not read the itjihad of Syed Khamenai, then Wahid Khorasani, and decide which makes more sense? There is no reason to be so angry over this. At the least just agree to disagree. I am sure you are both what you claim to be, and that is good, honest shia. But please stop insulting each other, really.
  4. Trump screwed up his Muslim Ban, his first military operation and his planned Health care Bill. He also has the opposition of many Republicans from within his own party. Sit back and watch
  5. Pop music is unislamic. Look at the lyrics.
  6. W salam I heard a lot of Shias from around Syria are in the town of Sayeda Zainab. I can estimate that maybe 20 000 have fled there, and maybe 50 000 in Damascus. If 20% are Iraqi, then 14 000 are in the Damascus area. Some might have Syrian documents, meaning they can flee to another country. I'll bet up to 100 000 out of a million Syrians in Lebanon happen to be Iraqi, and from Lebanon they can apply to move to places like Canada. So 114 000. Also, maybe they have joined fighting with Assad and his supporters. Lets say 20 000 joined. We have 134 000. And if about 50 000 went back (which is very possible as they might have a connection with their homeland) then 184 000 tracked. Anybody say different numbers/results. Then we will compare and see where we overall as SC members think they went.
  7. "Nafilah salah increases your sincerity in wajib salat." -Shaykh Mohammad Shomali "For the first day of the month, it is most important to pray namaz e Salman (ra) and fill your day with prayers." -Ayatollah Maleki Tabrizi (r) is s namaz e Salman (ra). Rajab mubarak!
  8. Not English, but like your cause!
  9. @abdul-mahdi As a Syed, I can tell you some of our ancestors may not have worshipped idols, but instead their own desires.
  10. And guys, chill out. Many things are best left unsaid. The way this conversarion is going reeks of a bad ending. Anyways, Maulana Haider responded to my message, and here is the approximate translation. "These images are simply from peoples imaginations. However, we know that they (Imams as) were handsome, clean, spiritually perfect and overall beautiful." I guess he didn't comment on the concept of pictures himself because scholara need to always be very careful. Anyone can play around with ther words and ruin their name. And does anyone know where I can get the clothes this "miracle" guy is wearing?!?!?!?!
  11. True, but in this case they might have read up more than us on this topic, so I think we should see their opinions.
  12. @Sindbad05 @realizm this is a philosophical discussion, so be VERY careful what you say. Ayatollah's Khoei, Yazdi, Tabrizi, Tabarani, etc have all made official warnings to be careful with philosophy. I hope none of you get mad at each other and say something you don't mean. Most deviations come from philosophy and irfan so be careful. Anyways, even if you guys are going nowhere with your discussion, what are scholarly opinions on this? Inshallah I will find some but you guys should too. And jumua mubarak
  13. Aqeeq is sunnah. The Prophet (saw) wore red aqeeq, Ali wore white and Husayn (as) yellow. It is said in Mustadrak al Wasail that aqeeq removes poverty too. Firoza removes poverty too, along with aqeeq. Both firoza and aqeeq, in some traditions I have heard, help improve your chances of having duas heard. Yaqoot is the best of all rings. It contains all the blessings combined. This includes the rings that have healing qualities. Salam alaikom!
  14. Like Mousavi. It is from family of Musa Kazim (as)
  15. And regardless I think the whole video is fake