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  1. Islam without the conquests

    This is from the website of Ayatollah Jamil Hamud al-Amili سؤال: ما هو رأي الأئمة الطاهرين عليهم السلام بالفتوحات الإسلامية في عهود خلفاء الجور؟ Question: What is the opinion of the Pure Imams (as), on the Islamic Futuhat (conquests) under the oppressive caliphs? والجواب Answer بسمه تعالى In the name of the Exalted إن التشدق بالفتوحات الإسلامية ليس إلاّ مظهراً من مظاهر العصبيّة التي نبذها الإسلام تحت قدميه، هذه الفتوحات التي جعلوها مفخرة عظمى لمن يسمَّى بالخلفاء الراشدين قد صبت علينا الويلات، حتى نعت الغربيون الإسلام بأنه دين قسوة يعتمد على السيف أكثر من اعتماده على منطق العقل والعلم والدراية!!.. Veneration of the Islamic conquests is nothing but a manifestation of nerve (or edginess) that Islam has discarded under its feet. These conquests were great pride to the so-called Rashidun caliphs, while it only brought to us scourge. And even westerners attribute Islam to be a religion of cruelty by the sword, more than it's importance of thought, wisdom, science and reason!!... http://www.aletra.org/subject.php?id=9 The article continues on, but I want to know fellow shiachatter's opinions on the Islamic conquests.
  2. where are the true shia seveners?

    Who is your father, the leader of the "true seveners."?
  3. any albanian shias

  4. How would a war between US and Iran play out?

    Iraq in 2001 was a dictatorship of 24 million with opposition from Kurds in the north and Shias in the south. Most Iraqis complied with the invasion so someone could deal with Saddam and to avoid further bloodshed. American victory. Afghanistan in 2003 probably didn't even have electricity for the most part. What I've read from books by journalists who went there described it as medieval and backwards. There's really nothing to bomb, and Taliban falls apart. Win again. Iran. Vast country of 80 million people. Strong national security and overall developed. Majority of the population would support the government in the event of an American attack. How many lives would this cost America? Lets just keep things where they are (right now they're mainly on twitter, the Trump's natural habitat).
  5. Were Banu Ummayah Really Muslims?

    Do you have any Hadith on him? I'd like to see....
  6. Post- Hawzah ilmiyyah

    Salamu alaikom brother 1. It's hard to do much in the west without a high school diploma, might as well wait 1-2 years just so you have the diploma. 2. Well typically the seminary will fund you via khums from the offices of our scholars. Al Mustafa offers 3 years of housing for those married/with kids. As for making money off it, this shouldn't be your goal, but typically if you are part of a mosque in the west you'll get some of the mosque funds (maybe $20-40k). If you write books you can also make money off of the sales. If you move permanently to Iran or Iraq I'm not very sure though. 3. Like I said above, Al Mustafa University offers 3 years of housing for married couples. If you don't go to Mustafa, the other scholars can help you. One success story is the guys from the YouTube channel, Muzaffar "Biskit Guy" Haydar and his wife Fatima Ali. 4. I'm not of much use here lol, but if you go on their website it has plenty of info. hope I helped!
  7. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    Huh, didn't know that, I'll have to look into it. I disagree, for something to fall into the hands of the scholar, we have to have proof that this is their right. If we have proof it is the right of scholars to execute hudood punishments, then of course theres no questioning it. I just don't see hadith on it, thats all.
  8. Name a New Political Party

    Iranian Donkey party = ISIS in Fars and al Khurasan Get it? Cuz the... yeah doesn't sound funny after reading it lol.
  9. Name a New Political Party

    ISIS in Fars and al Khurasan
  10. Qualifications for Muttah Marriage.

    Some Sunni scholars accept Mutah... This video is interesting.
  11. Hadith on black clothes in Muharram

    My point was that if somebody wears black as a sign of mourning, then it's not haram/makrooh. The word used, Jaza, means extreme grief, and some of the hadith describe this type of grief as wailing and beating your chest. I think that is mainly reserved for the Aimmah (as).
  12. Now YOU Can Have a Badge on ShiaChat!

    @Hameedeh I've decided it's better for me to leave Hawza for a later point in my life and focus on other things.... could you remove my badge? Thanks. It feels weird to keep it lol
  13. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    The translation is in the video with Sheikh Allahyari. The question isn't hat though. It's did the Imams say that anyone other than themselves or those whom they appoint have the right to administer Hudud punishments?
  14. Were Banu Ummayah Really Muslims?

    Yes I agree but that doesn't prove Umar bin Abdul Aziz to be Muslim. He claimed to be caliph, and that was not his role, that was only for the Imam.
  15. Were Banu Ummayah Really Muslims?

    sorry @Sindbad05 I thought you were referring to Hind the mother of Muawiya.