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  1. Another False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria

    I doubt the USA will go any further than these useless strikes because a full on war won't get Trump back in office.
  2. Torrenting

    What's the islamic view on torrenting games or other files. I haven't done it but it is against the law and using someone else's property without paying them so it sounds like it would be unislamic though on the other hand it's pretty common and easy. Want to hear people's thoughts on this. Wasalam
  3. Looking for a hadith

    Shurayh ibn Hani reports on the authority of his father saying: On the Day of the Battle of Jamal, a Bedouin stood before the Commander of the Faithful (A), and asked, “O Commander of the Faithful! Do you say that Allah is One?” He says: the people attacked him saying that “O Bedouin! Do you not see the state of mind of the Commander of the Faithful?” So the Commander of the Faithful (A) said: Leave him alone. Verily, what this Bedouin seeks to know is what we are seeking to establish by fighting these people. He (the Commander of the Faithful) then said: O Bedouin! The statement that ‘Allah is One’ is of four types: Two types cannot be applied to Allah, the Mighty and High; while the two other types can be applied to Him. As for the two types of statements that cannot be applied to Him, the first is the claim that Allah is One in a numerical sense. Such a statement cannot be applied to Allah, because as the One, He has no second, and He is not subject to mathematical calculation. Do you not see that he who claims that Allah is the third of the three has disbelieved (in Him)? The second statement which cannot be applied to Allah is the claim that He is One with humankind. Since He derives the species from the genus, He cannot be described through anthropomorphism [tashbih]. Our Lord is Higher and more Exalted than this. As for the two types of statements that can be applied to Allah, the first would be to say that He is the One who resembles none. This is a proper description of our Lord. The second statement which can apply to Allah is the statement that He, the Mighty and High, is Alone, in the sense that He is Indivisible in Existence [wujud], Intellect [‘aql], and Thought [wahm]. That is another dignified description of our Lord, the Mighty and High. (Shaykh Saduq, The Book of Divine Unity: pp 83, ch. 3, hadith 3). Beautifully put by our Imam (as),
  4. Most handsome Pakistani man attends Hajj

    I'm more into Ice Cream Wala types of guys His eyes are the reason I wake up every day
  5. Most handsome Pakistani man attends Hajj

    Wow I'm already lost in his eyes, but on a serious note why are all your threads so boring
  6. Zionist Hot Takes

  7. Zionist Hot Takes

  8. Thoughts 2018

    Wow new shiachat looks nice.
  9. New Subreddit Dedicated to Refuting Sunni lies

    What's wrong with the argument? I didn't write it but here's the quote Sunni's declare the righteousness of Abu Bakr just because he's mentioned in the Quran in a neutral context in 9:40, but he and Umar are mentioned in a bad context in the Quran so would Sunni's treat this verse the same way they would the other. And the place is in the making so insha'Allah we'll have more arguments later.
  10. What if USSR won the Cold War?

    Imagine having the statue of Lincoln toppled, Bush announcing the collapse of the United States, the USA having to deal with resistance in California and Texas (kind of like the islamist insurgencies in the 90's). Nice meme. Though seriously the Soviets were just as bad as any other imperial power. Look at what they did to the Chechens for example, or the central asian Muslims. Many were forced to labor camps in Siberia or executed or killed by famine caused by the Soviets. Muslims shouldn't subscribe to any imperial on unislamic ideology be it Communism, Capitalism, Liberalism, anything.
  11. Tabarrah

    قال الإمام موسى بن جعفر الكاظم (عليهما السلام) لمّا سُئل عن أبي بكر وعمر: «هما الكافران عليهما لعنة الله والملائكة والناس أجمعين. والله ما دخل قلب أحد منهما شيء من الإيمان. كانا خدّاعين مرتابين منافقين حتى توفتهما ملائكة العذاب إلى محل الخزي في دار المقام صفحة ١٢٥ Imam Musa al Kadhim (as) replied when asked about Abu Bakr and Umar: "They were kuffar (disbelievers), upon them is la'nah (damnation) of Allah, the angels and all the people. By Allah! Nothing from eeman (true belief) entered the heart of any one of them both. They were cheats, distrustful and hypocrites till the angels of punishment took them to the place of humiliation in darul maqam." (Al-Kafi by Sheikh al-Kulayni Page 125) Hadith no. 95 [Hadith of abi al Hasan Musa (as)]: It has been narrated by three chains of narration. The first chain is da'eef, the second is hasan (good) like sahih (authentic) and the third is da'eef (weak) or majhool (unknown), but the combination of the chains of narration due to the strengthening of some of them by some is sahih (authentic) in strength. And Shaikh Sadooq also narrated this hadith by a sahih (authentic) chain of narration. http://realtashayyu.blogspot.ca/2011/06/status-of-shaikhain.html When you see what Abu bakr and Umar did (which you should look into by the way) you won't view any of this as harsh, Allah condemns the wrongdoers and hypocrites many times in the Quran, especially the people of Musa (as). And the Prophet (saw) did say Ali is to me as Harun is to Musa, so contemplate on that.
  12. A Deeper Look into the Thighing Fatwa

    @Amira00's translation is right, it's "Ruling # 12: It is not permission to have intercourse before (her) being 9 years old, be it in nikah (permanent marriage) or temporary marriage. And as for all other pleasures such as lustful touch, embracing, and thighing (ﺍﻟﺘﻔﺨﻴﺬ), there is no problem in it even with a suckling infant." Issue 8: It is not allowed to have intercourse with the wife before her being 9 years old, be it permanent marriage or temporary marriage, and as from all other pleasures such as lustful touch, embracing and thighing, there is no problem in it. Basically the same wording. Hmm, Sheikh al-Amili has some good articles and books etc but I hear some scholars criticize him. So from what I understand reading the exposing Tawhidi article vs that of Sheikh al-Amili some scholars have allowed it because of no clear prohibition while others have disallowed it because it's a vile act.
  13. A Deeper Look into the Thighing Fatwa

    Islamic VIrtues is an anti-islamic site lol, it's kind of obvious.
  14. Salam alaykum This is a new subreddit started by me, @Arkon and @John_313 to refute lies by Nasibi websites against Shiism. Feel free to post resources, we're going to start refuting the "70 Questions for the Shia" Insha'Allah tomorrow. https://www.reddit.com/r/ShiaAnswers/
  15. Bro what you see from the idiots at speakers corner and rants from Zakir Naik are nothing close to dawah. Instead of harassing policemen and storming EDL venues Shias have published a lot of books and done videos etc disproving lies and misconceptions of the kuffar and of course our brothers of other sects. Sheikh al-Habib has a whole series refuting atheist misconceptions, Yahya Seymour debates Christians and Atheists, Sheikh Mateen Charbonneau has also written dawah resources geared towards Christians and published them through his organization Yasin Publications which also donates Islamic books to prisons. Much better than whatever this is... Anyways here are some dawah resources from the Shia community. Affordable Shia Islamic books: https://www.yasinpublications.com/ 9 part series "Delusional Thoughts" by Sheikh Yasser al-Habib translated to english https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1DuapyVWcw Books on a wide variety of topics including the Bible, womens rights and Islamic law by Ayatollah Reza Hosseini Nassab http://www.hoseini.org/booka.htm Section of brother @Nader Zaveri's blog dedicated to Christianity http://www.revivingalislam.com/search/label/Christianity Books on Islam and Christianity https://www.al-islam.org/feature/islam-and-christianity