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  1. I'm changing my marja regardless

    Walaikum asalaam
  2. Temporary Marriage Formula Question

    Walaikum asalaam. May Allah Grant them success
  3. Mutah By Phone ?

    Walaikum asalaam. May Allah Grant you success
  4. Of course I see brother. It's a shame really. Girls and boys can chat freely on here which is isn't really permissible but asking for marriage which is actually halāl would get my thread closed. May Allah Forgive these backward people...
  5. Salaam. I'm not accustomed to doing this, but I feel it is necessary. Is there any woman in Richmond, Virginia who is interested in either mutah marriage or permanent marriage with me? I do realize this isn't a marriage site, but the world nowadays has gotten to a point where saving our Imaan is of the utmost importance. I wish to help protect not only my Imaan but the Imaan of a woman who feels the same way I do. I do this for the Sake of Allah. if anyone is interested to know more about me, they can go into here to read my profile: https://www.shiamatch.com/view.php?pid=127530 or you can ask me any questions if you wish. Again, I know this is not conventional, but I would rather ask for halāl than haraam. May Allah Bless you all.
  6. Asalaam 'alaikum. My name is Nūh and I'm a revert living in Richmond, Virginia. I was wondering if there were any other brothers living here. If so, inn sha Allah we could meet up. I don't know any other Muslims in my area, so it's good to keep links and ties with one another just in case we need each other.