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  1. WA alaykum salaam sister. Mubarak alayna WA alaykum inshaAllah.

    Do remember my family in your duas these blessed days and nights.

  2. Bismehe Ta3ala,

    Assalam Alikum dear sis.  Shahir ramadhan mubarak. God bless you.

  3. Marriage; Before And After

    Before: active on sc After: replies on an old thread and realises later
  4. Marriage; Before And After

    I was expecting more posts on this topic

    Then some advanced inactive member will come and save the day. Hint hint.
  6. heh. There's newer arguments in town.
  7. فَذَكِّرْ إِن نَّفَعَتِ الذِّكْرَى

    87:9 REMIND, THEN, [others of the truth, regardless of] whether this reminding [would seem to] be of use [or not]:

  8. Why did I not see this post earlier? Precisely my thoughts. I have my theories on who is behind the film industry in Iran, but that of course, is a discussion for another day.
  9. HELP!!

    I haven't carried the paper home with me, but I captured it exactly as it was. And yes, it seems the more you produce, the lower the price goes. But considering the amount of working out it took me to arrive at an "answer" and the marks it carries, I have a feeling I have gone wrong somewhere. Will appreciate your input on it. my answers: i) value of q= 55 maximum revenue= 3025 ii) value of q= 17 minimum cost = 722 iii) value of q = 18 maximum profit =888
  10. HELP!!

    Yup. And I feel this is hours of my life wasted to work out an 8 page answer for a 5 mark "take away" paper which I have now probably got wrong. :lol:
  11. HELP!!

    meh. Now that is an assumption.
  12. HELP!!

    Because in this particular paper, called a "take away assesment" the lecturer simply requires us to provide answers, even if it means we use an app to work out stuff. The real paper we "sit in" for is a couple of days away. In anycase, i think i have figured it out. Though i will most likely get it wrong and loose out on the 5 free marks LOL
  13. HELP!!

    Assalamu alaykum, Please help. I have some homework due in a short time and I have no idea what this is. I assume it must have been taught while I was away from class Parts of a piece of heavy machinery are sold by the manufacturer in units of 1000. q such units will be sold when the price p=100 - q pounds per unit. the total cost of producing those q units is C(q) = q^3 - 25q^2 + 2q + 3000 pounds. i) Determine the value of q that maximizes revenue and what is the maximum revenue. ii) Determine the value of q that minimizes cost and what is the minimum cost. iii) What value of q maximizes profit and what is the maximum profit? Jazakumullah khayr.
  14. Make someone's day!

    To SC's most successful Rishta aunt to date. Too bad I can't tag her, but I will link her this thread. I bet i got some of you thinking now.
  15. Duas for someone dying

    Verse 27-30 of surah Fajr.