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  1. Treaty Of Hudaibiyaah

    I am sorry. I dont understand arabic. Will u please translate this?
  2. Treaty Of Hudaibiyaah

    So you are saying ... not all people disobeyed him but some misguided people did ,even after saying three times by Prophet(saw). Then my question is , what did the rest of the people do? Did they obey him instantly? Have you any reference? if , then please share.
  3. Dear shia people, I want to know about Ali's (as) action when Muhammad (SAW) said people to shave their heads and slaughter animals at Hudaibiyaah. I have read , when he ordered this to his sahabah , no one stood up and did what Rasul(saw) asked them to do. And obviously Rasul(saw) was shocked. My question is, what Ali(as) did that time?