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  1. Al Ghazali

    Salams what do Shia think of Al Ghazali and was he actually a Shia given that he was from Iran?
  2. How do Shia view Alawi

    Yes I have heard they have very strange practices but I am not sure if they are true or not. Not even sure I can mention them here to be honest.
  3. Three Explosions in Saudi Arabia

    Disgusting... The people who did this are not Muslim and are just creating divide amongst Muslims.
  4. How do Shia view Alawi

    Salams all How do the Shia view people of Alawi belief? Most Sunni scholars are them as being outside the fold of Islam.
  5. Incompatible Partner

    Agree. Women always look best in their natural state. I do not understand why they do this to themselves!
  6. is wife`s milk haram for husband

    Lol I thought that article was a joke. How is that going to prevent issues? It's going to lead to something else!
  7. Shia men/ladies and mixing

    Thank you brother. No different to Sunni people ultimately.
  8. Active users - brothers or sisters?

    Lol nice avatar! Haven't seen that before.
  9. Salams mashAllah there are many active people on these forums and they appear very male dominated which is different to what I have encountered in person for many Islamic events and causes which are often more dominated by the sisters in terms of actually organising the events. MashAllah sisters do so much hard work and it often goes unnoticed. Just a general note....
  10. Hijab is beautiful in a modest sense. Does that make sense? Allah swt is beautiful and He loves beauty.
  11. Salams all what is the Shia position on mixing/non mixing of the sexes in terms of prayer or at lectures etc. does anyone know if it differs from the Sunni position? Apologies, I've never attended a Shia mosque although the people I have met over the years who have been Shia in particular have been very friendly and welcoming. I find Sunni women will put up more of a barrier. Or maybe it is just my personal experience....
  12. Wishing all Muslims an Eid Mubrak

    Most mosques in Aus have announced Wednesday. Could be different elsewhere. Some started on Monday and the moon watchers started on Tuesday. I heard some people who have a sub continent background are having Eid on Thursday!!
  13. Where in africa

    Interesting, I wasn't aware there were many people of Shia belief from Africa. What parts are Africa mainly?
  14. When is Eid?

    For Muslims in Sydney I have heard Wednesday.
  15. Salams wishing you all an Eid Mubarak, may you be rewarded for your efforts this Ramadan and may your fasting be recognised. For us Sunnis I heard Eid is on Wednesday. Is it the same for most people here? Would be great if everyone celebrated Eid on the same day, for once!!