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  1. Lol Edit: watched the whole thing, never seen people who reject and try to slither their way out of arguments like sunnis...
  2. I am astounded by these sunnis... Haven't they read their books, in sahih muslim it states that there are 12 leaders after Prophet Muhammad saas... They want proof from the Quran for imamah, has it not yet been proven many times...? Is it not time to go read the second half of thaqalayn, the ahlulbayt (hadith...) I seriously get a headache every time i listen to these people...
  3. Did i state anywhere in any of my text that a fatwa shouldn't be questioned?? All i stated is that perhaps it is wise for you to ask the marja' himself who issued the fatwa, especially when it is a fatwa like this, that a layman perhaps could not answer. (Properly) Really? You're interested in my character? Lol, don't even get me started on character criticism, how about you go ahead and learn how to write a text properly then go ahead and criticize someones character...
  4. Of course i am going to follow a marja' blindly especially if i am not capable of understanding why they issued this fatwa since they do not issue any fatwas without some knowledge behind this, and if you would want to know the knowledge behind the fatwa go ask the marja' himself rather than ask at a shiachat forum... Real marja's know how to make fatwas a lot better than a layman in some forum, if you want to know the knowledge behind a fatwa, do you ask it on a layman forum? Seriously what kind of logic is this?
  5. Peace be with you. I've never really understood the business and economy behind investing. Could someone with (advanced) knowledge or rather experience about this, explain it to me? What does the sharia' say about investing in companies and having shares etc. What do the maraji' say? Is this something that is halal or haram? Jazakallah khair. (I have heard incoherent answers that's why i'm hoping someone would clarify this)
  6. Perhaps the maraji' have a greater understanding in issuing fatwas than you...
  7. Do pull-ups on a tree, best gym ever. Lol
  8. "1.5.2013 Allahu abkar, one of the shuhada' in (towns name)" Who said that this is a body of hujr ibn adi al-kindi ra? Its just a deceased person in syria.
  9. The only people whom nafs al ammara or shaytan does not affect are the ma'sooms the infallible prophets and ahlulbayt alayhum salaam. No one else is safe from the wiswaas and nafs al ammarah, surely the effect varies. My argument is this: An individual can live in the worst of the worst environments and have the absolute worst parents, but still emerge a mu'min, how? you may ask. My answer is that it is all within, like you mentioned the basira'. Now imagine a situation like this... A person lives in the worst of environments and has the worst of parents but still he manages to maintain his iman, why? because he has faith and basira, but now imagine this... An individual has the best of parents and the best of environments but still he becomes sinful, why? because there is something wrong within. Now look, you claim that the environment or the friends are much more effective: I disagree with that, because take a look at those two examples that i presented, which factor played the stronger role? That's right, the within. In both scenarios the within, the basira had the stronger effect on the individual. The lack of basira and the abundance of basira'. The lack of basira and the abundance of it had the most effect on the person, so my argument is that, the environment could be whatever it may be, but the inside is that which plays the greater factor, not the outside. Dude, how can you say that only with proper parenting and having basira' will completely save someone from sin. No one from us (normal people) is infallible from sin, come on now. Do you for example claim that the maraji' dont have basira? They have the utmost basira' but they still sin, why? Again, because of nafs al ammara and shaytan... Do you seriously think that you can be completely saved from errors only due to the fact that you are aware of the shaytan and nafs al ammara etc? Of course not, sometimes the human even sins without realizing it (at the moment) even the highest of the highest of mu'mins will sin in their lives be it small or big! With all due respect, exactly how much life experience do you have that you state so confidently that staying away from sin is that simple? I am basically asking you, how old are you? That statement is extremely ridiculous and oversimplified. Life is not that simple buddy...
  10. Exactly, the man is an atheist it is haram to do mut'ah with a non believer in God, be it a woman or a man.
  11. You should concentrate on being the best mu'mina you can, looks are a materialistic, dunjawi thing. Allah only looks at your hearts, not your looks and a mu'min/mu'mina is always beautiful no matter what they look like. Your soul is what you actually look like in reality, not this materialistic form you have. You should take care of yourself in the best ways hygiene-wise, you should look presentable that is it. You don't have to look like a supermodel in order to live a normal life, nor do you need the attention of the general public etc, the best people you'll meet in your life are the ones whom do not care about looks rather about the personality.
  12. May Allah cure your friend inshaAllah aameen ya Rabb al-aalemeen
  13. I did not reject the fact that parents have a major role in the upbringing of a child, nor did i claim that the environment of the individual does not play a role, rather i only stated that it is not that simple. You can not blame the parents of an individual by the sins of the person and, like i said there are always other factors that play their role in the sinning of an individual, for example: nafs al ammara or wiswaas al shaytan. You said that shaytan does not do wiswaas to minors, or a child who hasn't become balegh. Well i wasn't talking about minors here, aren't we talking about masturbation here? Does a non balegh masturbate? We are talking about people who have become balegh and are able to procreate. If a child who has not become balegh goes on to look at pornography then we can say that there is no doubt something wrong with the parents upbringing or the environment, either one of these things is making him watch porn, since a child before he has become balegh is not and should not be aware of these things yet in their age. You simply cannot discard the fact that wiswaas and nafs al ammarah plays a role in the sinning of an individual... IF you discard that, that is like saying the many children or friends of absolute saints/mu'miniin, saints who raise their children in the utmost best way and make sure that they grow up in the best of environments, are to blame for the fact that their child still turned out to be a sinful individual (because of the insaan's nafs al ammarah or wiswaas of shaytan). You simply cannot discard this fact, the human is not a complete reflection of only upbringing, society, enviorment etc, no nafs al ammarah plays a big role! Did Allah not allow shaytan to deceive us, for Him to test us? How can you completely ignore this fact... Seriously what kind of an statement is this??? Perfection??? What are you some kind of a ma'suum? Surely we should all aim to live without sin but come on now, marriage is a rahma a bounty from Allah. It keeps us away from sin and at the same time gives us comfort, pleasure etc. "Marriage is not for being a better person"????? Seriously with all due respect were you a little weary while writing this?
  14. Could you give me an example of a civil disturbance, jazakallah khair.
  15. It is actually not this easy there will always be wiswaas and nafs al ammara. The best solution for this ugly act is the teaching taught to us by Rasuul Allah and Ahlulbayt, marriage as soon as possible.