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  1. What about the hadith about 17000 original verses (see my post with the video).
  2. What is the need for adding new verses to replace/add to old ones (as stated in Quran)
  3. The 'old verses' are still in Quran and havent been removed? Is the Quran exactly how it was revealed 1400 years ago?
  4. Oh, I initially brought this topic up because I was watching a debate between a shia and a sunni and the sunni accused the shia of believing in the changing of the Quran, to which, from what I observed, the shia was not able to refute. It mentioned something about one of the shia hadiths talking about an original "17000 verses" compared to what we have now. Below is that video, there are useful time stamps in the comments if you want to have a look yourself. Thanks
  5. Wow that's a great way of looking at it. Didn't think about that. Can you provide an example of such a verse that has been given more detail? Thanks for the reply.
  6. Sorry for the vague question. I meant that one of the verses of the Quran mentions how God brings forward verses to replace or add to new ones. If the Quran is divine and God's word, why is this necessary? It seems fishy to me and I was hoping I could find an answer here. Thanks
  7. Fundamental Question: Heaven is a place of eternal light and happiness as a reward for those who did well in the world. Hell is a place of eternal burning and pain as a reward for those who did poorly in the world. Two extremes. From what I know you're one or the other. Where is the in-between? What is the difference between the one in the lowest heaven and the one in the highest (least awful) hell?
  8. Any idea where the hand folding comes from? Always found it weird how they say its proper. Why would there be a dispute on this type of thing?
  9. So 85% of the Muslim population are offering invalid prayer... :0
  10. The legion of devils... What is the concept? How did they come to be? Looking for some clarification if there are any answers. Thanks
  11. If he is just a jinn, how does he have the omnipresence and and ability to whisper to and misguide everyone? How is he still alive after all this time? How can anyone be so stupid as to condemn themselves to the worst of punishments over something like bowing? I know some with think these are stupid questions but I am not very knowledgeable and if anyone could provide any clarification I would appreciate it a lot.
  12. I was just wondering why people call Imam Ali Mola e Kainat? Master of the universe seems like a pretty extreme title. I'm not very knowledgeable about these kind of things so I'm just asking if this title is ok or if if its too much. Like did the Prophet (SAW) call Imam Ali (as) this or did people just adopt it
  13. I was just wondering why people call Imam Ali Mola e Kainat? Master of the universe seems like a pretty extreme title. I'm not very knowledgeable about these kind of things so I'm just asking if this title is ok or if if its too much. Like did the Prophet (SAW) call Imam Ali (as) this or did people just adopt it
  14. In the Qur'an, there is the verse: "We have adorned the lowest heaven with stars" Now, we know stars exist in space. Does this mean lowest heaven=space? It would make sense, but isn't heaven supposed to be off limits for people?
  15. Ok so, in our school, you are able to go and read jummah prayers in the main hall at lunch time. I am a Shia but the majority of the people in our school are sunnis. They don't take kindly to Shias here. They're not haters or anything like that but they're gonna pop up with all sorts of questions that I can't be bothered to answer if they know I am shia. Does anyone know how the sunni Jummah prayers usually go and is it permissible for me to pray like a sunni would (hands above navel etc.) Please just answer the question
  16. The lowest sky? What does that mean?
  17. Sincerely, thanks for your help Ozzy. The sunnis have a different tashahud but it shoudn't matter because you're not expected to read aloud right?
  18. Thank you for the info! Do you know if they perform any sunnah prayers before or after the obligatory prayer? I know that some sunnis consider sunnat prayers wajib.
  19. What if Someone were to be born a Muslim Struggle with the idea of God And ending up practicing all necessities of Islam but whilst not necessarily believing that what he is doing is real. He came to this conclusion by thinkingIf there is no God, I can do whatever But if there is a God and I do whatever then I will burn in hellfire. So as a result I will use the blessing of being born a Muslim to my advantageAnd follow all requirements of being a Muslim (i.e fasting, Salah etc.) However I'm not sure in the mind if God is even there. Weird question I know.
  20. That is an encouraging thought Btw I am not an athiest. I still believe God must exist through obvious reasons.The issue is with God being the God of Islam and all things related that I sometimes question. Hope that clears it up a bit
  21. Thank you everyone for your replies. So this 'empty worship' won't count for me on the day of Judgement then? That's a bit depressing. I can't force myself to fully believe in God if I can't just yet. I am no atheist, still follow Islam but with a twist of just theism. I think it's a bit unfair that even though I'm fulfilling my obligations (albeit not wholeheartedly) they don't count for anything. So in short I HAVE to fully believe in God while following obligations or I might as well not be doing it (aside from the fact it may prevent be having to make them up if I stop) Thanks again
  22. It's still not quite clear to me which view Islam holds on the origin of man. Was Adam created literally on the spot and a mate made for him in the same way? Or was it a process as some verses in the Qur'an suggest? I feel there are arguments for both to be found in the Qur'an. This website seems to hold a strong view that Islam agrees with evolution citing a number of verses in support of it. http://www.answeringislamicskeptics.com/evolution-in-islam-overview.html Although some interpretations are shaky, it does seem to have some sort of standing when looked at. What are the opinions of those on ShiaChat?
  23. I have recently been looking into the relationship or connection between modern science's concept of human origin and the concept of the Islam (in Adam and Eve). When do Muslims think Adam and Eve were created? The scientists believe humans (modern homo sapiens) came into existence around 200,000 years ago through a shared ancestor called 'Mitochondrial Eve' . They do not believe she was the only woman around at the time though (Adam and Eve were the first humans- were they the only?). Creation before Adam and Eve? Scientists believe, through finding Hominids fossils, that there were pre-human creatures similar to humans. I know there are some hadith which state there were 'Adams before Adam' and something along those lines. Also, the angels saying to Allah (on Adam) 'why do you want to create creatures which kill each other in the land' could imply something similar. Below is a picture of the fossil 'Turkana Boy'- said to be 1.6 million years old. He is very human like, How did Adam and Eve begin such a large progeny? Adam and Eve had children. How did these children have children? (in the context that Adam and Eve were the only ones created at the time) Anyone wish to add anything? Jazakallah Khair
  24. Jazakallah for your inputs In summary of your replies: Yes, there were peoples before Adam and Eve, not necessarily humans, but a people. Possibly seven ages of different peoples before Adam and Eve. We are not connected with the other peoples. We follow only the line of Adam and Eve. Now it is interesting a point about these other creations. Maybe these are the ones we see in the Neanderthals and the hominids. Also, it is curious how the Neanderthals became strangely extinct with the appearance of modern humans. Recently, it has been suggested by scientists that Neanderthals were cannibals. Could this be them 'making mischief and shedding blood in the land'? Anyways, thanks a lot. Wasalaam