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  1. When parents don't close the door properly, enough to make annoying sounds.
  2. But it looks good though.... and also taste good.
  3. Can I still order from McSaudi arabia? If so I'd like to have an extra large McWife with cheddar cheese dip and a big bottle of Halal coke, Oh and please I want the ribs extra crispy. Thanks!
  4. Your father will me remember in my prayer. Insha'Allah he will be fine just rely on Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì
  5. Just look how sad this is... Now they've been using animals to put explosives on to try to blow people.
  6. 1. What does that have to do with my happiness? 2. We do not curse our enemies we do La'ana which is a form of supplication which basically means we ask Allah to withdraw his mercy in the day of judgement from them. Cursing and doing La'ana are two different things.
  7. Hitting an unprepared enemy is not the shia of Ali.
  8. You took it out of context or maybe I formulated in a bad way. The palestinians have their rights to make a change but violence won't solve anything.
  9. Like I said I'm not defending IDF and I am against the zionist regime.
  10. It's unbeliavable how many the so called "shia of ali" I've stumbled on today and yet they do the exact opposite.
  11. Nothing compared what Al Mohammad (ams) wen't through. In the end their day will come.
  12. Only the Mahdi ÚÌøá Çááøå ÝÑÌå ÇáÔÑíÝ is capable of taking back the stolen land.
  13. Also Imam Hussain(as) tried to negotiate with Yazeed (la)
  14. Imam Hussain didn't charge in to stab Yazid.