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  1. If you cannot interact with them and try to teach them, You should ignore. This is also why sabr is important to remain calm even if they're mocking.
  2. Ignore. It's the best reply to a fool
  4. OMG I Got member of the week!!! Alahumma salle ala Muhamaad wa alihi Muhammed!!!
  5. It's wajib to think captain murica is the best avenger member. Repent now.
  6. You just backbited a muslim, but ey that's none of my business. Prepare your answers.
  7. You're sick. Instead of saying mash'Allah you decide bash her? Your creator isn't pleased with such mouth.
  8. You guys should mix about 35g peanutbutter with a banana, it's sweet but healthy and you won't be hungry for a chocolate bar.
  9. Also a hadith where one of the Imams (as) I think It was Musa ibn Ja'faar al Khadim(as) (I could be wrong) said If one eats an apple and takes a cold bath everyday he will never get sick again in his whole life.
  10. I'd like to go to Switzerland, I love their nature. Austria where theirs are also stunning.
  11. It's unecessary, Instead eat fish, It's rich in fat. Unless it is hard for you to get enough fats through your diet or you don't simply have time to cook.
  12. I didn't have space for sugar when was bulking I consumed 2900-3100kcal I only had carbs,fats and protein in my mind but somtimes I had to go IIFYM. One cookie is ok now and then tho but I'm still fighting to not eat sugar.
  13. @DigitalUmmah @Ron_Burgundy JazakumAllah khair.
  14. I'm about to enter my Junior years after the upcoming summer vacation. Now I need some help with how to remember things I've learned. Everytime when I learn something new I forget it after a couple of weeks, I'm worrying about the upcoming exam in math which takes place in somewhere in may. I had an exam about algebra, and the teacher said I did good but I'm afraid I will forget everything I learned about algebra. Is there anyway to prevent it I should also say math is not my strong side.