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  1. alHussein

    What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Watched this on cinemas with some friends the day after premiere. All I can say about this movie is WOW.
  2. alHussein

    What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    What do you think of the game? Is it worth getting? I'm planning to, but still hesitant.
  3. alHussein

    What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    Enjoying some Final Fantasy XV and Far Cry 5.
  4. alHussein

    Any Shia Gamers?

    Currently playing Far Cry 5 and FFXV
  5. alHussein

    Your everyday outfit?

    My favourite outfit : Adidas NMD's with cargo green pants and any sweater. Maybe like this :
  6. alHussein


    I personally haven't watched it. Do anime and other shows affect/delay your salat? Do they affect they way you believe in Allah S.W.T? Do you start believeing the way of Shaytan L.A is the right way? Do you start believing in magic and sorcery? Listen, If all this affects you. Stop. This applies for everything. Watching movies,series playing games, reading books, going out with friends. This isn't only applied for anime or whatever. If it doesn't affect you, go ahead. When it comes to nudity just look it up if has some.
  7. alHussein

    What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    This is 3 hours long. I almost gave up but I also loved it and was one of the better movies I've watched.
  8. alHussein

    What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    I've always disliked AC/Ubisoft after reading this. http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Adam_and_Eve They've even made a picture of them which feels very wrong.
  9. alHussein

    #16 Temperature Poll

    -3 to +4 maximum at the moment....
  10. alHussein

    Tesco's christmas ad

    People are getting triggered because Tesco is having muslims for a christmas ad. Christians and non Religious people are allowed to celebrate the "day" Prophet Jesus was born but when a muslim is included they threaten to boycott. Do these people even know Jesus wasn't even born in the winter season? Hypocrisy is strong with this one, brain can't handle it. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/tesco-christmas-advert-boycott-muslim-family-christian-holiday-social-media-a8053551.html
  11. No you don't. No human has right over anyone else. Yes. If this is your true nature. Please don't call yourself a muslim.
  12. I see no indication of any sort of problem, move on. You'll find another.
  13. alHussein

    Horror movies

    If there's no haram content included, there's no problem.
  14. alHussein


    I want a tattoo but It really hurts to get one. Wolf tattoos seems awesome but Idk the rulings about getting tattoos of animals.
  15. alHussein

    What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    I've wanted to see this for a long time... Bill SkarsgÄrd is a legend.