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  1. This is a great and deep post, and you have very good insight. The bit highlighted in bold is especially a very wise observation.
  2. I think i know why. Its a mix of things; cultural trends over the past few decades, and youth being rebellious and taking western ideals and people (celebrities) as idols, among other influences.
  3. Wasalam, thank you for your kind words. I believe they were 'jumping' the white boys because they were just pure idiots. It has nothing to do with religion. More to do with the culture they see around them (rap, being 'gangsta is cool etc.). Plus they were what i would call the equivalent of the English 'chav'. I'm not trying to be disrespectful of Chavs, but many of them posses a type of thuggish mentality. I'm very happy to hear about your Dad's Pakistani doctor and your friends. I know for sure a lot of Pakistanis are amazing people (like all the people on this forum!! and like me.....i hope...!). Peace and God bless you too.
  4. @DigitalUmmah His point is valid though, the country is just trying to protect itself and it's people. You cannot force force religion sure, especially inside people's home, but out in the open and on the streets and on the internet, sure you can to an appropriate extent. If a person in Iran (or even Saudi for that matter) drinks alcohol at home, no-one knows and no one is spying on him. No forcing happening there. He drinks standing in the street, then for sure there will be some forcing of 'holiness' which will take place, and i say bloody good.
  5. I agree with much of what you have said, and i have been thinking about this for a long time. I believe 'we' the shia/regular non muslim people need to reach out as much as we can to communicate to the non muslims, to help them, and also to show them the benefits that Islam provides to a society, be it economics or social/family affairs. Also we just need to be as nice as people as we can (which is what Islam teaches anyways). From my side, my ethnicity is Pakistani, and growing up in the UK i am really angry and disappointed at the pakistani community. All i saw from most (not all) of them was 'gangsterism', and 'jumping' the white boys. No Islam, just pure cultural crap. I disagree that Le Penn will get elected (although after Trump's election you honestly never know), but the polls so far are showing a major gap for her to be able to win. And i agree fully that things are becoming pretty... different and they will be so for the future.
  6. This reminds of of a thread a while back where a sister proposed a fantastic idea of a 'sister group' where sisters who cannot go out with family can schedule times to go out with other sisters. Safety in numbers. The first and best option is ofcourse if a sister can go out with her husband, if that's not possible then her family members (brother, sister, parents, female cousins and other family who is mahram).
  7. Aliaa Magda Elmahdy ^ is a strong feminaza, but be warned she has some graphic pictures, has appeared in nude pics as a form of activism.
  8. @starlight everything you said i completely agree sister. But the issue i am talking about is that all the muslims and especially muslim women should be aware of whats happening. We can't expect them to be ethical, BUT, we need to be aware of their agenda and fight against it. They want to spread and change the cultural/current standard from what hayaa is, to the new standard, and with adverts like these millions of muslims can be subconsciously taken in. Just look what happened at hollywood, started of in the 1920s and as each decade went by it became more and more shameful and immoral. With these companies/people, just like the shaytaan, they work slowly, step by step. I think the muslim governments and all organisations, including families should ban this and make it clear to western corporate entities that we will not accept this type of stuff.
  9. As for them filling a gap in the market, well great. But they way they have done it, it is clear the agenda they have and what they plan to do. And actually you know what makes me angry as well, why hadn't some muslim businessman/woman come up with this 'breathable' hijab, then we wouldn't have to wait for some devil inspired western company that will try to push their own agenda. I will take a small portion of this blame.
  10. @starlight it's the way they portray Muslim women, as if they all need to break free and fight and be rebellious, as if this is freedom. And common, you know about modesty but also about hayaa, women exposing themselves and boxing on the street etc. How about you imagine Fatima a.s. Or zaianab a.s. in this position, painful right? You need to see through this trend and what it is trying to accomplish. Yes those female athletes can be condemned, but Nike should be also. We need to be aware that although business is business, we can't accept the ethics or approach to business of most of the western companies, many of their CEOs would probably sell their mothers for more dollars.
  11. I agree with you all, it seems pretty obvious they want to now try and make muslim women to become weird rebellious feminists. If anyone can't see through this crap then it makes me wonder. They want to make a major culture change happen in the muslim countries, just like they have done in the west over the past 50 years. I'd say all muslims living in muslim countries (arab and non-arab) should be prepared and fight back against this new tide of cultural liberal promiscuous onslaught. Seriously it will only get worse i think, and muslims over on those countries should be savvy to what the agenda is of these people and the shaytaan.
  12. What do you guys make of this new Nike commercial for muslim women wearing the hijab https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/brands/nikes-first-high-performance-hijab-coming-female-muslim-athletes/amp/
  13. Salaam There have been many threads and topics on here about the crazy racist (yet somewhat religiously inclined and conservative) Right, vs the crazy homo propagating Left. Although both sides have their risk, i and many others on here have warned that although the crazy white supremacist 'Right' is is dangerous, the Left is also in actual fact very dangerous. In the vast majority of cases what the left stands for is openly against Islam and Islamic ethics/morals. If it was up to the Left, they would completely hinder religion and force their neo-liberalism upon us. In many cases they obviously can't, because they need allies. But if they had true and complete power, they would have probably forced homosexuality, and made robots in charge of all of our affairs. Here is a small example of how this can creep upon us http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39264845 & http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/european-court-justice-islamic-headscarf-hijab-ban-employers-legal-religious-symbols-case-belgium-a7628626.html
  14. What you say contradicts itself and here is why. You say we should support them, then you say as Muslims we are supposed to speak out against sin. You say we should support them because they are being oppressed. Okay. How are they being oppressed? They are being oppressed because they don't have full rights, and people say what they do is "Inhumane and bad". You want to do "Amr bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar". Okay. So here you will be saying they are sinners, and they are wrong. ..... So.... You are now oppressing them. I think you need to sit down, and do some deep long hard thinking about this.