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  1. Befriending Guys

    Well in that case he certainly learned from his experience and is passing it on isn't he!!
  2. Nationalism & Religion

    @Qa'im ..... Whoah... that is in saudi???? Do you know where about in Saudi though? This may be inside the expat or diplomatic compound/areas where the law is much more relaxed and alcohol can be drunk. If this event took place outside expat compounds, then i am gobsmacked.
  3. Music backbitting jealousy

    Listen to the Quran, then the translation of the Quran (stories of Prophets), stories of Imams etc. And try to see people in a positive light. Whatever people have, Allah gave it to them. Perhaps if you look at it like this then maybe it's a bit more difficult to be jealous.
  4. Yeah it makes sense from that perspective.
  5. Well then this is a contradiction I suppose. From what I searched Imam Ali (as) had many children (20-30+), and from many wives. Maybe the narration you mentioned it weak, or it could be a saying that is understood from a different perspective e.g. It is not good to have large families if you cannot afford and have the resources for such.
  6. I think I read somewhere Imam Ali (as) had over a dozen children.... infact some places say in the region of 25-33 or so!
  7. I haven't read all of your posts on this topic, but I understood you are talking about a theory where 1)shaytaan refused to prostrate for fear of shirk 2)he was an angel and then transformed into a creature With all do respect why should anyone even think about this theory? It is ridiculous, and the reason is that Allah has clearly addressed both of these points in the Quran. 1) Allah has made clear that Iblis refused to prostrate out of arrogance, infact in the Quran Allah even asks Iblis directly why he refused to prostrate, and the reply of Iblis is clear. So I do not understand how anyone can go around this, infact even around what Allah has clearly said in the Quran, and come up with this theory. Quite absurd. 2) Iblis was an angel. First of all, the reference to point 1 above, when Iblis responded to Allah about why he did not prostrate, he said because I am made of "Fire". Jinns are made of this. So clearly he was a Jinn before being commanded to prostrate. And in another area in the Quran Allah again clearly says he(Iblis) was of the Jinn. It really is ridiculous how people come up with these claims and theories which completely fly in the face of what Allah clearly says in the Quran. Sure if Allah had not said these points clearly in the Quran, then to some extent it could justify people coming up with theories, but why on earth do people come up with theories when there is no need for theory, simply because it has already been plainly stated by Allah.
  8. Raped in Burma

    Here is some visual imagery http://instagram.com/pray.for.arakan very sickening, as helpless as I feel, I have donated to some charities for this cause, i pray Allah helps them.
  9. I think it has been declining over the past 50-60 years, but now we are on the verge of it increasing again, as liberal and secular ideals peaked and seem to be somewhat receding, and there seems to be a shift in thought processes of many people in the west. Maybe some kind of awakening is around the corner. God knows.
  10. Fear

    Say: O My servants who have transgressed against their own souls, despair not of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Quran 39:53)
  11. Is Hijab compulsory?

    Wasalaam have a look at this https://www.al-islam.org/hijab-muslim-womens-dress-islamic-or-cultural-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi/quran-and-hijab
  12. Crying Spells

    Sister you are not alone! I was crying for a few hours last night as well, thank God... I thought I was the only one! These damn onions are too strong!! No more onion cutting from now on!
  13. Brother, let me ask you, do you believe that prophet Isa a.s. is God? That is what Christians believe. If you believe he was a prophet, then you should know that he spoke of one that would come after him, a comforter, infact if I'm correct I believe even the name Ahmad is mentioned (or it may be in the Torah?). Also the bible speaks about Hagar/Hajar, the second wife of Ibrahim a.s. and how she settled with Ishmael a.s. In the Mecca region. Who were the descendants of Ishmael? Lastly, the biblical story version of some Prophets is very disrespectful, it depicts them as being people who lied, cheated, and even sent a someone (I think one of their brothers?) to war just so they could marry his wife. The Quran certainly does not speak of Prophets in this way.