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  1. Stephen Hawking died

    I will certainly not celebrate his life, nor honour him. And i fully agree with you on the last line... we are too doormant.. May Allah grant us the beneficial knowledge, resources and success.
  2. Children’s tv is now normalizing same sex relation

    Fully agree with this. for every 2 'top ranking' firm religious and pious Muslims in the west, there will be 200 who are consumed by the western culture. Maybe even a ration of 2:2000 actually.
  3. I just watched the Gothard tunnel ceremony... that is some weird.....stuff. Pagan, satanic, occult. And just weird as hell.
  4. Children’s tv is now normalizing same sex relation

    Yeah but the key point is you corrected him. I don't think the average non-muslim will have a brother, parental figure to correct them on these things, because those parental figures have no beliefs either (in vast majority of cases). A brother, friend of father could walk in and see a family member watching something, but they do not have the same morals or views as muslims.
  5. Children’s tv is now normalizing same sex relation

    I googled it and this show seems to have taken place in 2016...even more shocking! And yes, i implore all muslims to teach their children and guard their children, and watch their children's circle of friends from the very beginning... otherwise you will most likely be very sorry.
  6. May I ask which two "Islamic" countries are you referring to? Amongst Muslim countries, some have a far more Islamic environment than others due to laws and general education. I do agree though that a lot stuff goes on underground and people have one face with parents and another with friends.
  7. Predestination

    No, it runs deeper than that. God knowing what you are going to do, does not force you to do what you are going to do. A friend of mine (i genuinely think he is a very intelligent guy, Cambridge computer scientist) gave me an interesting example about God's knowledge. He said in the Quran, Allah gives examples of how things would be, if that had been that way. For example, Allah says that if there had been more than one god, fighting would have persisted between them. Well this possibility has never happened, will never happen - yet Allah KNOWS what would happen if that had been the case. This shows how we just cannot grasp the completeness (maybe i can use the would infinite) of God's knowledge. Now with the above Quranic verse, my friend then said, God's knowledge is so vast, he knows what we would do, if we TRULY had free will. God is so great and knowledgeable, even if we had some form of independent free will, God knows what we would do. So God allows us to act the way we wish, and we are actually doing, what we would be doing if we truly had free will - but God knows this, and that does not hinder our freewill. I don't want to run too deep, but this is a point i'm trying to make about God's knowledge. Let's look at it this way. God knows what you will be doing at precisely 4pm on 15th March in 2019. You do not know what you will be doing at that precise time (even though you can try to say you do). Now the fact that you do not know; that is enough to say you have freewill (or give you that illusion of freewill).
  8. Virtual Currencies

    Oyster Pearl... they seem to be doing some big things.
  9. Predestination

    That last line, is very DEEP! It sums it all up i think. Glory be to Allah! Human minds will never comprehend Him.
  10. Hafez Al-Assad, America's ally

    Do you have proof that the US gave permission/green light to Saddam to invade Kuwait?
  11. Sex Is Insignificant?

    How on earth did i not notice this
  12. Sure you can call me Ali. I will send you a pm.
  13. She mostly listens to songs of that bieber geaser, other pop and rnb songs, searches the internet (but deletes the history), and snapchats with people from school. Looks like i will have to clamp down on this.
  14. Our family situation is one where i have to be the father figure! Father is not around. Secondly i should add that she currently uses her mum's smartphone when she comes back from school, and she is on it for hours. When we ask her to give it back after a couple of hours she becomes very aggressive, and verbally very abusive (foul language). She is a very challenging child.