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  1. Here you go. Even the non musims are slowly finding out (after entire generations experimenting and fornicated with everything that moves). So what do you make of this below?
  2. Shona needs to know that dating outright like boyfriend girlfriend is haraam. End of story. Now that, is a real short story.
  3. This is absolutely beautiful.
  4. I do agree with what you have said you know. Brother. Always remember i said that they are both devils. And yes, i also agree about possible fascism and the 'physical' danger of bodily harm, attack etc. So you see the risks and outcomes are the following from my perspective (and this is just a quick conclusion); Trump = bodily harm - racist bigots starting psychical fights or killing (as you said fascism will kill you). Hillary, or equivalent = spiritual harm (i don't think i need to expound why or how). For physical safety ofcourse Hillary or equivalent (liberal secular) may be better ONLY if Muslims are strong and take the required guards and stands to preserve and keep and even spread islam, spirituality and righteousness.
  5. It's quite clear that some people took the term 'take care' in the italian mafia gangster sense. They really 'took care of them' at Karbala didn't they. Muawiya also really loved Ali a.s. so much that he wanted to take care of him as well right.
  6. Perhaps you are blind to the trends that have emerged in the western world over the past few decades. Sheer bull it is certainly not.
  7. As much as i hate trump, my fear is if he were to be replaced, he would be replaced by a tranny, homesexualised, lesbian, batty, gender confused, feminist Hilary Clinton, who would ramp up abortions so that the liberals can continue murdering unborn babies at an ever faster rate. What is better, the devil that attacks you from the front? Or the devil that attacks you from behind? At least with Trump we know he is the devil, and we can be prepared. With Hiliary most muslims don't even know, and her form of attack is to strip muslims off their ideals/beliefs and religion. Then next thing you know you will have a new generation of queer gay lesbo loving muslims who may start to support free-for-all abortion. Take your pick.
  8. Well how did that one go? I guess they really took care of them didn't they?
  9. Yes, you hit the nail on the head. This is was what i was pointing to in my earlier comment. It seems fairly flawed logic to say because intoxicating drinks were made haraam and just because in that era, or area, they just happened to make them from grapes and dates, then intoxicating drinks from other sources must be fine. This is incorrect logic to me. My understanding of our religion is that Allah forbade 'intoxication' - be it from grape, date, or even a pineapple if that were possible.
  10. i know wiki is not the best source, but i thought i'd share this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabidh
  11. That's all fair and good, but towards the end of the video the Dr. said that '"those people who read Abu Hanifa's verdict and find it disgusting, then good for them, then can happily go to another doctrine/sheikh, whereas those who drink secretly, why should they drink secretly when they can do so without guilt and follow Abu Hanifa". Seriously this is a shock. Perhaps this is why drinking is quite open in Turkey. From what i understood, i can get home tonight from work, and i can open a can of FOSTERS beer, and drink it, knowing that i won't get tipsy?? (Sure, he had earlier countered that a drop of intoxicating liquid is haraam, but them why did he say about people who drink secretly can do so openly and guilt free? and also he seems to be of the view that it only applies to Grapes and Dates). This is quite a shock.
  12. Love the message, and agree 1000%.
  13. @E.L King Great answer.
  14. Correct, but the bold highlighted bits are key. Know one another. Not hate one another. Not to Divide and stay away from another. So brother Interracial marriage is great, as - long - as - you - make it work, like the other brothers and sisters have said in this forum. (And also like any other marriage!). If you both are truly ones that love rely and look up to Allah and are true believers, race and culture will be easy to combine and work around and it could even be much make fun and amazing.