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  1. Videos on youtube or elsewhere of Shia lectures should always be captioned. If you need subtitles for a foreign language audience then you add a subtitles option. You do NOT replace captioning with subtitles. That is a huge mistake. There are distinct differences between the two.
  2. iphone x

    Iphone X is a Phablet.
  3. books other than the Qur'an

    @Ron_Burgundy, you are not my Brother. Goodbye
  4. books other than the Qur'an

    You are confusing the statement I made with the one Gaius I. Caesar made.
  5. books other than the Qur'an

    I accused Shia of treating non-Shia Muslims contrary to what the Quran and hadeeths prescribe. NOT of being Kafir.
  6. books other than the Qur'an

    Simply quoting a hadeeth is not proof I came here to taunt so you going to need to do better than this.
  7. books other than the Qur'an

    Another^ Dishonest statement. In the thread I made that statement in I issued a follow up statement as to what I meant and it was explicit, clear and to the point.
  8. books other than the Qur'an

    THIS IS FURTHER PROOF SHIA ARE NOT FOLLOWING ISLAM. “The believer does not taunt others, he does not curse others, he does not use profanity, and he does not abuse others.” Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1977
  9. books other than the Qur'an

    Ignoratio elenchi [Mod Note: Name-calling and insulting members is against the rules.]
  10. books other than the Qur'an

    You never used the word "revelation" exclusively you used it in reference to prophecy. Which is a mixing a truth with falsehood. Revelation and prophecy are two different things. EVEN YOUR OWN DEFINITION PROVES THAT.
  11. books other than the Qur'an

    It came down via an angel the same as any revelation and/or prophecy would have so this is a disingenuous argument.
  12. books other than the Qur'an

    I never said books other than the Qur'an cannot or should not be read. Dishonest Shia always twisting my words.
  13. books other than the Qur'an

    Now we have to go into semantics because you choose to equivocate rather than speak clear truths.
  14. books other than the Qur'an

    This is nothing more than prevarication, which is a form of lying, because you did in fact say "prophecy".