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  1. Sounds like @E.L King you should take a look at the Mukhalifeen books after all in accordance of the Prophet's SAW character if you wish to emulate them. Though there's plenty more about the character of the Prophet SAW that's left out here, how he dealt with his enemies of all types, for example.
  2. This could be a matter of difference of beliefs im afraid, and perhaps an end to our discussion. I'm of the belief that we have Free Will, but confined to Allah SWT's plan as He is the greatest of planners. He understands all of our choices and knows us well enough to know what we'll make for a decision. How can the creator not know what his creation will do ? As such He plans His works. I believe nothing happens without the will of Allah SWT, He guides whom He chooses to guide, and doesn't for whom He chooses not to guide. The sequence of events that transpired since inception of creation are because God has allowed it so. In my belief. God sent angels down for Muslims to fight and defend Islam, if He wanted Imam Hussein AS, he would have sent angels down to stop it, In my opinion. I believe the purpose for the martyrdom of Imam Husseim AS is to show or teach us the the same way his father and brother did by example. That there there is a time and place where we must fight and a time we must not. Because of his martyrdom, Shiasm identity and history has transcended beyond writings and words in paper and even stone, it has cemented a footprint into the ground so God willing one day, a laymen sunni or muslim can stop and question his deen by understanding events that cant ever be forgotten. Imv.
  3. And is not Allah SWT the cause of everything that happens ? By his permission everything happens. Ill put it to you this way, if you believe Allah SWT promised the preserve the quran, and we're talking about a matter of whether it was altered with a stoning verse, then it was by Gods will that Umars fear stopped him from inlcuding or excluding additional verses. In all matters of Preservation of the Quran, Gods in charge.
  4. Imam 'Ali ibn Abi Talib AS did not let Uthman release a final compilation that he did not Approve of himself, as Imam Ali AS was an integral part of the compilation process. There was many attempts, one after another Imam Ali rejected the iterations until he was ok with it. Your examples after of the stoning passages, are evidence that 'Umar can never Advise Allah SWT. And it seems Allah SWT stopped Umar from making a change and keeping His promise to us that he preserved it.
  5. Walaimum as Asalaam, I'm well thank you for asking. I do hope you're doing well too. I'm gonna have to disagree, if this Bukhari Hadith had been about Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib AS, I do not think non Shia muslims would use it as a reason to call anyone mushrik. Perhals I'm naive but i dont see disdain in the Sunni world of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib AS such that Bukhari would be labeled as a mushrik in this context. Tahreef is a subject thats apples to organges here, and Sunnis with their belief emphatically reject the Quran changing as i thought the Shia dont as well? I dont know who Majlisi is, but I would hope the grading of the Hadith of the quran changing was graded untrustworthy or very weak at best in his view. If not, then i can see why he was treated as such. It would shake my belief and many others if the preservation of the Quran is comprised. Because God said himself He would preserve it, and A hadith that contradicts that immediately should be categorized as fabricated and a waste of space in any text. What business does that have then in a book of Hadith other than to cast doubt? I need to understand the Hadith collectors state of mind and reasoning if theres no clause about authenticity in his book. I still do not see how "Allah agreed with mean" meaning that he advised God. If I stood here and looked at the sky and said, its going to rain it seems. And it does, would it not be appropriate to think I guess God saw it so, too. We must be in agreement. If it didn't rain, simply God did not agree. And if Umar said God agreed with me in 3 things, I guess the rest of the things God doesn't agree with him. To your last bit about Comparing the Imam to Umar, Umar was at the least inquisitive like any normal being. I can plainly see many people approaching the Prophet SAW, saying "what will we do about such and such, or man we are starving, "etc. Whether or not a verse is revealed soon after or way later is independent of them. We ALL Allah swt revealed bit by bit for a Reason and not all at once. Imam Ali AS had his trust and patience/faith, I get that. I can't compare he and the Imam, but I can compare him to any other joe and I dont find offence in them here.
  6. Did not the Prophet SAW tell everyone to ask and they will be given clarify while he was still in this life? But I don't see it as how you're narrating it to be, unfortunately. As much as I am critical of Umar, I don't see it in the light you're presenting it. And I Severely doubt if this Hadith was narrated from Imam 'Ali ibn Abi Talib AS, instead in the exact manner as I'm reading it, that it would be construed as some Shirk accusation party. There are plenty of verses in the Qur'an revealed from non-infallibles and infallibles alike in terms of "inspiration" doesn't mean they made the verse or co-authored it. "My lord agreed with me .." doesn't mean, "If weren't for me, this wouldn't be a verse". This just looks like a hate parade and drawing straws to justify it. If I was standing around pondering in the time of the Prophet SAW and thought or even voiced aloud a numerous bunch of things I think should be a rule or precedent to adopt, maybe one or two God may in fact be in agreement and make it so, NO one here is thinking of how many things Umar thought of that should be a law, but didn't become law or established in the Qu'ran from Gods word. Which, is demonstrating to me the one sidedness of all this.
  7. I think we are having a communication barrier, brother, no worries. To be honest I don't know the hadith you're referencing or what it means =\ Personally, I don't think Hadith are prioritized over Qu'ran though. Quran > Hadith. As far as being a human being goes, I don't understand how the Prophet SAW, or others are more or less human than another human. They were born as all humans are born, they die, as all humans die, we will be judged as all humans will be judged, according to the Qu'ran here. I don't think Allah SWT is lying to us. The Prophet SAW laughed, cried, experienced pain, as all humans do. In terms of being a human being, I'm saying he is no more or less than a human than we all are, as for the rest of the Prophet's. Not sure if that makes sense. But hey, I'll agree to disagree we all are entitled to our own opinions bro. It's all good.
  8. Walaikum As Salam, I don't know what degree Abdul Qadir Geylani is, and to be honest I don't think it matters. I also don't know what you mean by "when I talk about me, that I can't put you in the same degree with Muhammad & and Al-Muhammad" - Could you please clarify? I'm really having a hard time understanding you, =\. I checked those Ayahs but I'm not sure how they relate to what you're saying though I'm not sure I understand either. No prophet, imam, is above being a human being, the verse I quoted uses كلَّ أُناسِ ,"Kulaa oonasse" Which literally means "Every/All Human Beings". The Arabic language used in the Qu'ran is very specific, as is the Arabic language itself in these settings and its very direct and explicit. It does not say after, "except whom God wills" like it does for many other ayahs, Allah SWT specifically left it out here. to hammer point further, in the later ayahs of the chapter/surah I quoted : 17:88-17:94 Say, "If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants." And We have certainly diversified for the people in this Qur'an from every [kind] of example, but most of the people refused [anything] except disbelief. And they say, "We will not believe you until you break open for us from the ground a spring. Or [until] you have a garden of palm tress and grapes and make rivers gush forth within them in force [and abundance] Or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments as you have claimed or you bring Allah and the angels before [us] Or you have a house of gold or you ascend into the sky. And [even then], we will not believe in your ascension until you bring down to us a book we may read." Say, "Exalted is my Lord! Was I ever but a human messenger?" And what prevented the people from believing when guidance came to them except that they said, "Has Allah sent a human messenger?" This is just my argument, I don't have any conclusion 100% yet, but this is pretty convincing to me I'm open to any idea/counterpoint to hear and discuss ! If I understood you correctly, this Qur'an Ayah, tells us the Degree of Human we are to Muhammad SAW, is the same. We share the same humanness as the Prophet SAW and hes not above "all human beings" so he is also in reference and included in the set of "All human beings" when Allah SWT tells us he will gather us all with our book of deeds. Perhaps in terms of Knowledge/Akhlaq/Spirituality, Shaykh abdul Qadir Gilani was higher Rank than me and the Prophet Muhammad SAW, was higher degree/rank in those than all of us, but as a human, we are the same degree of human.
  9. ^^^ This Hadith, can be false. If Hadiths contradict each other, only one can be true, or in some cases neither. Anyway theres alot to say on this matter. From 17:71 Mention, O Muhammad], the Day We will call forth ALL HUMAN BEINGS with their record [of deeds]. Then whoever is given his record in his right hand - those will read their records, and injustice will not be done to them, [even] as much as a thread [inside the date seed]. if im not mistaken, Allah SWT says all human beings, Prophets, imams and you and me included. So I would argue no, they're not already in Heaven, the hadith seems to contradict the Quran.
  10. Walaikum as Salaam, My personal take on this, is that Shaytan was apart of Allah's SWT plan to complete freewill in his servants. Adam AS I don't believe was a servant/prophet/human until he was baptized with free will, this fruit was the means of doing that. Humans are incomplete without free will and the power to know what is bad, Good and Evil must exist together, never one alone. They contrast each other and thus define each other. Adam AS was not a Prophet, until he had knowledge/Revelation in other words, wisdom of his mistake. He was ignorant of the other side, therefore sinless. But now he learned. The Qu'ran says He taught man that which they did not know. And defines humans apart from Jinn/Angels as beings who know the names of things. Just my personal take.
  11. Would you mind showing us the video or linking it here? I don't know Farsi, but it may be helpful to illustrate your point.
  12. A very good point taken. There should be a line between slander/criticism well defined. And it should be established first what is slander when someone says one is slandering. Though it seems certain "followers" of Sayed Sadiq Shirazi seemed to be proven as slanderers according to some afore-posted videos - which of course is not implicating of Shrazi himself of slandering nor of his disposition. Which I wonder, is Shirazi aware there are those who claim to follow him (which also in a sense represent him), that slander in the way they do? It's such a dangerous thing to be a respected figure and have followers who act outside of what you would preach/teach.
  13. Mr

    If you're asking in hypothetical sense how does one literally convert to Islam, then all one must do is testify (while sincerely believing) There is only one God and Muhammad is the final messenger; you must believe in the Torah and Bible as previous revelations of God. You must believe in Angels, Jinns, Satan, and The day of Judgement. Not that @notme's answer wasn't sufficient, I think everyone should Read the Qu'ran but its hard to without knowing context, and to internalize the entire book. The best and earliest muslims who converted, were those who barely knew 3 or 10 verses/chapters that were revealed at first and they converted during the lifetime of Muhammad, in Islam's infancy. If you want to go for the perspective/Wow bang factor for what was influential to Ancient Arabian Jews/Christians/Pagans who converted to Islam during the first set of revealed verses of the Qu'ran, then I suggest following reading the verses in the order below (also if you don't feel like reading 300+ some odd pages, these in my opinion are a non-tedious essential quick reads one can look up online with ease: Revelation Order Surah Number Surah Name Arabic Name Total Verses Revelation Place 1 96 Alaq 19 Macca 2 68 Qalam 52 Macca 3 73 Muzammil 20 Macca 4 74 Mudathir 56 Macca 5 1 Fatehah 7 Macca 6 111 Lahab 5 Macca 7 81 Takwir 29 Macca Surah's are Chapters, Verses are well, verses.
  14. Salaam all, Interesting topic, especially into a realm of Shiasm/politics I've not heard before. I read a bit, not much concerning the post and to be honest I don't think I qualify to speak about much except I'm confused about something, please help me understand. If Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi or his followers, are seen publicly disparaging other prominent scholars/leaders in the Shia realm (along with their struggle towards to support Palestine) and it's recorded/known, yet people are on here saying we shouldn't say or accuse others/slander ------ My question is why isn't the focus on discrediting the credibility/merit of those Shirazi followers (not Shirazi if its not proven he's slandered) for disparaging and slandering other scholars? Why are people here saying we shouldn't slander scholars who they themselves are slandering others, why are they any better or different? Shouldn't we shake our heads in disdain for any "scholar"/Imam/leader who publicly slanders/accuses/curses others who are respected Shia' as well? I mean, if we're to follow Ideal Sunnah/AhlulBait akhlaq in Islam, isn't that the indicator that that person is untrustworthy for Knowledge/wisdom?
  15. I thought it was implied in my reply when I stated " However Frank, you make an astute point in that many Arab/Persian/South Asian muslims, Sunni/Shia alike are tribalistic and prejudiced/ and perhaps very obsessed with race and lineage. To a great fault. And neither of those hold importance or consequence. " Islamically, there is no significance in blood lines. Sunnis, the majority branch of Islam does not believe in Blood line significance in their theology and argue for democracy (although we all know how many Sunni run countries are hypocrites in that fashion). Luckily, the majority of Sunni's (I can't say for Shia's because I do not know enough and have no integrated well enough) don't care for intermarriage between Sayyid/non Sayyid, half of them hardly understand or care about the lineages let alone know about them. It's a non sequitur to state something such as " a regime where non-sayyids are supposed to die out because they are considered inferior, just like non-muslims? " Because assuming this scenario some how plays out, a muslim population full of sayyids are still going to be people with faults, make mistakes, kill each other, divide, and really not make the world a better place. Also muslims were non muslims before they were muslims, attributing inferiority/superiority makes no rational sense. In the Qu'ran, "non-muslims" aren't non-believers, nor are they doomed to certain hell. See below The following are verses from the Quran regarding Christians, Jews, and the groups who received revelation . Quran 3:113-115 They are not [all] the same; among the People of the Scripture is a community standing [in obedience], reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating [in prayer]. They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and they enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and hasten to good deeds. And those are among the righteous. And whatever good they do - never will it be removed from them. And Allah is Knowing of the righteous. Quran 5:69 says (Arberry): “Surely they that believe, and those of Jewry, and the Christians, and those Sabeaans, whoso believes in God and the Last Day, and works righteousness–their wage waits them with their Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow 5:82. ” . . . and you will find the nearest in love to the believers [Muslims] those who say: ‘We are Christians.’ That is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud.” But if the enemies incline towards peace, do you also incline towards peace. And trust in God! For He is the one who hears and knows all things.” (8:61) The Quran chapter “The Cow,” 2:190, says, “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! God loveth not aggressors.” There is no compulsion in religion. The right way has become distinct from error.” (-The Cow, 2:256) And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness.”[5:8] 4:94 O you who have believed, when you go forth [to fight] in the cause of Allah , investigate; and do not say to one who gives you [a greeting of] peace "You are not a believer," aspiring for the goods of worldly life; for with Allah are many acquisitions. You [yourselves] were like that before; then Allah conferred His favor upon you, so investigate. Indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted. So I would caution that you dispel these preconceived notions of inferiority/superiority being attributed to muslims between other non-muslims. If you ever get that impression, it isn't representative of Islam nor it's teachings, just that individuals ignorance. Just as Christians/Jews/Hindus etc. have been plagued with individuals ignorant about their faith, islam is no exception. We all want to carry the name muslim, Christian, Jew, etc., but we are terrible manifesting their teachings in our actions and behaviors and being consistent with them.