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  1. Converting to Islam

    Be strong in the choices you make. Every decision you make in life there will be someone that will disagree. Do not be disrespectful to your father if he does not agree but make your decision clear to him. Over time he will soften up speak to him and show him how this decision you are making is the right one. You may have a rough time but nothing good comes easy. The most important is to be patient, strong and not to break. I hope and pray that all will go well. You are in my prayers.
  2. Moving to Houston

    InshAllah I hope so too. Jazakallah khier for the info
  3. Moving to Houston

    Ws, Thank you I moving to a new place makes me a bit nervous.
  4. Moving to Houston

    Thank you all for your help
  5. Moving to Houston

    Salam alakum I'll be moving to Houston soon and I wanted to know where are some safe places to live. Any addresses of mosques. In general how Houston is for Muslims I don't know anyone in Houston and really need some info about it.
  6. Shia family doesnt like me, help?

    Salam, personally I agree with newtoShia. Ask Allah sw for help take some time look into the truth. I'm sure with Allah sw help the situation will go forward in the best way. At this moment you may be very down and have many thoughts that are making you more confused. My advice be strong. Know that Allah sw never leaves us alone. Gather as many Shia books read them speak to scholars and if in the end you still see that it has not helped. You know that you tried your best. Also in the mean time try to speak more with her family understand them more. The best thing is to put your trust in Allah sw. Constantly ask him to give you what is the best for you. No one is more powerful and stronger than him. I hope everything works out for you guys.