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  1. Salaam It's not just about the original posting. The subsequent posts are very offensive too. He didn't change his point until some of the brothers objected. This point should be noted.
  2. @ali_fatheroforphans Salaam brother. Totally agree with you. Every family and every woman is different. I do think it's important for men and women to provide for themselves and cook/clean. Lots of people end up living on their own for various reasons. We should all make sure we can make it on our own just in case
  3. Stop repeating yourself. If you don't have ANYTHING ELSE to say stop wasting posts.
  4. Don't worry about my tone. Stop generalizing us. Your words are very offensive
  5. Ask what mosque he goes to
  6. I don't appreciate your rude comments in this post or the original. Don't blame girls if they don't like you/ your friend. Do you think your original post is not offensive? Why do you get to say whatever you want about us but you have a problem with us explaining the reason we reject who we reject. Just because someone proposes does not mean we are going to accept
  7. Salaam Stop generalizing eastern and western. You'e just insulting us. Just because we are born in the west doesn't mean we don't care about our husbands and families. As women we are our own people no matter what country we are from. If western girls don't like you, it's because they know you are not a good match for them. There are personality conflicts. The particular girl just doesn't like you. It's impolite to tell someone you don't like anything about them so we say this. Sometimes we just don't like you. Go for someone else. Fix your attitude problem
  8. Jewelry. - What do you wear?

    It does not look pretty. They freak me out. Wear an aqeeq and call it a day please!
  9. Jewelry. - What do you wear?

    Salaam First part: what's that? Second part: no I wear aqeeq, dur e Najaaf, feroz, yaqoot. I also have the threads we touch the zaris with in ziyarat.
  10. Everyhing is instant now a days Fine....
  11. When did men become so expressive? My dad and brother don't do any of these things
  12. That was a question. Somebody answer me
  13. I am with you on this. Men need to respect boundaries. They flirt too much even in ziyarat and the halal shops. My mom said I act like an aunty
  14. Almost. We are planning engagement and marriage right now. Physical after nikkah only.
  15. Girlfriend and fiance are not the same. I don't think he gets that. This relationship will remain halal until nikkah. He didn't say how many past relationships. But I highly doubt it's a lot. He actually told me that girls like me would not pay attention to him. I don't think I am similar to the other girls he has complimented.