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  1. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    It’s dangerous too. She doesn’t know who this guy is except he’s creepy guy from store. sister if it happens again don’t answer. Walk away and look annoyed. If he still does it tell him it makes you uncomfortable and to stop he probably thinks he’s just making conversation or customer service kind of thing
  2. Hashim sisters

    Their videos are terrible
  3. Salaam all are Shias allowed to participate in Valentine’s Day? please provide sources thank you Wasalam
  4. confused about my job

    If it bothers you that much find another more suitable job first and then quit this one.
  5. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    I am pro beard. The thick ones look the best
  6. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Yes it is. And humans are humans. Male or female
  7. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    The girls need to make a decision: take off hijab for a man that doesn’t respect them and their choices or agree to remove hijab and live with the guilt.
  8. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Nobody says anything about men not being pious enough because they don’t have a beard or a lighter beard. Quite frankly hijab or no hijab, everyone has their own level of faith
  9. When did men stop being men

    Me too. I thought this was going to be about the feminization of men.
  10. Do looks matter to you

    You guys are missing my point. I did not say they have to be extremely good looking or that looks is the only criteria. what I am saying is looks do matter. To be blunt it would be hard to have kids with someone you find very unattractive. Maybe you guys haven’t been in a situation like this
  11. Do looks matter to you

    To all of the people on this thread that think it’s okay to be so rude about my opinion: think about what I am saying. you have to like and respect the person you marry amongst other criteria you may have. Looks are not everything but they are important. That’s life. We have all had proposals from people we did not find compatible with us. Proposals get rejected and accepted all the time. all I am saying is that sometimes the appearance is an issue. Not being attracted to your spouse makes it difficult to emotionally connect with them. That’s not a good foundation for a marriage. on a side note, practice the akhlaq you guys lecture about. Your responses are very rude. We are people. Have some manners
  12. Do looks matter to you

    It’s not about getting the best looking person. Attraction is necessary. You can’t marry and have children with someone you find very unattractive. Obviously we all take precaution to ensure we avoid haram. To me, this is an extra precaution like going to a halal restaurant instead of subway or something.
  13. Do looks matter to you

    You are beyond rude. This is a forum for discussion not insults.
  14. Do looks matter to you

    I’m a girl lol I'm being realistic so I can avoid haram
  15. Do looks matter to you

    If someone is very unattractive to me I would be tempted so I would rather take precaution