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  1. Both men and women part. I am so glad I am a girl and go to an all women's gym
  2. Dear guys-why you all so stylish?

    I like the fade and the stylish beards. Keep it up Brothers
  3. Why am i so ugly

    @Zahraa_kassir Salaam Alaikum sister Reading your post truly hurt my heart. No one should feel the way you do or have people especially parents call them ugly. Allah swt has blessed us all with beauty in some form. Here is practical advice to you sister. 1. Go to the salon. Get a nice haircut and get your eyebrows done. Take care of your skin. If you wear glasses get contacts. 2. Elegance. Learn to be graceful. There are books and YouTube videos. 3. Read. Educate yourself in things you can talk about with others. Good conversation skills are important. 4. This one is the most important. You are beautiful. Allah swt made you. The Almighty has not created anything ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never stop believing in Allah swt. Take care
  4. Our religious educational institutions and mosques need to provide the foundation to combat this. Parents need to parent
  5. @DigitalUmmah There is something seriously wrong with the Muslim community. It's as if people are embracing haram acts to 'normalize themselves. Sell outs. Stand up for Islam not haram. It's like those people that westernized their names. Mo = Mohammed. Abbas = Bob. Selling their souls
  6. I am tired of people acting like these things are okay. They are not. They are haram for a reason. What is wrong with our society that these things have become normal topics?
  7. Salaam Alaikum everyone Every time I look at the forums a new post regarding someone committing masturbation is posted. It's the same question. Same answer. And it's like this for other haram acts too. Please explain to me why you are unable to pick up a book, check your Ayatollahs guidelines or heaven forbid read the other 50 posts from the other people that don't exercise self control? Minors, non-muslims and women are on here. Think before you post. Wasalaam
  8. That's completely unfair and selfish. Everyone has the right to live their life and be happy. You should want all of your siblings to be happy even if they are younger than you.
  9. @kulthoom_blossom Salaam Alaikum Sister. The posts in this thread are way too long and you guys need to summarize. But seriously, you need to do what is best for you. The people in your life have their own insecurities that are their issue. They are projecting their issues onto you and that is not okay and borderline selfish. I hope you keep contact with this guy. Don't talk less to him etc he will think you don't like him or were just being a player. You sincerely like him. Go for it or you will lose him. Also your sister needs to be more practical. Good luck!
  10. @araza04 Salaam Alaikum brother. I just went to ziyarat as well. Some girls were desperately praying for a husband and telling the rest of us how hard it is to find someone. They constantly talk about it It probably got in your sister's head. She's probably worried that she will end up alone. The guy is obviously using her and is really sketchy. Set her up with a matchmaker or get her involved in Muslim activities with both genders so she can find someone else. These will distract her and hopefully get her a good husband. If all else fails, send her to hawza j/k
  11. Sushi

    I thought this was going to be about food. Disappointed.
  12. You're right. Honestly I am not an emotional person at all. Not a single tear for anyone except Maula Hussain AS. Like Sayyed Ammar says we sometimes need ziyara to reconnect with our nafs and deen. Life in the West is so fast. We lose ourselves.
  13. I'm a girl Thank you brother. Inshallah I will. Ziyara truly increases our Imaan. May Allah swt bless us all with an invitation to ziyara. Ameen.
  14. Salaams everyone When I am on ziyara and when I come back home, I am overwhelmed with grief for Imam Hussain AS. I feel sad all the time. Even quenching my thirst with water makes me cry. The mere mention of Imam Hussain AS name brings me to tears. I can't recited ziyarat ashura without being in tears. Seeing the iraqis suffer, the Shaheed being brought into the harams and how materialistic we are has become emotionally too much. How do I get out of this state of mind? I don't want to be sad all the time. Thanks Wasalaam
  15. I don't think it's our religion that doesn't make sense. It's how we have misused it to our own benefit. Hijab police, akhlaq police and now wajibaat police. Sad.