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  1. Switch schools. Apply to university if that's where you want to go. You might even get credits for the courses you have taken. Everyone has their hardships even if it's keeping up appearances. On a side note, my parents encouraged me to pursue stereotypically feminine careers like nursing and hairstylist. I ignored them. Went to university of my choice and pursued the career I wanted. I pay for my own stuff so no one can tell me what to do.
  2. @Sinan Clear your doubts brother. Get to know her in a halal way. She could be the one that got away. No regrets if you investigate. Don't let this hang over you.
  3. When the men proposing learn to be polite and treat me like a person I'll agree. Beauty isn't everything and it's insulting to be treated like a piece of meat.
  4. That's true for anywhere in the middle east lol
  5. They are super helpful and polite in ziyarat and at the mosque. Also really good at explaining the food and beverages at the hotels even though they are guests too
  6. Salad bags, hummus and carrots helped me stay full. Go for a walk/cardio everyday for 30 mins.
  7. Yes then went to ziyarat for the first time. Felt a peacefulness in my heart.
  8. Iran and iraq. Care to join me? J/k
  9. April Inshallah.
  10. I am going through Dubai, but I am proudly Canadian
  11. Not really. Just put a long cardigan over your outfit or buy a size up. Hi lo (longer in the back) shirts and sweaters are still being sold. Get creative
  12. I don't discriminate. They're all nice
  13. Thank you. Someone asked him about his wife as I was walking towards him. He told them she is out of town right now. He doesn't know I was there. I stayed further away. I was a bit teary eyed and didn't want him or anyone else to see.
  14. Salaams everyone Long story short: I found out a man that was interested in me is married and just does not wear a ring. AlhamduIlilah I found out today by accident when I heard someone ask him about his wife. He didn't know I heard and has no idea I know. I have blocked and stopped all communication with him. I will not speak to him ever again. I'm really hurt that he implied he was single and led me on like this. How is anyone supposed to tell if someone is married if they don't wear a ring? Sisters please do your homework on the men you let into your life. Brothers please wear your wedding ring. Wasalaam
  15. Please refrain. It's creepy. A compliment here or there is fine but showering with compliments will freak her out. You need to establish a connection first. Be polite and courteous. Find out what you have on common. Don't just compliment on appearance. Compliment on skill and intelligence too. Good luck brother! Inshallah you find someone special.