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  1. Man demonstrating controlling animals with chi

    I need this guy. Sometimes I'm not able to sleep at night.
  2. Salaam brother @Shogun Here is correct Arabic and translation of Namaaz from Ayatullah Sistani's website: https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2232/
  3. Kid in a candy store?

    Gadgets store. I want them all
  4. Umar's letter to Mouwiya

    A similar letter is also there in the book Sulaym ibn Qays.
  5. Abi talib

    Correction: We believe he wasn't kafir at first place.
  6. Hz Abu Talib (as)

    @Hameedeh Listen from 17th minute.
  7. Arbae'en 2017 - Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s.)

    Most of the traditions below is taken from Kamiluz Ziyaraat and Beharul Anwaar.
  8. It is the ardent desire of every Shia to visit the Holy shrines of their immaculate Imam (a.s.). Most of us had that opportunity before and will visit them again, Insha Allah while there are many who will go to them soon. Making your presence in front of them requires more of a sincerity, love and passion alongwith recognition of their rights. Arbae'en is near and it is the best opportunity for each one of us to call out labbaik. Those yearning for the Ziyarat of Ab'a Abdillah should take a step ahead and start with preparations, as in: Do I have my passport ready? Is it nearing expiry? Procedure for obtaining visa (Tour operator will take care if you are going with Qafela) Applying for leaves in office in advance. What about my finances? If it is less, how can I arrange extra amount? Which tour operators should I go with? Any other obstacles/hurdles, etc. Please note this thread is not for debating on any particular aspect or method or rewards of Ziyarat but a means to get ourselves prepared for it. The rewards and merits of Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s.) is much more than can be outlined here. I'll mention but a few traditions to get an overview of it's great virtue, in the next post. You are welcome to present ahadith and how are you going to take part in Arbae'en this year.
  9. New to Shia Islam

    Alaikas Salaam brother, Welcome to Seratul Mustaqeem. Although I haven't attended this online course but I can see it has very organized and step-by-step education model. https://www.almuntazaruniversity.com/?page=index
  10. #10 Battle Poll

    Jamal would be a real test. In karbala it was clear who was on the right path and who was a tyrant and usurper. But in Jamal, common people were confused between wife of Prophet (sawa) and successor of Prophet (sawa). I would be chopping off enemies i.e. Engage in combat.
  11. RIP ShiaChat (1998-2017)

    There are 2 more variations now. 500 error and connection timed out.
  12. Las Vegas shooting

    It could be ISIS attack but remember they will claim anything.
  13. Las Vegas shooting

    Yep. These terrorists are actually mentally unstable.