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  1. Conversion

    Alaikas Salaam brother, Welcome to the straight path (Sirat al-Mustaqeem) Feel free to ask your query.
  2. going against the Quran

    That's all I was talking about. We will one or the other reasons to bring someone down. That person may be culprit, may not be. That's why I'm asking for an academic discussion in the light of Quran and Ahadith.
  3. going against the Quran

    People are matured enough here to understand 'I'll not curse your revered figures publicly, but privately' thing. The reason this discussion comes up because of brothers like you insisting complete forbidding of a wajib act. Never happening Insha Allah.
  4. Ayatollah Sistani (HA) Opinion on Tattoos ?

    You should not edit other's quote like I edited yours. Thanks.
  5. going against the Quran

    Brother, I'm no fan of Shirazis but if they are cursing enemies of Ahlulbait (ams) openly then I'm sure they have something to back it up. It would not be wise to completely dismiss their words, rather it should be academically discussed. I would be more than happy if there's a thread discussing, in a respectful manner, permissibility of cursing publicly (and to what extent). Along with recognizing, we should express with words. We have to speak against the enemies of Ahlulbait (ams) as we speak against America and Israel. Infact, the three people you're talking about has ocean worth of share in world's chaos today.
  6. going against the Quran

    I'm not sure what history and hadith holds her with regards to her being adulteress, therefore I'm not commenting on that. However, we have ahadith for cursing. Leave alone sunnis, there are shias who hold her in high regards. Being prophet's wife doesn't do good of she's against Imam of the time. There's no favoritism in Islam. 100 percent sure our Prophet (sawa) would approve.
  7. going against the Quran

    I don't know about adultress and other things but she cannot be respected. One who has fought and oppressed a Ma'soom cannot be held in high regards. Imam Ali (a.s.) left her alive in the battle of Jamal doesn't mean he respected her but it was out of his wisdom. May be, that could be a legitimate excuse for his enemies to attack Imam Ali (a.s.) and his shias again. If it was due to respect he would have not said in sermon against her, what all he said. Being mother of the believers means, in fiqh, no one can marry her. That's all. Being a wife of the prophet doesn't give her a free pass.
  8. Not sure where to start from. This Islamic pulse videos are Jokes (most of the time). Their precedent is weak and subsequent reasons flawed. It seems this guy (and his team) have the world view as black and white and not able to see the vast spectrum in the middle. I, myself, sometimes feel that Shirazis have someone's backing but there's absolute zero evidence to believe they actually have. Only because they are against Wilayat al-faqih and pro-tatbir and curse out loud, it is immature to label them 'agents'. About tawhidi, everyone knows. The 'research team' did a good job reaching out to Qom and not thinking about Najaf. The conclusion that not believing or praising Sayed Ali Khamenei or having a different thought process makes someone Anti-Iran is dumb and shows narrow vision. These guys criticized Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani because he touched on sensitive feelings of their 'brothers in Islam' and called terrorists, a terrorist but 'Marg bar Amrika' (I know what it means) is fine because Amrika is Iran's enemy. Enemies of Iran > Enemies of Ahlulbait (ams) ? How these guys criticize those not in favour of shia-sunni unity but themselves makes such videos to fracture shia-shia unity. Strange, why none of the members noticed the last part of the video. Comparing Sayed Ali Khamenei to Imam Ali (a.s.)? Really?. 1000s of Pious scholars combined cannot be compared to the dust of the feet of Imam Ali (a.s.).
  9. Answer requested a.s.a.p. pork, work

    Salaam brother, It's seems you're a part of delivery process. Consult a local aalim for a confirm answer.
  10. Ill thoughts about holy ahlulbayt a.s.

    Alaikas Salaam Sister, This seems to be shaitan's whisper. Whenever you get that kind of thought again just try and think something else immediately. Say La hawla wala kuwwata illa billah often.
  11. Choosing a Maraja!

    Biradar, the penultimate sentence I quoted wasn't proper as it gave incorrect impression of Sayed Ali Khamenei is in place of Imam Mahdi (atfs) therefore I thought to clarify him. Those new to the Islam visiting the thread can form opinions which can be dangerous to their Aqaed.
  12. Choosing a Maraja!

    Here. Imam Mahdi (atfs) is there. No one can take the responsibility which has on the shoulders of Imame Zamana (atfs). Marajas are mere representatives.
  13. Choosing a Maraja!

    Salaam Sister, A hadith is from the Present Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, peace be upon him, who said in a reply to Ishaq ibn Ya'qub: "As far as newly occurring circumstances are concerned, you should turn (for guidance) to the narrators of our ahadith, for they are my proof over you just as I am Allah's proof." ( Shaykh at-Tabarsi, al-Ihtijaj, vo. 2, Najaf 1966, p. 283. ) After Imame Zamana (atfs) went into greater occultation, there was no direct representative to Imame Zamana (atfs), so the people used to refer books of the scholars of that time such as Shaikh Saduq, Shaikh Tusi, etc. or ask them directly. As time went and there arose new issues everyday, a new system of ijtehad was developed and later it evolved further to become present day Taqleed (following/imitating). It doesn't mean that it is wajib on every single individual to do taqleed rather he has 3 options: either be a Mujtahid (jurist) himself, capable of inferring and deducing from the religious sources and evidence; (that includes years and decades of full time study in different subjects) or if he is neither a Mujtahid nor a follower (Muqallid), he should act on such precaution which should assure him that he has fulfilled his religious obligation. or if he is not a Mujtahid himself, he should follow one, i.e. he should act according to the verdicts (Fatwa) of the Mujtahid; That being said one has the task at hand to decide who is to be chosen as one's maraja (mujtahid). For that also there are 3 ways to identify the most learned mujtahid also known as A'alam; by his own personal knowledge if he is himself a religious scholar; by the testimony of two `adil, knowledgeable persons to someone's being a mujtahid; by a degree of popularity which leaves no doubt as to a person's being a mujtahid. The most popular and most followed maraja (a'alam) in today's time is Sayed Sistani without any doubt. EDIT: Taqleed is to be done only in fiqh i.e. Namaz, Roza, hajj, Zakat, khums, etc. Taqleed is haraam in Aqaed (beliefs) i.e. Tawheed, Adl, Prophethood, Imamat, Qayamat.
  14. Choosing a Maraja!

    Salaam brother, Imame Zamana (atfs) is present and in occultation. During this time, marajas are only his representative and not replacement. A fallible cannot replace infallible.