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  1. Sirius_Bright


    After midnight time is better but it is allowed to pray after Isha. (According to Sayed Ali Sistani) 782. A traveller (i.e. one on a journey), and a person who finds it difficult to offer Namaz-e-Shab after midnight, can offer it before midnight. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2207/
  2. Sirius_Bright

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    With the purpose of getting 'closer to God' they end up doing deviant practices. eg: Everything is Allah or I'm God (Nauzobillah). And prior to that our Aimma (ams) has disapproved their sect and called them allies of devils so no question going against member of holy household (pbut)
  3. Sirius_Bright

    Bin Salman was shot?

    Just an image can be misleading. I hope this is MBS on bier departing to hell. Edit: I got this. It is from 2011 of one of the crown prince. Damn.. https://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2011/oct/25/saudiarabia
  4. Sirius_Bright

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    I think it's okay to build a tomb if it was a great personality. We cannot approve an action from other than the teachings of Ahlulbait (ams). Be it a care taker of a mausoleum or scholar of a religion he just cannot innovate in religion.
  5. Sirius_Bright


    Sure. We have recommended prayers specific for everyday in the month of Ramazan in Mafatih ul Jinan. You can pray that but not in congregation.
  6. Sirius_Bright


    Correct. But brother Islamic Salvation's post explains it.
  7. Sirius_Bright


    I never talked about insulting. All my discussion was related to 'La'anah'. The authentic tradition of Dawood bin Sarhan should help in matter of insulting.
  8. Sirius_Bright

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    I know some elements of sufism have made it's way into shi'ism but does that make sufism a right thing?. No, it doesn't.
  9. Sirius_Bright


    Yes, you can pray 4 rakats of fajr, 8 rakats of Zohr, 6 rakats of Isha. More prayers should be a positive thing. Right?
  10. Sirius_Bright

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    What mausoleum's have you seen. Can you elaborate?
  11. Sirius_Bright


    Search the tradition of Dawood bin Sarhan.
  12. Sirius_Bright


    Thanks for accept that. It is Tabarrah (bara'at/dissociation) against America and Israel. Isn't this hypocrisy that you scream your lungs out doing tabarrah against your enemy in public, in front of cameras but you have problem with people doing Tabarrah against enemies of Ahlulbait (ams) inside four walls. I understand you don't have much of arguments to make but it would be better for you to keep personal insults out of this. No doubt, your statement above bespeak your ignorance.
  13. Sirius_Bright

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    But shia school do not adhere to sufi school. Brother, there are some harsh riwayat against sufism and we should stay as far as we can. Spirituality, as taught by Ahlulbait (alaihimus salaam) is enough for us.
  14. Sirius_Bright

    Meds during Fasting ?

    I believe you or that person should contact Ayatullah Sistani or his wakeel. Polls are generally opinions and would not help in fiqh.
  15. Sirius_Bright


    Anything causing fitna is not allowed in Islam. This things are also not supposed to be discussed on a public forum. Just understand that this kind of mehfil happens to celebrate the death of enemies of Ahlulbait (ams). We do celebrate death of terrorists like Osama bin laden and Saddam openly but for the enemies of Ahlulbait (ams) even close gatherings comes under question. I'm astonished.