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  1. With due respect, a fallible's opinion doesn't hold any weight in front of infallible's action. By this logic, he should have killed the first 3 tyrant as well.
  2. Rape by cop

    Until the victim forgives her oppressor, Allah won't forgive him. That's Hukukun naas (Rights of the people).
  3. Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Just Desi things Never reject a High-Five Remember H2O2 Joke
  4. Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    @sidnaq will like this
  5. WHO Changed Things Agan' ?

    That was quick
  6. WHO Changed Things Agan' ?

    1. Number of post count of a member or 'Banned' status is not visible while browsing from phone. 2. I can see a new thing as 'Recent posts throughout Shiachat', it's a good one but you need not axe recent topics. 3. Bring back that recent topics because someone's important question/topic will be buried under piled up recent posts within minutes. 4. More themes can be added in the future including blue that was default before last to last update.
  7. WHO Changed Things Agan' ?

    @Reza Is this the right place for a couple of suggestions regarding the new changes?
  8. Thoughts 2017

    Happy Independence Day to all my desi brothers and sisters across the globe.
  9. Is it okay to download torrent?

    To be honest, it's not cent percent clear to me. Therefore I pasted all the questions that might benefit you. Also, after pondering a bit, I can comprehend that you cannot crack a software or sell a pirated copy of one but you can use them. God knows best.
  10. Is it okay to download torrent?

    Alaikas Salaam brother, 1Question: What is the ruling on copying computer software, movies, audio CDs and other such things, which bear the wording “All Rights Reserved” or “Copyright”? Does this rule apply equally to Muslim made products and those made by non-Muslim individuals or companies? Answer: Copyrights must be respected; it is not permissible to copy a software product, if it is against the law. Copyrights 2Question: A lot of Islamic books and softwarehave copyrights on them. What is the Islamic view of copyrights? If I photocopy a book or duplicate a CD with a copyright am I doing a sin? Answer: It is permissible, per se, to make personal use of such copyrighted books and software. Copyrights 3Question: Can I use cracked CD software? Answer: If someone else has cracked the software, you can use it. Copyrights 4Question: Is it permissible to sell CDs and pirated software? Answer: If it is against the law, it is not permissible but you can use them. https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/search/11137/
  11. India:60 deaths over 5 days without Oxygen :(

    Dude, why don't you understand. I'm neither defending Yogi nor accusing him. You need to have a concrete proof before naming someone. You can definitely suspect but not accuse anyone just based on your assumptions. Furthermore, political parties do not miss a single opportunity to name and shame their opposition. Yogi Adityanath is no innocent and the amount of grudge he has against Muslims is no secret. Also a shia journalist saying something does not definitely make it truth.
  12. India:60 deaths over 5 days without Oxygen :(

    Just because he visited the spot few days earlier doesn't make him accused. So yes, I ain't sure. Please bring a solid proof if you have and everyone will believe. It could well be someone else's negligence.
  13. India:60 deaths over 5 days without Oxygen :(

    I mean, the people who didn't pay the bills or were quite lazy to have routine check. The hospital authorities could be guilty. We aren't sure about CM of UP, are we? He got a clean chit in this world for his crime, where will he go in Akhirat. Allah is just.
  14. India:60 deaths over 5 days without Oxygen :(

    Very sad news. The people behind this tragedy should be prosecuted.
  15. WHO Changed Things Agan' ?

    The changes seems good at first sight. I hope you guys sorted out 504 also.