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  1. I'd live in capitalism/usa because it allows me to believe in what i want, communism opresses religions.
  2. Introverts - The Good! The Bad!

    how can you know that people here are more introverts?
  3. I read about a near death experience in which a christian boy dies and meet Allah instead of Jesus Christ and convert to Islam. I read last year I guess about near death experiences and in most cases people who died see the heaven or God accordingly to their religion in most cases.
  4. @Reza when it happened to me, the people who were rude to me, where great with others.... in front of me. For example I have a cousin, who treats really well my father and let me know crearly in front of all how much he dislike me.
  5. "...Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated..."

    Malachi 1:2-3

  6. Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    if I have a pic that is not a meme, for example a beautiful landscape, can I post it?
  7. What Lies Hidden in the Vatican secret library?

    it's similar to the movie angels and demons, they have documents that were confiscated by catholic church during the middle age, that were scientific, like writings about that the earth was not flat or about the gravity that some scientists discovered, also documents that said that the catholic wasn't the right religion, also like esoteric writings,alchemy writings, forbidden books for that age or mainly scientific writtings. Also really important books, like important discoveries of that time that could have been a great contribution to humankind no matter if they weren't related to the adversary, or affect the catholic church at all.
  8. Why it seems like the "bad" Girl gets the Guy

    Well, I think that the person that can be a true infidel is the one who can take off partners, if the person can not, it means that he or she has to be a believer... I'm kidding you again, just joking. I've noticed that at least in this country, people hate the ones who like to give alms to people, they say that is because people who beg are swindlers that either have a lot of money and don't need to beg or are just people that don't want to work. And some people look at me bad when I give (sometimes not always), and I say s"#~w y/u, I don't have to live like they want me to live, I'm not your puppet in which you can decide how I should live, what I should say. I'm free not a robot. I respect if they have reasons for not giving but it's my bussiness if I want to give or not. And in all english classes I was, when there was conversational classes only, they picked up that topic about beggars and why we should give and even at the end of one class the teacher turned to me and said: "Now you see that we shouldn't give, you're not going to do it again, right?" and I said to him: "Of course I'm going to keep giving, if you don't want, don't do it, but I want to"
  9. well by the time the gang stalking or the stares stuff happened to me, I was catholic, so I guess I looked normal, like her but without the scarf.
  10. Fed up

    I don't know, perhaps you should change of school, we all people have to cross our paths with bad people sometimes in life, they don't deserve you and take that for granted. If you know you have a clear conscience everything will be ok. Don't worry for them, someday they will pay what they do. I once saw that too, there was a girl who was really rude, mistreated so much their friends and despite of that they keep with her.
  11. Sidnaq made clear that she looks normal, and speaks normally.
  12. I live in Bogota Colombia, and it has happened to me too, I don't know if as strong as yours, but I think it had happened to me, most of people look down on me or behave strange on the street, but not all people, just some. When I was catholic, I used to be very fervent, pray and believed a lot, and I used to have a lot of faith too, anyway it happened to me although I was christian, nowadays I suspect that is was gang stalking. I also think it's not normal what happened to you, it's possible that all of them are asian or jews , racially jews not believing in judaism openly, and if they give you bad stares, well, pay them with the same coin. Some people are just jerks trying to check who is weak or who allow them to bully them, you know, they want to bully those with weak personality.
  13. Hello/Salam I'm writting because I want to know if somebody here knows [edit] my question is if someone knows if there's a shia community in korea or just sunni. thank you so much.
  14. Why dont christian women

    nuns are of Catholic branch only, protestan christians or Jehova witnesses don't have nuns, just the catholic religion, and they dress in that way, similar to the burka, (with a long black "dress" that doesn't notice any part of the body) to not cause desire in men or carnal lust. Nuns were women normal catholic who decided to serve God all their lives, and they live and eat in the churches, they never work in their lives and they spend the time pray several times a day, they can also be teachers in catholic schools, study and other things plus praying, but their rank in the catholic church is very low because they're women (it's true, just because they are women). Men who want to serve God are priests and can escalate in the hierarchy until be a Pope, women can't escalate so much and, a woman can't be a pope. The money that catholic church has mantein them and the priests too, and niether the priests nor the nuns can marry a man or a woman (accordingly) and have children, I mean priests and nuns never get married and thus they never have children; it is supposed that they die being virgin or at least they don't have sex ever again once they become nuns or priests. In a nutshell, is the mandatory clothing or the supossed clothing that match with what they do in their lives, like living in modesty, helping orphans, serving God, trying to please God, being humble,being subservient ... Protestant christians or normal catholic women don't dress in that way, because catholics don't feel atachment to their religions nowadays and they believe in God and the religion but don't dedicate their lives to God. They just pray sometimes at home, attend church sometimes (in the past it was every sunday and it was used to pray more often both genders, nowadays very few people go every sunday). For example in the past during the holy week, people didn't listen to music during that week, and speak very low, they didn't work either, because the respect to that week was atonishing, nowadays most of believers just care about resting and vacation during that week. All above is the neutral-standard-official answer to the question, the following is my opinion. Protestant christian women don't cover their hairs just because they don't want, they say that yes, that the bible says that, but that no, that they're not going to do it.