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  1. Ghadeer e Khum

    As Salaamu alaikum, Every Shia worthy of the name is familiar with the famous speech delivered by Rasoolu Lillah a.s. at Ghadeer e Khum. Have you heard that Imam Ali a.s. also delivered a similar speech at Ghadeer as well? I came across an English translation of a speech allegedly delivered by Imam Ali a.s. at Ghadeer e Khum. I would appreciate it if you would please let me know if this bit of history is authentic or not. If it is, why do you think this information is not commonly spoken and written about by our Shia Ulema? Or perhaps this speech delivered by Imam Ali a.s. is not authentic, which would explain why this issue is not a popular subject; Nonetheless, please read the document at: http://www.wilayatmission.org/Khutba/ghadeer_eng.pdf. Also, did you know that the Holy Prophet originally had planned to deliver the speech he delivered at Ghadeer e Khum on the day of Arafa? And that the reason he didn't do so was because the elite among the Khoraish caused such a violent uproar of heated opposition, the Holy Prophet pbuh was forced to postphone what he desperately wanted to tell the people at Mecca, until he arrived at Ghadeer? In other words, what was done at Ghadeer a week later could have been delivered at Arafah. I was not aware of this until a few days ago after listening to one of the Qazwini Sheikhs mention this in one of his lectures. If you know anything about this topic please let me know. Shukrun, Ahmad
  2. Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman

    What did the Imams say or believe concerning the first three caliphs and Where can I find in English the true stated positions of any of our 12 Imams concerning the Shaikain and Uthman.
  3. Umar Ibn al Khatab

    @Ahmad Sabour As Salaamu alaikum. I would like for anyone out there to provide information on whether it is true that the 2nd Khalif had all the inhabitants of a town massacred. I heard a Shia scholar say this but he did not elaborate. If it is true, please provide the information. Shukrun
  4. Moon landing is a hoax?

    AS. I also believe that the moon landing is a hoax as well as the belief in Santa Clause and the official story of the 911 terrorist attacks.
  5. Does anyone know the names of the 12 companions of the Holy Prophet who tried to kill him after the Tabuk campaign and after the Fairwell Pilgrimage?
  6. Asma Bint Umais

    Asma Bint Umais ra. was a great woman and one of the highest women of Taqwah, perfectly matched with one of the greatest Mutaqeen of all time, Jafar ibn abu Talib. [Edit] What troubles me is how and why such a beautiful, selfless woman of God could ever be married to [Edit] Abu Bakr. [Edit] May Allah forgive me if I am wrong in my thinking but Some events in Muslim history are just too disturbing and overwhelming for me to comprehend and this incident is just one of many that I have come across. Could someone out there please help me make sense of this piece of history?
  7. Umar's Letter to Muawiya

    Thank you very much. I look forward to reading your completed translation. Ramadhan Mubaarik!
  8. Apostates In Islam

    All the most ancient texts read ......all except 4. Hopefully the apostacy as despicable as it was was merely a temporary slip and not permanent. Otherwise the tradition continues to not make any sense Im with you. This kufr is a universal phenomenon. An unaualified statement....all except 4......still sounds incredible. But this is not a substantive issue that is a high priority. If I would question the validity of Usooludin and Furooudin, that would certainlt be cause for remorse
  9. Apostates In Islam

    This is exactly my point. For lack of time I did not name names as you did. Now that makes sense to me. However, our ulema should establish a committee of experts to carefully examine these and numerous other anomalies within both Shia and Sunni traditions to avoid the potential confusion and embarrassment that they can cause for those who do not have a solid faith. Otherwise, christians, atheists, and antagonists in general could easily plant seeds of doubts in the minds of our children. Another one of these anomalies is graphically addressed by viewing the following majlis: Thank you for your prompt response. Excuse my ramblings. Ramadhan Mubaarik
  10. Apostates In Islam

    Interesting point you raised. Never read that before: "When we speak of apostasy here, it doesn’t mean that they become Kafer, but it means that instead of following and staying with the values and traditions of the holy prophet, peace be upon him, they returned to the old values they had during Jaliyah." So based on your perspective, then, are you suggesting that the faith of many of the Sahaba who were not included among the 3 or 4 but who were praised and celebrated by our Prophet and Imams a.s. was only "momentarily" nullified and later recovered through their repentence? But even after we account for all those not included among the 3 or 4, still the small number is staggering. In fact, it is rather frightening to me because it compels me to reflect on the integrity of my own imaan. In other words, if 97% abandoned the Holy Prophet, maybe I would have among them. When our Holy Imam Zamaan returns, will I be among those who turn against him even though outwardly I express nothing but love for him. I take nothing for granted. All I can do is pray to Allah that I am not one of his enemies, should I live to see him.
  11. Apostates In Islam

    Thank you for that info. I believe just about 100% of everything that is transmitted. in I have read it before in scattered sources. It is good to have access to it in a condensed manner as you have provided. However, I just cannot come to grips with this notion that all but 3 or 4 became apostate after Rasoolullah's martyrdom (pbuh). 3 or 4 only a small fraction of the number to cover all those luminaries among the faithful Sahaba whom both the Holy Prophet and His Holy Family routinely praised. The only way that this affair could make sense to me is if those other than the 3 or 4 became apostate and then later made taubah and returned to Islam. Other than that, I'm still in a quandary. But thanks again for your your quick and enlightening response.
  12. Umar's Letter to Muawiya

    Thank you. Do you know where I can obtain this English? Do you know anyone who would have the time to translate it?
  13. Apostates In Islam

    No one is arguing with that statistic--at least I'm not. I see nothing illogical or unreasonable about that phenomenon. But to say everyone, including all those so-called great companions (men and women) whom most muslims praise, including our Holy Imams, left the faith except 3 or 4 is historically inaccurate and utterly absurd. People who cannot see this nonsense are not deep thinkers to say the least.
  14. Apostates In Islam

    That makes a lot of sense but not but "everyone going apostate except 3 or 4. I'll challenge ANY scholar worth the name to defend otherwise.