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  1. Marriage Websites

  2. Youth Viewing Porn

    Porn is dumb. Period.
  3. An Evil Person Comes to You With News, Verify it

    Who is considered “an evil one” in islam? Someone practicing, but with bad akhlaq? Someone not practicing at all?
  4. Must a Muslim love God?

    A bit of an odd question. Yes, you would have to love Allah regardless of religion. He made you. He has given you so many blessings.
  5. Can a former false messenger be forgiven?

    Sounds like a disorder of a sort. He may need psychological evaluation.
  6. Question about spousal selection

    I mean, personally for me, if the person and i were engaged, then “your lips look kissable” seems more like a compliment than anything else. But if you’ve just met him, then yeah, that’s too forward and pretty weird. In terms of him complimenting your physical appearance—maybe he’s just more expressive than other people and complimenting you can be a way of saying, “I like you, and I’m also attracted to your face/whatever.” Take the compliment for what it is, because some men won’t even compliment their wives or make them feel loved. Or as Shiaman says, it may be just immaturity. How old is he?
  7. Google the phrase—i can’t say it on here.
  8. I know. That’s not what I’m saying either.
  9. 99.999% of men (and woman) will not change after marriage. This kind of thinking is what gets woman trapped into unhappy marriages most of the time. They keep praying and wishing a guy would change and learn the error of his ways, and several years down the line, when you’ve added a few howlers, they become either too exhausted to care about their husband’s treatment and bad behavior, or they start to resent the guy and pick fights out of everyday annoyances. You can’t turn a crap guy into a good one, and sadly, when woman realize their men won’t change, they’ll blame themselves for their behavior. They don’t realize he was always this way, and it has nothing to do with them. Same as you not being able to turn a bad woman into a housewife (paraphrasing here.)
  10. BTW, don't get married to a man hoping he will change, because he won't.
  11. Jewelry. - What do you wear?

    I wear pandora charms and rings.
  12. I hate that people on here bash on Western government as if it's the cause of all evils. The Shaytan (LA on him a million times) can effect anyone regardless of where you live.
  13. Leave him. Controlling and possessive behavior is NOT okay. BTW, I'm in favor of Shia/Sunni marriages provided that both people are respectful of one another, and I'm in a relationship/engagement with a Sunni man myself. For you, it's not that he's Sunni that's the problem -- It's him.
  14. Toddler nutrition

    I didn't know you have a 4th child--congrats!
  15. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    @E.L King you don’t know anything about me, okay? Who are you to imply that I’m cursed for not wearing hijab? Or that I’m a fasiq? Shame on you. Have you ever considered that I want to wear it someday? And that I’m making steps to wear hijab? If I really was cursed by Allah, He wouldn’t have guided me to become practicing at the age of 20! You don’t know anything, so please instead of opening your mouth next time to spew arrogance, think of how people perceive you, before you speak.
  16. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    What I don’t understand is that many of these men do all sort of crap (not your friends in particular, but many with that mindset) before they are married like chasing after white woman and every Kardashian-look alike but when the time has come to look for a spouse, they suddenly want the traditional, virginal, submissive housewife. What makes them think they are entitled to such a woman?
  17. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    It is petty in comparison to akhlaq and character when looking for a spouse. All people seem to do nowadays is focus on a woman’s hijab when they should be working on being practicing and good manners and alkhlaq. Some of the most arrogant woman I’ve met happened to be convert hijabis who, because they’ve been put on the pedestal for appearing pious, have treated others extremely badly. Some hijabis look down on non hijabis as less than. Others develop feelings of superiority. And don’t think these attitudes don’t exist within the Ummah. Hijab is not a reflection of one’s akhlaq or character or even if practicing status. A girl in my family wears hijab but she’s not practicing anymore and she’s almost atheist. I’m not saying every hijabi acts like the above. I’m saying that someone wearing hijab does not 1. Prove compatiblity 2. Say anything about one’s akhlaq or character EDIT: you all seem to lump non hijabis with non practicing. I’m not a hijabi because I struggle with it, however, I dress as modestly as I can, pray, and fast, and read Quran.
  18. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    Ok so I got thumbed down because I stated something that many woman struggle with wearing. Why thumb me down for it? It’s harder when you live in the west, and instead of focusing on petty details, one should focus on the person’s akhlaq and character. Wearing hijab doesn’t mean that someone is good or pious or even practicing.
  19. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    The thing is that hijab is a very personal decision and not easy to wear. You should focus on character qualities you want instead.
  20. Hijab

    Camel hump hijabs might be used to secure the hair under the hijab better, therefore not haram. [Mod Note: Never accept unsourced replies and always double check the sources. When in doubt, please consult your scholar.]
  21. Depression

    @Laayla since you are a fan of YouTube videos, watch this documentary. (Since you didn’t bother the last time.)
  22. Depression

    What do these posts have to do with the mentally ill? And why is it that @Laayla won’t address my post on why Bipolar Disorder needs medication and that it is an illness? What bothers me most is the Holier than thou attitude. Some of you are attacking those who need to take medication, and these medications are the reason, by the will of Allah, why I’m alive today! Without these meds, and without treatment, I would have been in Hell for possible suicide. So what is worse? Being in Hell because I never got treatment for my illness and decided to end my life, or taking medication? You bet I’ll take medication over Hell any day! The problem is that some people have certain things mixed up. Lifestyle choices is not why someone is depressed, like, say, a person with diabetes might have their illness (due to overeating) so stop treating like it’s our fault! It’s not my fault I’m Bipolar, and I have a family history of depression in my family. What the Ahlul Bayt (AS) said about depression and it’s cure is the temporary, situational depression and sadness, not the clinical. EDIT: Starlight, @forte reference to “weak” people was not to bash them, but he was reflecting on the attitude on this thread regarding those will mental illness.
  23. Gay

    This entire thread reminds me of children running around the playground shouting “Gay” as insults.
  24. Gay

    Being gay is not haram or evil. Acting on those gay impulses is.