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  1. When did men stop being men

    I do see some Muslim woman follow trends, but from what I observed, they tend to be in the minority, since certain things have yet to be considered acceptable in the Muslim social sphere. Non-binarys tend to preach, “I don’t have a gender” while dressing like men. They don’t respond to pronouns and become quite offended if you do so, even accidentally. My thoughts is that non-binary woman are just gay who want to have an excuse to dress and behave like men. “Non-binary” is something to hide behind. With veganism, the ideaology begins its premise tends to draw a cult-like following on people who typically don’t have religion, which I’m sure you noticed. It’s less of the argument that meat is unhealthy, and more along the lines of, “I love animals too much, so how can I eat them?” Way of thinking. They think it’s morally wrong to consume animal products, and in my opinion, when you don’t follow religion, you tend to set your own moral rights and wrongs within society and look elsewhere. as with South Korea—plastic surgery is massive to attain the skinnier face, as they consider less defined features, male or female, as the cultural/western ideal and more attractive. However, ironically, the western ideal, for both men and woman, are defined features such as strong jawline, pronunced cheeks, etc. plastic surgery in South Korea is less about feminization and more about the “skinny face” ideal. It’s sad, either way. Hope that ideal doesn’t spread. All South Korean woman undergoing cosmetic surgery looked better before.
  2. When did men stop being men

    It was one of the signs that the Hour is drawing closer. It’s no wonder that people are so confused and messed-up—It’s Shaitan’s playground, afterall. The Quran frequently mentions that believers are few (in comparison to the majority) on earth. While it doesn’t surprise me that so many people are misguided, it’s surprising how much worse it’s getting. When I was working at Pandora (the jewelry, not radio station.) I had to deal with THREE lesbian couples. Three. In a month’s span. And the media takes their image and makes it mainstream and now, suddenly, long hair is “out” and short hair is “modern and trendy”. Why? To cause confusion between the sexes. Now men are sporting “vegan beards” and partaking in Pride Day nonesense. And don’t get me started on the “non-binary vegans”.
  3. living in hell

    Please seek professional help.
  4. When did men stop being men

    On another note: the same thing has happened with women—they cut their hair like men and other girls and gay men say it’s “cute”. Trust me: “cute” hair is almost never a compliment.
  5. I find it interesting that the Ummah has been divided into 73 sects, and there are 73 verses in this surah. I want to understand this surah better, uncover its hidden layers and various meanings.
  6. Your Username Or Avatar

    Islam makes intuitive sense—that’s what I always say. Sadly, people don’t use their intuition regarding religion and think Islam is merely a blind following of rules.
  7. When did men stop being men

    I will say though that it sounds like an individual problem more than a man-problem/societial issue. Men still hold doors, are respectful and gentlemenly.
  8. When did men stop being men

    Oh, I thought this thread was going to be about men bashing. Instead, I found a scenario of a loser. Poor women who have to deal with men like that, Jeez. And in public, too!
  9. Claims of ex shia in iran?

    I know some Iranians who claim to be atheists, not many, though.
  10. Jaw Surgery in 6 days.

    I’m doing great, thanks for asking. I still have residual swelling that increases and decreases throughout the day, but other than that, everything is great! I got unwired a week earlier and I’ve been chewing! It’s such a different feeling to chew with all my molars.
  11. Jaw Surgery in 6 days.

    I had my last consultation with my oral surgeon yesterday, and in conjunction with closing my open bite (bone grafting my upper jaw, and moving it down 16 mm and moving my lower jaw up 8 mm.) since I wanted better cheekbones he suggested adding bone from the bone graft taken from my hip, and add bone to the cheekbone area. He said I still have time to decide, and while he showed me beautiful and natural before and afters, I’m still deciding. What should I do?!!?!
  12. Thoughts 2018

    I’m going back in four.
  13. Many woman are not maternal

    Working with kids at my old job, I’ve observed lots of parents and have seen different parenting styles. What I’ve noticed is that many mothers have parenting styles that I don’t agree with, and I’m starting to believe, now more than ever, that some people should never be parents. Many woman who become first time parents after the age of 30, not all, but some, tend to take-out their frustration on their children more often than not and tend to be “hellicopter parents”. I had one mother (who was nearing 50 with a six or seven year old daughter) demand why I was trying to hand out her daughter a sticker (it was our job to hand out a sticker to every child as to promote our educational program for kids.) and that she wanted to speak to my manager and when I said “it’s my job.” She said that “well, rapists hand out candy.” (Imagine: it was at a children’s kiosk at a mall.) then there are mothers who are not maternal, but have kids mostly because they feel the pressure of their biological clock ticking. There’s a difference, in my opinion, between wanting kids because you really, really love kids and wanting to start your own family, and people who follow what society tells them—live it up in your 20s, don’t think about commitment or marriage or starting a family until after you’re perfectly established and you’re 30 or over, and just mess with guys until you’re getting older then find a good guy. The latter should never be mothers. These moms tend to also think of motherhood as a massive burden in general and wish they could still live it up. Theres nothing wrong with some woman not wanting to be mothers. But it is wrong to become a mother just because of pressure. It’s the same as desperately trying to find commitment after living it up—it shouldn’t be expected to find a good person.
  14. Many woman are not maternal

    I think you have a different view on what is considered to be “helicopter parenting” as studies have shown that it increases anxiety and low self-esteem in growing adults. Helicopter parenting is not the same as being a protective or cautious parent.
  15. Many woman are not maternal

    I am allowed to judge mother’s various parenting styles that I do not agree with.
  16. feeling down

    They say that weight gain within a short span, along with low mood, may be a symptom of depression, and I suggest you talking to a mental health professional about what you are feeling before trying to lose weight. Symptoms of depression: - unable to concentrate - low or irritable mood lasting more than two weeks - changing in appetite (weight gain or loss) - anxiety - feelings of worthlessness and hoplessness - chronically low self-esteem
  17. Traditional Orthodontics Exposed (Part 1)

    My dental journey has been a complicated one. I went to an orthodontist at the age of six and was given a slow-expanding device on both my upper and lower jaws. During the consultation, the assistant said that my bite was a bit deep and hiding too much of my front teeth. So I began to space my teeth far apart in my mouth and my tongue dropped from the roof of the mouth, slowly creating an open bite in the back. At the age of 12, I went to another orthodontist, who put me in a rapid palate expander and later told me I would need braces and surgery to correct the issue. I ended up moving before I could finish with the palate expanding treatment and the device was left in my mouth for almost a year because I couldn’t find anyone to remove it. Fast forward to about the age of fourteen. I got braces on my teeth by supposedly the best orthodontist in the area. I had a bad feeling about him, and felt like he was a “slick oil salesman” type of dentist, but my parents decided that this was the best option for me, so they went ahead. (My family didn’t want me to get surgery with them because they didn’t like the surgeon, so they wanted my open bite to be fixed as much as possible with braces instead.) I was put in ceramic braces, which ended up chipping my front teeth on. They created the biggest gaps between my teeth and wanted to cover-up their mistakes by forcing me to get cosmetic work done. So I got porcelain veneers on my six front teeth, which were too large and bulky for my face and mouth. I ended-up developing tmj issues because of the poor-fitting veneers and facial pain. Thankfully, I had them filed-down by another dentist and they look just like my own teeth. My tmj issues didn’t resolve, however. And that’s when I moved back to live with my dad. I found a tmj specialist whom I’ve been having very successful treatment with, and he completely trashed the other orthodontist’s work and that he was very sorry that I had gone through such a terrible experience. He put me in a splint 6 months before treatment and I was put back in braces that year. He said he was going to bring everything forward to improve my airway and my profile, and my tmj issues resolved. I was not in powerchains except for 3 times in total to exaggerate a cant in my jaw in preparation for surgery in the last nearly year and a half whereas with my old ortho I was in nothing but powerchains. I was also scheduled for surgery as my upper jaw failed to grow and I would need a bone graft during surgery to fix it. During this time in which my airway was improving, I kept watching Mew’s videos until it finally “clicked” that I needed to place my tongue on the roof of the mouth. I had seen his interview on Dispatches before retreatment as a result of random dental searching on YouTube before retreatment but I couldn’t follow on his premise at the time because my tongue no longer fit in the roof of the mouth due to severe retraction (despite no teeth pulled) of my upper arch with the previous ortho. Since doing so (about a year before surgery) my tmj specialist, his assistant kept saying how dramatically my profile and face was changing for the better, and I said “I can finally rest my tongue against my palate” which he was happy to hear, and because of that, gaps between my canine and first premolar had been created as a result of keeping my tongue where it was supposed to be. My surgeon made the decision to maintain arch width and stated that he (I would be getting a three-piece lefort 1) didn’t want the gaps in my upper arch to be closed after surgery. So now, one month post-op, I have slight gaps between my teeth, but my tongue rests naturally and (I was on CP’s site constantly before surgery trying to learn how to swallow correctly.) I have no issues. I believe that Mew’s work will prevent jaw surgery relapse, and I am very facinated with his before and afters. I’m glad that I found him randomly on YouTube.
  18. Before I state my evidence on the matter of malocclusion (bad bite) let me begin by stating my hypothesis on why bad bites form, which has been backed-up by pinoneers such as John Mew. We've been told by traditional orthodontics that "genetics" is the reason we experience various malocclusions in this world, such as cross bites, Class II (commonly known as "buck teeth"), and anterior and posterior open bites as to just state a few examples. However, if one were to study the history of malocclusion, such as the study of the ancient skull in comparison to our modern one, like in this picture here: (Right - modern skull, left - ancient skull.) It would be evident that malocclusion is only a recent issue that has only become a problem within the start of the industrial revolution. In the last 200-300 years has malocclusion become rampant and normal in society, which is far too early for our genes to make such a dramatic shift. Therefore, malocclusion is based on three or more environmental factors: - improper oral posture (more on that later.) - the increase of vertical growth as opposed to horizontal (more on this later) - mouth breathing - traditional ortho which pull everything back instead of forward (this problem gets worse if the patient is treated with extractions) - soft modern diet - allergies - being bottle fed as a child These, and more, increase the enlongation of the face, and therefore, makes a face look less pleasing to the eye. What is proper oral posture? traditional orthos (the ones who primarily use retractive methods such as headgears, excessive power chains, extractions, etc.) will tell you that proper oral posture at rest is "lips together, teeth apart." However, this is a vague statement which may be confusing to the patient and detrimental to the facial growth of the child. Proper oral posture, in fact, is when the tongue is plastered to the roof of the mouth and that teeth is slightly apart at rest or just lightly touching. This increases horizontal (forward) growth of the jaws which improve the airway, little to non-TMD issues, aligned bite, more attractive face and profile. It is said that keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth allows the natural growth of both jaws in a growing child that will eliminate any sort of surgery if prevented in the future. The proof is in John and his son Mike Mew's results, which use a different method called orthotropics and the results speak for themselves. Here's a segment on Dispatches: Why we find models so attractive: What makes an attractive face? Similarly what makes a face unattractive? Before I delve into this, I will admit that traditional orthos prefer vertical growth and flatter faces in general, whereas the general public and often times, the patient themselves, prefer fuller faces, which in pronounced cheeks and stronger jaw bones are present. Many of your favored models and actors have horizontal growth, which is an indicator of a person with good health, something we are biologically hard-wired to desire in friends and in romantic relationships. (Note: I will post pictures of female models and male models for solely educational purposes. My aim is to compare and contrast, in this section, the differences between vertical and horizontal growth in humans and their effects on the profile. So, if any mods see this post, please do not remove the images as they are essential for making my point.) Horizontal growth, as noted by the strong jaw line, tongue on the palate, wide smiles, and prominent cheekbones: This type of facial beauty is not just reserved for models or the case of "blessed genetics" at all. Rather, the two pictures stated above have proper oral posture at rest, which is what gives someone their defined bone structure. Note the lip seal without strain. Here's an example of a girl who used "growth guidance" by John Mew, which allows the posture and size of jaws to become altered and expanded, without extractions, and without fixed braces, and without retainers and without surgery. Both jaws are encouraged to grow forward and here's the result: Here's an example of vertical growth by a traditional ortho in comparison with horizontal growth. Part 2: to come soon
  19. Your Username Or Avatar

    My avatar is alludes to surrealism—my favorite painting style, and if you look closely, the leaves are not real leaves, but animals. Surrealism captures my imagination, and the kind of artwork I’ve dabbled at in the past. Surealism is the kind of art that allows me to show the inter workings of my mind. As for my username, it’s a reference to the book “the island of mirrors”, a poetically-written work about human isolation and the pursuit of beauty and idealism in a destructive and less than ideal time. “Mirrors” is in reference to the ideal I wish to become, the image of myself that I build inside my head, and how my transformation, before manifestation of the outer, begins inward—with a thought, a philosophy, an ideal, and I always attempt to strive closer to my ideal self. The ideal self, or image that captures my essence and imagination, is Regina Spektor’s work and image, who also happens to be my personality type (ENFP) and my enneagram type (type 4). I relate to her so much.
  20. Traditional Orthodontics Exposed (Part 1)

    Thank you, just wanting to spread awareness on other treatment options that can be found. I personally didn’t have orthotropics treatment myself, but I have had improper oral posture until recently (tongue resting between the lower jaw and upper jaw.) and I’ve seen the changes in my face and jawline by adopting this technique. It definitely is a shame, especially since surgery could have been prevented in majority of cases.
  21. Should you or do you check your husband/wife phone

    Divorce is not to be taken lightly, Gaius. Better off to not marry someone like that.
  22. Should you or do you check your husband/wife phone

    No, that shows a lack of trust and a breach of privacy.
  23. How to avoid haraam in western world

    I’m so tired the West This-the West that, as if non-western countries are perfect and not immoral. People in non-western countries just hide their sins better due to public and societal/familial shame.
  24. Thoughts 2018

    Watching EAT, PRAY, LOVE and I find it ironic how the main character rejects love (until the end of the movie) while trying to cultivate self-love. I’ve noticed this with many people. They are reluctant to be vulnerable with someone, but are willing to “find themselves”. I’ve even notice some Muslim sisters, in the pursuit of Islam and knowledge, reject men entirely because somehow they view being with a potiential spouse as stifling in terms of religious growth, not realizing that marriage is also a part of Islam, and with the right partner, can inspire you to learn more about Islam. I just don’t agree with this narrative that significant others are stifling, yet this is the narrative that has been given the loudest voice. People don’t make good decisions, and if they have a bad experience with something, they tend to shove it down other people’s throats until people jump on the bandwagon and the shaming begins. so the question is this: Why do we shame those who make decisions different from us? Where is this source of shame? How does it hinder authenticity within one’s self? I recently shamed someone for getting engaged when they can’t afford it and live with (literally) 10 other people in a three-bedroom house (she has two kids from a previous relationship and her fiancé has 1 and she’s 23.)
  25. Can one change his taqleed?

    What I’m saying is not misleading—I simply answered his question, that, yes, one can change his Taqleed. I didn’t talk about conditions for changing Taqleed. Simple as that.