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  1. Thoughts 2018

  2. Big Five Movie Star Test

    You can take the test again and before you do, you can ask to be matched with a male character.
  3. Big Five Movie Star Test

    @Gaius I. Caesar: who matches your personality type?
  4. Big Five Movie Star Test

    Yes, your brain was wired like this. While your experiences shape some aspects, it doesn’t change your core personality or use of certain functions.
  5. Big Five Movie Star Test

    Lots of NF types feel that way. And I totally understand how you feel. But know that changing yourself won’t change the majority understanding you or not—you just have to find the people who do, or at least try to.
  6. Big Five Movie Star Test

    It’s the most perceptive. Your functions (you use Ni first, then Fe.) is what makes it that way. Ni in NTs (ENTJ, INTJ) makes them arrogant. Ni in ENFJs makes them forceful because of Fe first. Infj is the most balanced personality type outwardly, socially smoother. Inward, their world is complex. Everyone wants to be an infj.
  7. Big Five Movie Star Test

    Nah, it wouldn’t. Personality types are not appearances. no matter how “dark” or introverted I appear, I will always be an ENFP.
  8. Big Five Movie Star Test

    Btw, why do you want to change from infj? Do you feel like you’re inadequate? Or like it’s not “masculine” enough? Infj is one of the greatest personality types out there. A lot of people would kill to be an infj even for just a day.
  9. Big Five Movie Star Test

    While you can develop other aspects of your personality, you can’t change your four letters—it’s how your brain is wired. Trying to change yourself entirely might lead to depression, identity crisis. Vin Diesel is actually ISFJ. He’s not the alpha tough guy that everyone thinks he is.
  10. Big Five Movie Star Test

    This test shows which male or female celebrity has the most similar personality to you. https://www.idrlabs.com/big-five-personality/test.php I got Mia Wasikowska. (Who is an INFP.) Mia Wasikowska "Everybody has a conflict with themselves. You do have a dark and a light side. There have definitely been times when I have that awful feeling that I'm balancing two people. ... Although I'm not particularly troubled myself, I do have a lot of empathy for troubled characters." Compared to the general population, you are: Extremely high on Openness Below average on Conscientiousness Average on Extroversion Average on Agreeableness Average on Neuroticism According to scientific data compiled by the Ph.D.s Dana R. Carney, John T. Jost, Samuel D. Gosling, and Jeff Porter, your scores indicate that you are: Eccentric, sensitive, and individualistic. Open, tolerant, and flexible. Creative, imaginative, and curious. Complex, nuanced, and open-minded. Someone with a strong desire for novelty and diversity. Likely to use fewer pauses in your speech than the average person. Spontaneous, impulsive, and quick to improvise. Adaptive, flexible, good at thinking on your feet. Likely to use more hand movements and gesticulations in a conversation than the average person.
  11. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    I don’t understand why @starlight keeps mentioning that wearing hijab is wajib. No one said it wasn’t. we are saying that just because a woman wears hijab, it doesn’t automatically make a girl more pious.
  12. More Important: Muhammad (saw) or Quran

    Both are important.
  13. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    This is exactly what I was saying, and I completely agree with you. Focusing on the bigger picture (like wether or not someone strives to become closer to Allah and practicing status and akhlaq, and etc.) is greater than mere appearances. I’ve met both hijabi and non hijabi woman. Many non hijabis don’t do haram behavior like flirting with multiple men and drink in secret or at all. Many hijabis wear hijab and have kissed men and have had boyfriends in secret. Many have questionable or poor akhlaq. Some hijabi’s have treated me so poorly, it’s appalling. Others are nice. But almost all of them look down on me for not wearing hijab, not knowing that I cry during salah because I love the feeling of praying or that I strive to be the best I can be everyday. They think of me as a sinner, and nothing more. Like I am less than.
  14. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Because you are not seeing the big picture. You don’t think that those hijabis who go out and do all kinds of haram behind people’s backs and cause enmity between others are displeasing Allah?
  15. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    It’s not so simple or black-and-white. What the other poster was saying is that someone wearing hijab doesn’t mean she has a better heart or actions than another without it. Wearing the hijab doesn’t make someone suddenly pious and near Allah. So many woman I know who wear hijab have treated others so cruelly and caused enmity between others. One hijabi I know has attempted to tear apart a marriage. its not the hijab that brings you closer to Allah, it’s the actions of a person. In the end, hijab is a reminder to perfect one’s akhlaq, not to shame others or think of one’s self as superior to those who do not wear one.