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  1. Everyone: I hope I didn't sound ungrateful in my posts, and didn't mean it to be that way. I just feel enormous amount of pressure to please people and be perfect. Never in my life have my parents been happy with me even though I get good grades and my mother always made it a habit to compare me with other "hardworking, smart" kids who are very successful in life and wondered why I couldn't be more like them, get into the IB program in high school, etc. i just feel like a big disappointment and I'm just having one of those days. I need to be thankful to Allah, but other things are hitting me hard right now so I can't seem to concentrate on the positives at the moment. It doesn't help still living at home and my mother telling me I'm a failure, and a loser, etc. all the damn time.
  2. Sorry, I just feel like it's far away. Even though I know it's not.
  3. Switch schools. Apply to university if that's where you want to go. You might even get credits for the courses you have taken. Everyone has their hardships even if it's keeping up appearances. Thanks for your response. I would apply to a university, but universities typically don't accept undergrads (lower division transfers) in my area, or the city I prefer being in.
  4. In my family, and in my community, people get what they want. They go to the university they want, the job they want, etc. I was forced to go to a CC (which I hate mostly due to the fact that it was not my choice. I didn't apply to a CC not due to financial issues, but for other reasons. That, and my father convinced me to go and I deeply regret it. Finding a social life is so hard.) While others in my family are going to the top schools in my state and like to rub it in my face. They are well liked and popular, have active social lives, etc. sorry for complaining, but why is it that some people have it easier, while for others (myself) everything seems like a struggle to obtain?
  5. No it isn't about him. This was someone else who played with my emotions, but were never together (he knew I liked him.) Im still with my Sunni guy
  6. It sounds like you're clinically depressed and need a good therapist.
  7. This was two years ago when I had met the biggest jerk who broke me so bad it took me a year to get over him.
  8. The nurse asked me to draw my body how I saw it in the color of my choice, on life sized paper. In red, I drew football shoulders, bulky thighs, and hips the size of my grief. In purple and red, I wrote the words that crossed my mind. Ugly, fat, untoned, I wrote on my arms, my blooming stomach, across my ever-stretching thighs. While standing back, she asked me why I chose to view myself the way I did, why I chose to write those words. I said it was because I felt ugly for letting him break me down before he left me.
  9. Lol, why wouldn't you think I am serious? I love the older, historical buildings in Abu Dhabi. So beautiful. And I love how parts of the city remind me of Agraba from Aladdin.
  10. Yeah, my ethnicity is Persian.
  11. Tangled
  12. I've been to: France Germany UAE Iran My favorite thus far is Abu Dahbi.
  13. I've been all over California. Nevada Hawaii Oregon Massachusetts Sadly, that's it
  14. I am a practicing Muslim, was born in a religious family, and am very proud to be a follower of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) so your remark is completely off base.
  15. Non religious means non practicing. That could mean anyone.