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  1. Exactly. I've been backing you up.
  2. This thread is a big face palm. Being gay, as in, having gay feelings, is not a sin according to Islam. Acting on those feelings is. capiche?
  3. In love with a Shia Syed girl

    I'm not going to waste my time trying to talk to someone who mixes culture with religion.
  4. In love with a Shia Syed girl

    What do you mean "no signs of marriage"? Have you taken into considersation that two people wanting to get married takes TIME due to circumstances? And I'm sure the OP says he wants to marry this girl that he loves, and that's absolutely fine if they are best friends, because you know what that means? It means they have a healthy, open, honest, even happy relationship that will inshallah transion that way into marriage life for them. The healthy foundation has been built. Your partner should preferably be your best friend in sense that you find comfort in this person unlike anybody else. That's what sets apart who we decide to pick from our spouses from any random person. I agree with you that the person must ask the parents for marriage, which is what the OP wants to do. However, the foundation must be set first! As for "fairy tale relationships" - healthy relationships do exist! But since many people don't take the time to know their spouse before marriage, they think tension and constant conflict is normal and smooth-sailing relationships are not! That's a completely distorted view of relationship dynamics - not a "fairy tale relationship".
  5. In love with a Shia Syed girl

    What you are talking about is infatuation, not love.
  6. In love with a Shia Syed girl

    Falling in love IS good when it's with the right person. Ayatollahs can't say to just fall in love with someone because it's something that just happens. So just because Ayatollahs never say to fall in love with someone, that means we shouldn't do it? Ayatollahs don't talk about a lot of issues and topics.
  7. In love with a Shia Syed girl

    It sounds like real love. My guy is my best friend too.
  8. In love with a Shia Syed girl

    What the hell are you talking about? You make it sound like loving someone, or feeling in love with someone before marriage is completely haram, which it's obviously not. @frslight don't listen to this kind of nonesense. Through this woman you love you have been inspired to learn and be on the path of Ahlul Bayt and inshallah you'll have a very happy future together. I myself am in love with a Sunni man who is the greatest. and he told me he had feelings for me before he knew what I even looked like.
  9. I think you are confusing psychiatrist, which is a person who hands out medication, and a psychologist, which is a therapist. psychologists do not talk about religion because it would be more or less unethical.
  10. You've put this so beautifully, thank you. Everyone should read this post. The truth is that your sister is only like this because she has been extremely traumatized and wants to find a kind of "motherly" care and love through being with the same gender. Some people who are gay are that way because their connection with the same-sex parent has been destroyed wether through death of the parent, or not getting enough attention, or if the parent leaves. There's a cycle of thinking, "since my parent left me, then I must be unlovable, so if I learn to love someone of the same gender, then I will feel whole and complete and lovable again." Instead of condemning the person to hell, we must assist that person by 1. Making sure she attends her psychiatric appointments 2. Refrain from talking about religion NOW and waiting until the right time 3. She must seek intensive therapy because this a person who is psychologically traumatized and nothing more. In the words of my therapist, "you put the most stable and healthy person under enough pressure and even that person will break." We are not invincible. People who are healthy today may not be healthy tomorrow. How much do you think a 13 year old can take? Stating how orphans in other countries have it worse will never help because 1. You are undermining her feelings and the extent of the psychological trauma 2. You are not proving to be very empathic as people deal with trauma differently. I'm sure that if any of you lost both parents when you were young you would show a bit more compassion and probably make unhealthy choices yourself.
  11. I'm bipolar, and I'm normal. In fact, people are never able to tell I have this mental illness unless I tell them. Bipolar people act generally normal unless they are manic and their ideas are racing out of their mouths. Over 50% of Bipolar people deal with alcohol abuse as a way to numb their intense feelings and rollercoaster of emotions. For people who have never experienced the pain of being bipolar, you can't tell her to just stop drinking and expect her to stop. You need to help her feel understood and accepted by encouraging her to enroll in a 12-step program to recovery and sobriety. And then you can talk about religion. But if you talk about religion now, she might just grow to resent you.
  12. Praying while your angry at Allah **astagferallah

    You need to get treatment for your depression and the negative feelings you have will go away. As for the anger - it's caused by the depression, and it will be greatly reduced by therapy and treatment.
  13. Sunni/Shia How do you know your sect is on Haqq?

    I'd rather die than convert to Sunni Islam too.
  14. Sunni/Shia How do you know your sect is on Haqq?

    There's direct proof from the Quran: "12 . Indeed Allâh took the covenant from the Children of Israel (Jews), and We appointed twelve leaders among them. And Allâh said: "I am with you if you perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât) and give Zakât and believe in My Messengers; honour and assist them, and lend to Allâh a good loan. Verily, I will remit your sins and admit you to Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise). But if any of you after this, disbelieved, he has indeed gone astray from the Straight Path" ^ Syrah Maidah (And if that isn't proof I don't know what is.) Shias believe that Allah can only pick people to be Imams and Prophets. Our belief is exactly in line with what the Quran states. and of course, Sura 33:33. It just wouldn't make sense for Allah to leave a nation for themselves and has always picked leaders to guide mankind in the form of Imams and prophets. The Ahlulbayt (AS) itself is proof since what they have taught us is exactly in line with the Prophet (AS).
  15. living with personality disorder

    I have Bipolar Disorder and it's hard. Since being on medication, rarely do I feel suicidal unless I've been triggered by something. And I haven't been manic since receiving treatment. My moods are generally stable now. I can't imagine having Bipolar Disorder AND a couple of personality disorders. Borderline is particularly tough. But I'm sure you're a stronger person for them. My tips: 1. Attend private and group therapy 2. Journal 3. Do what makes you happy 4. Make a gratitude list 5. Speak up whenever you're feeling down 6. Surround yourself with people who understand and support you.