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  1. What is this sexist nonsense? "Know your place?" What is this, the 1950s?
  2. What is your obsession with the hijab? When seeking a spouse, you must know what qualities you PERSONALLY want. Focus on finding a girl with great akhlaq, treats you well, someone that you feel comfortable with and can communicate effectively with. The rest will come with time, or it won't. A woman wearing a hijab doesn't automatically mean being a good person. Some woman I know with the worst of hot-blooded tempers are woman who wear hijab. Just because someone knows the "basics of the Deen" (whatever that means.) doesn't mean she's a good person. I practice my religion to the best of my ability, and I'm personally not in a state to wear the hijab at the moment. Doesn't mean I'm not trying to perfect myself. Think about that before you reject someone who doesn't wear hijab. (It's a very shallow reason.) She might feel inspired to wear it later in life.
  3. Hi Sarah, I'm also Sarah I believe that you can choose, your spouse and yourself, whichever name you feel like the child should be named, and it's no one else's decision. I would not allow my future parents, husband's parents, etc. ever get in the way of naming my future child. It's the COUPLE'S decision, not theirs.
  4. Careful brother. Good men for good woman and bad men for bad woman. If she's not a virgin, and has repented, why shouldn't you accept her? Don't limit your pool of options and potientials unnecessarily. It's the same as people who want to only marry within their own race. what if she was a convert?
  5. But you do know there is no such thing as non alcoholic beverages, right? Non alcoholic beverages have less than 0.5% alcohol.
  6. This is the strangest nonsense I've read in a while. Its like saying, "Oh it's okay to smoke pot, as long as you don't get too high."
  7. My mom said the same thing to me, in attempt to get me to lose weight. It's wrong and completely untrue. Most big people have no problem finding love. I've had a serious weight problem and I managed to lose all the weight, not once, but twice. I didn't lose the weight for a future husband or for anybody else. I lost the weight for myself (50 pounds, which would be 3 and half stone.) Here's my story on how to lose weight:
  8. I forgot to mention that it is hard to forget about people. I know for me it took a year to get over my last heartbreak/rejection/whatever. I've personally fallen for people that made me feel emptier with them than without them. But I don't know your situation on this issue. Another example: When my grandfather passed away I developed suicidal depression. I could never accept his death. So what my therapist said was to write a letter. Maybe what you could do is write a letter to this person, explain anything that you'd like to, pour out all your feelings and thoughts on the paper, and plant them somewhere in your backyard if you have one. I think it helps de-cluttering your mind.
  9. Hey, I know how you feel. Cutting contact with anyone you care about is painful, wether platonic or romantic. I think all the things you've said about this person is highly appreciated. Truly I think if the two people was at the right time things might have been different. However, I feel like maybe one of the reason's why people cut contact suddenly is the feeling that the person who has fallen for the person, maybe out of feelings, tries or is perceived to bust the other person's boundaries. Let me give you an example: I know I've become a lot more firm with practicing my boundaries and sometimes because I want to assert myself, I end up hurting the person unexpectedly. I know that for me, personally, setting boundaries is a learning process. Maybe she felt like you were trying to bust your boundaries. Did she explain this to you? Or did she cut off contact with no reason or explanation at all?
  10. Wait what? SC needs people like you. Don't leave, man.
  11. I don't know if that's true or not. Someone started praying a few years before he passed away. I'm sure Allah guides even when people are past the age of 40.
  12. I don't need judgement from you. Who are you to pass judgement? There are plenty of fashionable, modest clothing. Use google.
  13. Um, I don't focus on attracting males. Do you think that just because you wear presentable and fashionable clothing you are automatically immodest? For your information, I'm very modest in dress and yet I take pride in looking well-groomed and well-dressed no matter what. Even in long sleeves.
  14. I'm not going to argue with you because you seem insistent on your views, and I know a lot of woman who are quick to judge like you are and are ta'asobi. I.E. narrow minded in religion and almost intolerant.