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  1. How do i convert to Islam? Who can help me?

    Wow, congrats on your path to Haq . May God always bless you. I would say to recite the Shahada, and then perhaps go to a Shia mosque and let him know that you wish to become Muslim. I believe the Shahada is done in front of witnesses. Then, I would suggest to incorporate Islam (like praying) into your life slowly, without overwhelming yourself. Start by praying Fajr for a certain period of time, then, when you’re ready, pray zhuhr. And repeat this until you feel comfortable and ready to pray the five daily prayers in one day. Always remember that people are here for you, and take it slow.
  2. Depression

    To clear up a misconception about depression: unless you recieve treatment for your depression, (depression is different from sadness.) it WILL NOT go away on its own.
  3. Lost in life

    Meds do solve things and are no different than from needing medication for other parts of your body. They will not numb you. This is misguided and ignorant advice.
  4. Depression

    I have been severely depressed and medication and therapy was what got me on track.
  5. A month ago, I was in a dream with my mother, and my grandmother (who passed away before I was born.) and we wore all black clothes, just walked around. Does that mean that someone is going to pass away? I just found out that someone in my family might be dying.
  6. What does Imam Hussain (as) mean to you?

    Imam Hussain (as) means everything to me.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this. most people that ask for advice are truly in the wrong and people tell them to stay together when it's clear the problems are going to lead to divorce sooner or later. However, these problems are pretty petty and merely rough patches that could be resolved with a Muslim counselor (not an imam.) if she refuses, which she most probably will, then I agree with Akbar. Cut your losses.
  8. Taking off hijab after marriage

    That's what we are referring to - not that every suitor sees her hair.
  9. Taking off hijab after marriage

    Of course it is allowed. It's well known that it is permissible. and it's not because men were disappointed after the wedding.
  10. Taking off hijab after marriage

    But the scholars have said that it is permissible for a woman whose intention is to marry a particular man to show her hair. Why is this even an argument?
  11. Befriending Guys

    I think what you describe as friendship is not really friendship, but being aquaintances.
  12. Taking off hijab after marriage

    I'm not talking about the interview stage of getting married because that is not when typically woman take off their hijabs - they show the men they want to marry.
  13. Taking off hijab after marriage

    According to Islam, however, it is permissible if a woman decides to show her hair to a man who has established that he wants to marry her, and no, men typically don't think of getting married to a woman because of her hair, and usually whoever suggests marriage will get married to that person unless major problems arise and they can't get married. What you saying is just your opinion (bolded.)
  14. Hypocrites

    I've been noticing a couple of things that I need to get off my chest... something that really bothers me is when I see people portraying Islam outwardly but their inner character is lacking and deficient. All these people do is focus on outward hijab (for both men and woman) rather than inward hijab. These people fail to work on themselves to grow as better individuals and think Islam to just be what people see. These people are also the ones who prefer to preach others about not committing haram acts and then do the same acts themselves. If that isn't hypocrisy, I don't know what is. Of course, people slip up, and that's normal, but people who are almost hiding behind a facade of "piety" and dishonesty in portrayal should be ashamed of themselves and those are the people I'm referring to. So what is your definition of hypocrisy?
  15. Making Dua For Each Other

    I think it's wonderful that you want to get married, but I think the mindset should be to focus on finding the right person, and then get married. Not everyone who is marriage-minded is right for you. I do know how hard it is to be single though. I was single until I was 20, almost 21, and believe me, it was hard, but I waited for the right person, and when you find the right person, the emptiness you had when you were single will dissolve, and it's so worth the wait.