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  1. lol i suspect yes..
  2. Fixed profile issue. Are the double posts still happening?
  3. Fixed profile issue. Are the double posts still happening?
  4. Please unregister my account.

    1. hameedeh


      @Light Within Me Your account was unregistered as you requested. fee Aman Allah

  5. Working on uploading the new banner too, sorry for the months wait..
  6. salam alykom brother Ali  my name is jaafar alhoseyni I have a tailor shop in calgary AB  my mobile  403-606-3901  could I have your privet email  I have a small business  issue  that I want to discuss with you or you can email me  thanks may Allah bless you

    1. hameedeh


      Salam, @jaafar_tailor. Welcome to ShiaChat. To contact the owner for business issues, please email him via:

  7. Salam Br Ali, I would like to delete my recent post titled "Prayer". I was said to contact an admin to help. Hope u can assist me with the situation.

    1. hameedeh


      @Loverofallah10 It was already removed. If you need help, please send me a PM. 

  8. Salam Br. Ali. 

    I sent you money for Muslim Congress advert. Here are source images. If you could do animated gif. Please if you could put up today or as soon as possible. The conference is in 2 weeks. 




    1. Ali


      Ok, its up!

  9. That happened to me too just now but on my mobile. Did try going directly to the link ?
  10. For those of you missing your blogs, you can find a more recent backup here while we continue to work and see if we can restore everything: This is from March 23rd. I suggest you copy the content into a notepad of some sort and we'll create a new blog for you to repost it if youre interested. @Qa'im @Laayla
  11. We're trying to see if we can somehow restore these as well, stand by.
  12. FYI I'm re-indexing search which should take all day - search may not be fully available for the time being.
  13. Great post, thank you for your support.