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  1. Working on uploading the new banner too, sorry for the months wait..
  2. salam alykom brother Ali  my name is jaafar alhoseyni I have a tailor shop in calgary AB  my mobile  403-606-3901  could I have your privet email  I have a small business  issue  that I want to discuss with you or you can email me  thanks may Allah bless you

    1. hameedeh


      Salam, @jaafar_tailor. Welcome to ShiaChat. To contact the owner for business issues, please email him via:

  3. Salam Br Ali, I would like to delete my recent post titled "Prayer". I was said to contact an admin to help. Hope u can assist me with the situation.

    1. hameedeh


      @Loverofallah10 It was already removed. If you need help, please send me a PM. 

  4. Salam Br. Ali. 

    I sent you money for Muslim Congress advert. Here are source images. If you could do animated gif. Please if you could put up today or as soon as possible. The conference is in 2 weeks. 




    1. Ali


      Ok, its up!

  5. That happened to me too just now but on my mobile. Did try going directly to the link ?
  6. For those of you missing your blogs, you can find a more recent backup here while we continue to work and see if we can restore everything: This is from March 23rd. I suggest you copy the content into a notepad of some sort and we'll create a new blog for you to repost it if youre interested. @Qa'im @Laayla
  7. We're trying to see if we can somehow restore these as well, stand by.
  8. FYI I'm re-indexing search which should take all day - search may not be fully available for the time being.
  9. Great post, thank you for your support.
  10. On a side note, we do have a Facebook page that we keep up to date during outages or major issues: Its a public page and there are about 6000 members already: I suggest book marking it. Ws. Ali
  11. Salams.. Inshallah it wont happen again but we do have a Facebook page that we've kept updated:
  12. Salam Alaikum everyone! First off, we’d like to welcome you all back to It’s been a hectic 10 days of trying to restore service but we’re excited to be back online. As some of you may know, and for those who are technically inclined, we had a secondary hard drive failure that had been lurking for a few weeks unnoticed and then ended up with a primary hard drive failure which also resulted in a RAID failure – so for a moment, we had no data except for an old backup. It took a few days to salvage backups and live data, a couple of days for our service providers to rebuild the server, and another couple of days to install the forums, restore backups and perform a complete test to see what data loss, if any, we encountered. Luckily (yet to be confirmed), it seems like the data loss is very minimal and localized with the blogs which is why you only see 18 blogs instead of the 60+ from before. We’re also addressing a few small technical glitches with the vendor, we don’t expect these to be serious. For the time being, please continue to use the site as usual and report any new unreported issues in our “Test” thread: In the past 15 years that ShiaChat has been serving the online community, we’ve been through many challenges including crashes, technical glitches, hacking, attacks and even a well organized domain theft but we continued to come back stronger. We are working on multiple risk assessments and mitigation strategies to ensure what happened will never be repeated again and we thank you for your ongoing support. We as Admins are not completely free of blame since we can always do a better job in monitoring the site and ensuring optimal performance and reliability but at the end of the day we are all volunteers with busy personal lives and are only trying our best with your support. As always, a special thanks to brother Ya Aba 3abdillah for working behind the scenes once again to bring us back to life. Administration Team
  13. So.. guys.. no major issues?
  14. I did 5% of the work that Ya Aba did in the background,