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  1. But in reality...
  2. To replace the old one! Faruk: Start going through the topic posted above, and I'll reveal more about him once everyone has the basics down. But yes, mystifying The Mahdi to a super human level is definitely the Dajjal's doing.
  3. <iframe width="550" height="400" id="iframe_container" src=";lock_to_path=0&amp;autoplay=0&amp;autohide_ctrls=0&amp;landing_data=bHVZZmNaNDBIWnNjdEVENDRhZDFNZGNIUE43MHdLNWpsdFJLb2ZHanI5N1lOSlcwczBWWkMzWFQxR3QvTjB6RXVBPT0&amp;landing_sign=tsKwq3UzTW4EdTxr75xkjY778Nk3z2p-39gn-PeB6oQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" webkitAllowFullScreen="" mozAllowFullscreen=""></iframe> Part 1:
  4. Sure you can. It's a new clock. But this clock has a pole reversal mechanism built into it. It will make the north pole in Antarctica, and the south pole where the north pole is.
  5. Washington Monument Obolisk Dajjal/Anti-Christ/False Messiah
  6. I don't know, I would say you missed an obvious one
  7. Many, and one of them is English.
  8. I am not familiar with how Haj Rajabali explains this but if you were to ask me, I don't quite understand the question? I think the issue is people are completely unaware of what and how Perspective works. In order to Identify or evaluate anything, you must address it in relation to a reference point. This means everything, including questions, must be phrased with a specified frame of reference. Usually this extra step is forgone in everyday conversations because usually the implied frame of reference is always obvious or standardized. For example if you are measuring the height of a tree using a very large yard stick, the further away from the tree the shorter your answer would be. This is why when people say something is 10ft tall, it is implied that the measurement was taken from right next to the tree. So you can see how perspective completely changed the result (or answer to a question). Otherwise, if everyone you asked how high the tree is or appears to be to them, you would get a different answer depending on where they are standing when you asked them. Similarly, the question of whether we have free will or not falls to the same rules of logic. Frame of reference-Human beings: Do we have freewill? YES Frame of reference-God: Do we have freewill? NO If this wasn't clear, consider this hypothetical situation- Imagine you were at scientific convention and the speaker said something that gave you an idea of how to invent a time machine which then allowed to travel back in time to that event. Now as far as the speaker is concerned, he has complete freedom to say and do as he wants, he is clearly master of his will. However from your perspective, in addition to the fact that he would have to mention that would give you the idea that allowed you to be there in the first place, you can see that he has no choice in the matter of saying or not saying it. Because now you see things through the lens of a higher power outside ourselves. That person is now bound by the laws of existence and nature, his freewill is limited to his own perspective only, from your perspective he has as much freewill as a person in free fall would have over resisting gravity. The point is, almost everything would have conflicting answers if you don't specify a frame of reference. So in short, yes it is true that human beings feel like they have freewill, but GOD is not a human being, so his perspective would not produce the same results. I hope this was explained properly. So yes, everything that happened, is happening, and will happen was perdestined to happen. Nothing can happen if it wasn't predestined to happen. But that shouldn't change anything in terms of what to pursue and how to live. Because we have some control over our fate too, through our freewill. They work hand in hand, if you want to learn Spanish but don't pursue that path because you are expecting God to predestine it, then you will ensure your predestiny to be not to learn Spanish. So instead you should pursue learning Spanish with hopes that it is also your predestiny and that God will allow the circumstances in your life to line up in a way to allow you to finish learning it. As for marriage, I suggest you be the best you can be and don't even worry about that. I found that the least you worry about something, the more it worries about you. Have faith in what God has written for you and make sure you give God plenty of reason to look out for you and I promise that he will.
  9. Ok how about the Skull? Does anyone wants to take a guess of whose skull this is?
  10. This is why the magicians refer to him as the Necromancer - One who resurrects the dead. And no Gandalf is not the savior, he's the fake savior. He takes on the obvious or visible elements and events of "the savior" but he really isn't. And darker, evil vibes and tones are given to the the deeper essence and purpose of the real savior (unification,bowing to only 1,black tones,ring of Soloman etc..) because they know the real message he's going to come with. Remember that their method is called Babel, and means to confuse. It is not a coincidence that the wizard's real name is "MIthrandire" from the Sun god Mithra! And please don't tell me it's just a movie. These images of false gods get more views, attention, admiration, time, money, obedience (all kinds of spiritual power and authority over people) then most figures of our history combined. How many people know who Imam Mahdi is? Heck, until recently, most sunni muslims barely knew who he was.
  11. The interpretation is the same as it's always been. Similar to when the Israelite were awaiting Moses, they didn't think he was born and in hiding. The meaning of the "an always present Imam on earth" is if the Imam isn't apparent like during Imam Ali's time, he's in an occultation like Moses before he was born. Occultations are always spoken of by Prophets to prepare their people for their trial. When Prophet Isa said, there will be a prophet after me named Ahmad, this declared the transfer of Imamate from him to Prophet Muhammed after his death, which was later passed on to Imam Ali. hence the addition of: (apparant or hidden) in hadiths. This means that when the Imam isn't born yet, it doesn't mean there isn't any Imam, it means he isn't apparent (visibly manifested in the flesh) as is highlighted in the narration of "A sun behind the clouds" comparisons. This means that if the sun is behind the cloud and you can't see it does not mean it is no longer there, and it will eventually inevitably reappear and you would obviously live your life accordingly instead of setting fire to your crops as if the sun is for ever gone. That is exactly what "knowing your Imam" entails, knowing him through what was transferred to us concerning him and his arrival and his purpose. The "knowing him" hadith wasn't supposed to be taken as evidence that he is born, otherwise what is the point the of a born but hiding imam at least in terms of being able to know him?? And please don't start with "We can prove it is possible" stuff, anything is possible! The question is, is it true? It is unfortunate because the birth issue serves as the biggest barrier keeping sunni from pursuing the path of Ahlulbayt. What better way to keep muslims divided then to give each of them a half truth. One sect believes in an imamate and denies a human Mahdi, and the other believes in a human Mahdi and denies Imamate. And there is no sect that creates its ideology based on evidence, instead each of them writes books to support their positions by starting with their "truth" and pursuing their evidence accordingly. What a state of affairs you guys have going on here, and Ironically the Jews who are always scapegoated as the source of misguidance seem to be the most consistent of their beliefs of the Messiah's role and his human birth, perhaps I'm better served if I make my next stop a synagogue. And btw Reviving the dead and curing the blind does not mean what you guys think it does. It refers to reviving the "Sunnah" or teachings of those who came before him and correcting their beliefs. And curing the blind is exactly what I've been trying to do, the only difference is that at his time people listened and weren't so entrenched in their own ways. Now the slaves have been given a job (artificial purpose) and a car so they must know everything there is to know about life. No reason to listen to anyone trying to wake them and offending their God (wasting their time). If you don't believe me, go to a Shia a scholar and mention something about a neighbor of yours made a good case that he's The Mahdi and observe his behavior...If by some chance he doesn't start cracking up like you just made the funniest joke ever to be told then Ignore everything I posted on this site. And if by some miracle he turned to you and asked you what his evidence was, then never ever leave that person's side.
  12. I expected more of you. Never forget, life is a test. The Nigm I'll see you all soon.
  13. Ouch! I thought I nailed it. Dearborn is Detroit btw
  14. Are you sure we are talking about the same thread? It explains that time doesn't exist and that the clock is the "Dabat Al-Ard" or the second Beast of the Earth from revelation 13. You don't need to worry about the intro, you can skip it and go straight to verse interpretations. And the big picture I'm painting is we are all responsible for our own actions and decisions, and we've been granted access and "freedoms" that enable us to separate fact from fiction with ease if we were actually seeking the TRUE Truth, not the one that makes us feel better or proves us right. And instead of taking the time to refine what those who have come before us preserved and passed on to us (to the best of THEIR ABILITY), we entered in these types of endless circular arguments that lead us nowhere. I am saying this as someone with hard evidence of many truths, beyond my claims of Imamate and after I presented people with means to help on a grand and unprecedented scale, and asked for nothing in return, not even recognition for my effort I was met with a shocking monumental amount of ignorance in least expected of places. I received a collective "thanks but no thanks" everything is fine and dandy in the world. So you tell me how you'ld handle these people when you have the equations that prove your claims in your hand but they refuse to look at it. In short, because I have to run, think for yourself (following the Ahl Albayt and the Quran but not checking everything yourself is exactly what the Sunni's say and do); and don't judge without evidence, especially this late in the game. Note: btw the thread points to the fact that only Imam Mahdi can reveal and interpret those Beasts in revelations. So my question was can you honestly go through that thread and deny the evidence with peace of mind?