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  1. sefket83

    What does it mean to repent?

    Must a person be very sorry for what they did? I do not know.
  2. sefket83

    What does it mean to repent?

    If a person sins and repents then commits the same sin. Is this person responsible for both sins or only one?
  3. Is there a way for Jews or Christians who believe that it is possible they are right to enter heaven if they also knew that Islam might be true?
  4. sefket83

    What does it mean to repent?

    So it is enougn to: 1 feel sorry for an action 2 pray for forgivness 3 try to amend for the bad deed 4 and then never repeat it again What if a person did something to a person who is now dead? Then I geuss this person should pray for this person or give money for a good cause it this persons name. Is this a valid taught?
  5. sefket83

    Is God completely good in Islam?

    God can be almighty in that sense that he is in control of everything but that does not make him able to do anything. One can then ask the question why God allows evil and the answer to that is because he uses evil for good purposes. I do not know arabic but it seems as both shia and sunni agree that God is all wise (all good) so almighty means that nothing happens without his permission. This is a speculation.
  6. sefket83

    What does it mean to repent?

    What if a person does all these things but then enters a state where if they were put under the same circumstances as when they formerly sinned they would sin again but since they are not under such a state they do not sin? Is their previous repentance accepted?
  7. Is this person intentions something they will be rewarded for? What if a person wanted to sin but could not? Will this person be punished?
  8. sefket83

    Is God completely good in Islam?

    I think God is perfectly wise so he is completly good. Muslim say God is completly wise so that answers my question.
  9. I have tried to find in the Quran if it says that God is completly wise but found only the name wise. What do Muslims believe?
  10. Please answer this question since I am not sure what Muslims believe.
  11. sefket83

    Is God completely good in Islam?

    ^Yes suffering may lead to goodness.
  12. I have understood that repentence means that a person is sorry for what they did and would not repeat the same deed if they were in the same circumstance as they were when they commited the bad deed. This person has new knowledge or experience or their character have improved.
  13. If a person fallsaway two times from your religion can they repent and their repentence be accepted? And what happens if a person did not know that repe
  14. sefket83

    Is God completely good in Islam?

    Where in the Quran does it say God is all good?
  15. sefket83

    Is God completely good in Islam?

    You are evading the question but I do not mean to be rude.