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  1. Do Muslim know completly how it will be in heaven or do they have partial knowledge? I have understood that Muslims have partial knowledge. Tnx.
  2. What will happen to those Muslims who unintentionally believe wrongly about Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. I mean there are many different opinions on the meaning of the Quran, will all these people with different opinions all enter heaven someday?
  3. Must a person believe in their heart or just want to believe? Are these things the same I mean if a person wants to believe maybe then their heart also believes?
  4. I wonder if it is enough for a person to believe in Islam until they die to be eternally in heaven eventually? I mean maybe a person would not believe if they were subject to torture but since they are not subject to torture they believe. For example a Muslim maybe never experience much hardships with being a believer and he/she believes but if he/she were put under much hardship they would disbelieve. Must a Muslim believe no matter what or can they just rely on that if they believed in this life then they will someday enter heaven?
  5. Must a Muslim love God?

    He can not love me because I sin. He loves perfection. I can not say more than that.
  6. I am wondering this. Do you know this with your heart and or soul? Is it possible for the soul and or heart to know something wrongly?
  7. I do not intend to be offensive. Is the soul/heart not able to know things wrongly? I understand that the brain can think it knows something while it does not know. I wonder sometimes how Muhammed (a.s) did know that he was on the right path?
  8. Must a Muslim love God?

    No I have sinned. I have remorse for some things I did but not all. I used to think that I love God but now I think I do not really and God does not really love me either but that does not mean he does not do good things towards me because God is wise. I do not know if you are completly obiedient to God, if you are not then you can wonder why you prefer a less wise path.
  9. If a person commited hypocrisy?

    Is it not a requirment to repent for sins in order to be forgiven? I have not found anywhere in the Quran where it says that all who become Muslim everything will be forgiven them. I do know that in the ahadith it is mentioned.
  10. What will happen to those that commit hypocrisy? Can they be forgiven if they want to become Muslim?
  11. Yes, they did. There is a difference in bounty/grace and honor.
  12. I have read it but I did not understand everything. I know most Muslims think that Muhammed (a.s) is the best prophet but if both are a creation of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى then both are equal in honor but maybe not in value.
  13. To me Adam (a.s) according to the Quran is a creation of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and thus he is perfect and can not be less honorable then Muhammed (a.s). What is your taughts on this? Tnx!
  14. Must a Muslim love God?

    If I hated the sins I have commited I would have not done them and if I hated the good deeds I did I would not have done them.