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  1. Salam, I had a nice time here but I need to continue my voyage and instead of expressing my opinion gain some knowledge and refresh my thoughts on things. Have a nice stay and take care.
  2. Salam, I wish you all a blessed Quds Day. The Day of the third Holy place in Islam. May liberation be at hand.
  3. Intimacy should not be displayed in public but it seems everyone has a diffirent definiton about intimacy.
  4. They will not confront you in the West but in the same time they will ask themselves if this is in accordance with Islam. They are not muslim but still they understand the essence of chasticity. They are not savage apes without mind.
  5. Salam, Why are these two Surah's combined in prayer and not in Quran?
  6. I know this sheikh and there are many sunni shuyukh in taqiyyah.
  7. I know this sheikh and there are many sunni shuyukh in taqiyyah.
  8. It's not about the happening but about the treath. One should not threat a fellow muslim let alone the Ahl al-Bayt a.s. And why this agressive stance? Why were there immediately threats and couldn't the matter be settled in a civilised manner? I mean if everything went according to the rules you do not have to intimidate people or be afraid people would refuse your caliphal status.
  9. But he would have burnt her a.s. as well if he had to. That's sick.
  10. Meaning: Although he 'loved' her, if this group gathered there, he would have burnt it down wether she stayed in or not. It wasn't personal, he only didn't care about her if she would be there as well.
  11. I propose 2 lashes as penalty.
  12. I support his view unconditionally. I even support penalties and police action when these things happen in public. We must eradicate these things from the root for if not it becomes worse and more shameless by the day.
  13. To cuddle is a private thing. Some people can become offended. Children can become shy because of it. And the male and female loners feel more lonely when they see such things. Keep it for the home. What's behind closed doors is yours.
  14. You're right. This is the way it should be and stay so forever.
  15. Salam brother,

    Nice to meet you.

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    2. 313 Seeker

      313 Seeker

      That happened to me too when i first started reading the quran. :) looks like we both have a lot in common. My paternal grandfather is catholic as well and i was born and raised in a catholic country. 

    3. 313 Seeker

      313 Seeker

      what was the first most impressive part of the quran for you. like, what was the most inspiring and powerful lesson learned?

    4. Faruk


      That Isa a.s. was not the son of God and just a Prophet just like all other Prophets. That I agreed immediately with all except the issue of Isa a.s. That Quran was based on logic and had nothing to do with a M-E'ern culture. That there was so much emphasis on Tawhid.

      And that the message of Quran was actually present in the Bible though covered with invented beliefs here and there.