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  1. Deobandi Are 100% Wahabi Najdi, Not Sunni

    Not confirming your position. Just want to say that nowadays there is entry to a huge load of information in books and the net. Above all Allah gifted us with reason but mainstream scholars forbid people to think for themselves. Scholar worship is a kind of shirk as well. Some people therefore are afraid to think independent.
  2. New Year's Eve

    Thanks. Everything still seems the same.
  3. Everyone has the right to prefer a certain type of law, system or state and as long one abides by the law of the country he's living in one does not have to go anywhere. Your suggestive talks are more dangerous than a terrorist.
  4. Iraq not part of any axis

    That was exactly one of the reasons the IS-card was thrown. Don't cooperate with Iran or we send our dogs.
  5. Look man. How many Shia's do live in the Arab World? Lebanon for example has a huge Shia minority and some majorities in enclaves but do they implement their laws on believers from other sects or faiths. And most of these Shia are pro-Iran. Let alone the Sistani Shia's who do not even are islamist and living abroad would claim a caliphate/imamate in Sweden? Come on bro'! You must be mistaken with some Najdi's.
  6. New Year's Eve

    Wa alaykum Salam, Nothing special.
  7. They are just two diffirent schools of fiqh IF we can consider Zaidiyyah as a mere fiqh school which is not the case. Like one earlier mentioned imam Abu Hanifa supported the uprising of imam Zayd a.s. against the Umayyads. But in fiqh he just made his own ijtihad while the Hanafi madhab is questionable. Imam Abu Hanifa did not left books of his own and the school was mainly spread by his students who contrary to himself were willing to accept the function as Chief Judge for the Abbasid caliph. The diffirences in prayer is that Zaidi's do sadl. They keep the two feet closed during sujud just like Imami's, they consider the basmallah as a part of any surah meaning that they recite it out loud or just as inaudible as the entire surat has to be recited (depending on the prayer one is performing. No amin, the taawudh is allowed. No raising of hands during any part of the prayer even takbiratul ihram. No raising of the finger during tashahhud. Some scholars permitted only the last two. These are the fundamental diffirences. Wordings: Subhanallah instead of Subhanarabbi during rukuh and sujud with the addition of wa bi hamdi(hi). The Tashahhud is same as Hanafi but As-Salamu alayka .. is left out. One is permitted to recite it after the Salawat Ibrahimiyyah.
  8. Deobandi Are 100% Wahabi Najdi, Not Sunni

    Salam, There is the political-historical, ideological, theological, and judicial understanding of what sunnism means. It however started all as a political-historical term. The definitive split at Karbala and the irreversible transfer of the caliphate into the hands of the Umayyads. The belief that the last event was right and justified to me is the axis of sunnism. i.e. The ASWJ* that was originally imam Ali a.s. and his party switched to the Umayyads and their followers. The contradiction in nowadays sunnism is that they try to reconciliate those opposite positions into one which to me is kinda strange. Why not just follow Haqq instead of trying to stay anyone's friend? That's not the middle way. That's opportunism. * AhsusSunnahWalJamaah
  9. Just another imperialst move added to the so-called Arab spring.
  10. https://crescent.icit-digital.org/articles/foreign-agents-turning-concern-over-rising-food-prices-into-anti-government-protestshttps://crescent.icit-digital.org/articles/foreign-agents-turning-concern-over-rising-food-prices-into-anti-government-protests
  11. Salam all, Are there simmilarities between the belief in 'Free Will' and 'Bada''?
  12. What were those very condemnable beliefs if I may ask? I think they have many simmilarities with shi'ism except when it comes to imamate.
  13. Salam, What is the Twelver view on Mu'tazilah
  14. Raising hands during prayer

    Just the known parts like most sunni's do. Opening before and after the bowing, getting up. etc.
  15. Why i Reverted

    Salam, The Party of imam Ali a.s. was on the Sunnah and was the Jamaah as well.