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  1. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    Well in every madhab and sect the salawat is included. Is the salawat also included in your salawat and what are its wordings?
  2. Next time do not come with hearsay but with detailed facts. You heard the sound but doesn't know where the bell is.
  3. Well then at least can you tell me from which time period these sunni's and shia's were?
  4. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    Well if he's really honest then we can't be sure about who the companion in the cave was. Is it fair to say it was Abu Bakr r.a. as his name is not mentioned in Quran?
  5. Brother when you told me you knew a chain or chains consisting of only sunni's and consisting of sunni's and shia's. Do you at least know who these sunni's and sunni's and shia's were where you talked about and in what time period they lived in?
  6. You talked about a chain consisting of shia's and sunni's and about chains consisting of only sunni's. When did this chain stop or about which time-period of that chain were you talking?
  7. You talked about an isnad right? When and with who did it stop?
  8. Just the way you meant it. Don't care about my understanding.
  9. Beside the fact that the Quran is the Word of Allah containing a Message and Mercy to the Worlds and is much more than a combination of letters and words that can be read diffirent with slight diffirences in verb conjugation etcetera. I'd like to ask you a question. When was it that the Quran and its recitation(s) and diffirent reading(s) were secured and defined?
  10. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    How do you perform prayer? Is salawat included? And what are the wordings of your salawat?
  11. Question for Sunni

    I mentioned this because Imam Jafar a.s. was put down as opposed to caliph 1, 2 and four while having a blood-connection with caliph 1.
  12. Question for Sunni

    I believe he a.s. had more knowledge than the Four Sunni Fuqaha combined together. What went wrong?
  13. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    You should as the prominent position of the Ahl al-Bayt a.s. and it's exclusive connection with the Prophet s.a.w.a.s. and the Book of Allah is crystal clear and mentioned in the traditions of all sects.
  14. Question for Sunni

    Him being a righteous member of the aale Muhammad a.s. is sufficient. It however irritates me that scholars of the aale Muhammad a.s. do not have prominent positions in the scholarly world of early islam which ofcourse had political reasons. Abu Hanifa and other three imams of sunnism do not have that same connection with Muhammad s.a.w.a.s. as imam Jafar as-Sadiq a.s. had. So why not prefer imam Jafar a.s. above the other four?
  15. Saudi Arabia is a bid'ah. A neo-colonial puppet state. We should call it Arab Sharif or Hejaz.