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  1. Raising hands during prayer

    Just the known parts like most sunni's do. Opening before and after the bowing, getting up. etc.
  2. Why i Reverted

    Salam, The Party of imam Ali a.s. was on the Sunnah and was the Jamaah as well.
  3. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    Ofcourse we know better. But 1. I have a responsibility towards the non-informed reading this and 2. I am allergic for BS especially from people who should stay away from discussions they did not analyzed thoroughly and enter it with a provincial mindset adding more confusion than there already is in our weakened ummah. There are more important issues all muslims should worry about than Mawlid celebrations.
  4. My point was that there is consensus among all sects that with Ahl al-Bayt and Aale Muhammad the Five were meant. So if one doubts that loving them and acknowledging their status is islam it is against the creed of all sects actually.
  5. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    First learn the six types of bidah before you enter a forum with a centuries-long discussed topic within sunnism and shiism. Your argument is a cheap introduction to it and long time already chewed out by scholarly giants of all sects who read tons of books and not just read a few articles or watched a six-minut long youtube video. People are yelling bidah not even recognizing the bidah in their own sects and knowing about the halal and haram types of bidah.
  6. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    There is my mentioning of the verse which can never be a fault and there is your assumption. And for your information I checked Tafsir ibn Kathir before I posted it. Read it as well if I were you. Various sunni sheikhs did consider Mawlid celebrations to be a good thing as well so if you ask me you're or just a salafi, an ahl al-hadith man or just don't have a clue about sunnism at all.
  7. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    He should read a sunni tafsir and find out what the general meaning of the verse is. These are the people who call someone mr. Extra-carefull when washing or wiping the feet exclusively instead of wiping the socks or shoes. But when one wants to express love for the Prophet s.a.w.a.s. and happiness over his birth wants to limit it with their own set standards.
  8. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    Beside you was mocking the verse and wrote other nonsense I'd still like to know .. In what way does celebrating Mawlid contradict the Quran when only non-haram acts are performed?
  9. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    Don't mind about the translation. Ponder about the meaning.
  10. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    I believe that what you consider you should do you should keep for yourself.
  11. Celebrating The Birthday Of Prophet Bida?

    The sunni's who I know and celebrate Mawlid are no shrine-goers. There are many sunni's who celebrate it but they are obscured by salafi and scripturalist propaganda. In the Netherlands where I live at least one sunni mosque in every middle-big city was celebrating it. Let alone in Pakistan. Barelvi do celebrate it without a doubt.
  12. Celebrating The Birthday Of Prophet Bida?

    It is bidah just like praying twenty rakah a night (in the mosque) during ramadan is a bidah. Salafi's consider the sunnah of the caliphs equal to the Sunnah pf Muhammad s.a.w.a.s.
  13. There is no doctrine of 12 imams in Quran. And if so then it's a matter of interpretation. Possible nut debatable. What is sure anyway is that the Ahl al-Bayt a.s. (the Five) are mentioned according to all sects. To love the Aale Muhammad a.s is an integral part of Islam as no prayer is valid without uttering this in obligatory prayers so look for the anwser in your own sect. If you do not love them a.s, you do not love Muhammad s.a.w.a.s. and if you do not love Muhammad s.a.w.a.s. you don't love Allah. You'r still a muslim then?
  14. Quds Fury ? Don't be Angry!

    What is more selfish than to consider this a futile thing? Nothing is more political than the above statement. What really bothers me is that people do not realize that this is just an effect of the occupation that started in the last century. Are people surprised now?
  15. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    Behold! Safa and Marwa are among the Symbols of Allah. So if those who visit the House in the Season or at other times, should compass them round, it is no sin in them. And if any one obeyeth his own impulse to good,- be sure that Allah is He Who recogniseth and knoweth. — Surah 2, Al-Baqarah, Ayah 158[