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  1. In the case of Muawiya only the arbitration stopped him a.s.
  2. There was already a battle going on with the purpose to fight Muawiya and then to kill/imprison him or to make him subdue or whatever. Only the acceptance of the arbitration did stop him a.s. There are given two reasons for that: 1) He a.s. decided to accept by himself contrary to his army 2) He a.s. decided to accept because his army insisted him a.s. to do so It probably was the second reason as he a,s. intended to fight Muawiya in the first place as Ibn Sina put it. What is the Quranic argument for this decision?
  3. The Ahl al-Bayt a.s. always act in accordance with the Quran so what was the Quranic argument for accepting an arbitration?
  4. Salam, I believe that Imam Ali a.s. should have killed Muawiya. What was the reason he a.s. did not?
  5. The sunni always talks bad about the shia but when we learn our history we'll discover that the sunni were opposed to Imam Ali a.s. and his party. Only centuries later Imam Ali a.s. was incorporated in the Rashidun. While once the order was Abu Bakr-Umar-Uthman-Muawiya-Yazid. According to nowadays sunni concept of Rashidun (Abu Bakr-Umar-Uthman-Ali) it is clear for those who use reason that the sunni back then were not on Haqq when it came to Imam Ali a.s. And still they venerate the Umayyads and Abbasids as rightful rulers. That's the reason I can never accept sunnism.
  6. Salam, Thank you for your sincere reply. Is there a Quranic verse that gives you as a Shia muslim a confirmation or a boost in your beliefs as a Shia? And if so would you like to tell us?
  7. Salam, How do you know your sect is on Haqq? And why would you never become a sunni/shia?
  8. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    There is only one Quran but every sect has its own ahaadith collection. How do you know that yours is the right one and reliable?
  9. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    His religion is sunni islam. Stands right below his profile pic.
  10. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    Same counts for a lot of Sunni beliefs as well bro'.
  11. The contradiction that I experience personally is that if the Fuqaha base their rulings on Ijtihad then actually everybody is allowed to practice Ijtihad but that is not allowed in mainstream Sunni Islam.
  12. Salafis think we can see Allah's face...

    As long you are not able to distinguish or recognize the diffirence between the antropomorphic/literal/physical view and the non-antropomorphic/figurative/spiritual view of 'seeing Allah' there is no reason for me to continue this discussion.
  13. Salafis think we can see Allah's face...

    Both, the aya and the hadith show us that it's a figure of speech and nothing more than that.
  14. Salafis think we can see Allah's face...

    I disagree with your belief that the salafi view is the same as the shia view. I still wonder if you are aware of the diffirence in interpretation and meaning.
  15. Salafis think we can see Allah's face...

    Self purification is one of the main goals of every muslim.