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  1. amr

    Who can help me ?

    Thank you all brothers and sisters. I can also teach Arabic in return
  2. Sallam ALikom I have problem , the Forum automatically download this audio with me . if I open anything here this thing download automatically , what's this ?
  3. amr

    Do looks matter to you

    Really It matters. I agree
  4. Allahumma salli ala Muhammadiw wa ali Muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد ياكريم
  5. amr

    Books about revolutions

    I have many books about Revoulations but in Arabic , If you need send me your Email and I'll send them to you .
  6. amr


    Batool is the name of Mariam ( Saint Mariam ) it's popular in Arabic to say Mariam Albtool , Fatma Elzhara . Zeniab El kobra.
  7. amr

    living in hell

    Don't despair the mercy of Allah! That is the second greater sin. We all have sinned. who don't have sines tray to do your best but never ever despair the mercy of Allah. communicate with people. Server them and spend your money as much you can this delete sin and mistakes.
  8. amr

    Guftuguhaye Tanha’i

    I don't know the meaning of this book in Farsi but it should be translated into Arabic. I think all his books have been translated into Arabic
  9. amr


    Totally agree with this opinion
  10. amr

    Do looks matter to you

    Yea I agree . but looks is very important. we should take in consider
  11. amr

    Who can help me ?

    Thank you hameedah and also I found a friend helps me now alhmdullah
  12. amr

    Christmas and reverts

    I think there is no problem to celebrate the birth of prophet Jesus. and about christmas I think It's look like a secular celebrate
  13. amr

    Who can help me ?

    Thanks sister for help