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  1. The great majority of Iranian people agree withe the Iranian gov related to the society issues , I know there is some voices here and there but we can't take heir voice in concern if the whole people against them
  2. Would Like To Improve My English!

    I face the same problem
  3. they don't believe in political issues and resistance Israel oppose the Islamic Republic and Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamanei . some people of them hate Hezbullah and say bad words to Hamas and Palestinian Resistance
  4. Imam Ali

    peace upon Imam Ali , the sound of the Humanity Justice
  5. I want to be a Shia Muslim

    Congratulation and may Allah swt take our hands and your hand to the truth ,
  6. I want to be a Shia Muslim

    if you want to be Shia Muslim , your are Now shia Muslim . if you think that Shia beliefs are true you are now Shia
  7. thank you Yusur, I will read it .
  8. what is these conditions ?
  9. thank you , this is new information for me
  10. all this is great , but the first step as he mentioned above is to fight ourselves then we can do all these things easily
  11. the person who need to marry again must take the permission of his first wife ?! is it a condition in Deen or for only respect and tradition and habits ?
  12. sallam Alikom please I want to ask about the second marriage , is there a specific conditions to marry again ? is it good on our deen ( Islam ) to marry again ? or it's not good ( Mostahab ) ? please I want to know the opinion of deen and scholars in this issue