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  1. This is my translation : Oh you who have removed calamities from the face of Imam Hussain a.s (meaning: the calamities he was inflicted with, which were apparent on his face a.s.), Remove my calamities by your brother Imam Hussin a.s.
  2. al-Sadiq [as] Meets His Sunni Doppelgänger

    It is always better to post the original Arab text for any Hadith along the translation..
  3. I did not see the video. But I know What happened in the uni on that day. You can search the net. Wahhabi thugs inter the university to attack the Shiite students, and the security forces were helping them. Some Shia boys tried to protect the Shia girls.. All in All, Shiites are the oppressed people in Bahrain which is ruled by a Sunni regime that is backed by Saudi and the Wahhabis.