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  1. The fastest way is a bullet in her head, though you can talk to her and try to convince her by means of the comments of the other guys below.
  2. I believe, for the years to come, north Korea will remain unharmed. With these tensions between the US and China, Chinese will understand that they need more allies in the region so keeping north Korea which is their ally would be wise, while China is surrounded by US allies such as Japan and South Korea. In such situation, North Korea's survival is necessary for China, if they seek the balance of power in the east.
  3. They are useless for you, they are all in Persian, but here is a short clip about it(in Persian ofc)
  4. Yup, the velayat.tv works on behalf of AyatolAllah Makaram(ha) and it is really authentic, in fact it is the only reliable Shia international religious tv channel, the En part of this TV will began to work soon And about this erfan the great Iranian researcher Mr. Ali Akbar Raefipour gave some information which confirms its dangers
  5. Erfan halgheh is something that involves contacting djinns and those who were involved in it has serious problems in their lives such as seeing things that others cannot, and there are many videos leaked of their meetings which shows how djinns are affecting people, in Persian ofc, by the way velayat.tv is helping people to free themselves of djinns bounds if they were involvedi n this matter here is a video of one of these meetings but it was blurred for the privacy of the victims:
  6. The speech, given in Fadak, after Bibi Fatima(sa) heard the news of the usurpation of Fadak, in three languages: Arabic, Persian and English. Words fail to express the pain in her words...
  7. It's only few seconds, just watch.....
  8. In this case, I advice you to watch how to kill us softly documentary, on youtube , and you'll understand more that you are right
  9. I'm in but from another direction, which is much shorter From Iran. A few months ago I was there btw, my best times of life.
  10. I'm not married yet bro, but I've seen men complaining for talkative wives and women for lack of money when they long to have something.
  11. For a husband and his wife this would suffice:
  12. Yes indeed I heard something strange about him, he was cheated by some jealous people due to his great voice, they made a mixture of lead and tea and sugar, and offered him to drink, and he drank without knowing what's the plan, his voice was ruined, he could barely speak but after a while suddenly, not only his voice was restored but it was much more beautiful than before.
  13. A great Latmia, in Persian ofc but with English subtitle.
  14. A requiem for the Bibi Fatima(sa) published by Velayat TV
  15. The supreme leader of Iran Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei(ha) stated: "We thank Trump for exposing the reality of the U.S." Read the full statement here: http://english.khamenei.ir/news/4617/We-thank-Trump-for-exposing-the-reality-of-the-U-S-Ayatollah