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  1. In the name of the lord of the martyrs. I intend to share some video clips as the title of the post says about Ashura, and I ask you to share similar video clips below this post.
  2. The contradictions and facts about Bible.
  3. lesson from treaty b/w imam Hassan and Muawiya

    I've never claimed to have seen Imam Mahdi(af) But, Your point of view is completely true, you consider Imam Mahdi(as) absence equal to passiveness, no, it is wrong, The prophet MuhammadÕáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå said: People will benefit Mahdi's presence like people benefitting the sun behind the clouds. or Imam Mahdi(af) himself said: If it wasn't because of me, the storms of fitnas would crash you. Besides, AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì said in Quran: " لیس للانسان الا ما سعی" Or "انّ الله لایغیّر ما بقوم حتّی یغیّروا ما بانفسهم" Imam(af) is not an exclusion here, his absence won't end unless he himself tries for it as well as we Shias. Imam Khomeini(ra) himself revealed the fact that Imam Mahdi(af) is behind this revolution. When Imam Khomeini(ra) returned to Iran after his long years of exile, the U.S and the regime's military forces were after a coup, so they announced curfew, but Imam Khomeini(ra) commanded people to stay in streets, people were dying by military forces and AyatolAllah Taliqani(ra) if I am not mistaken called Imam for multiples of time to convince Imam to cancel his command, and at last Imam told him: "You know better or the Master of Era?" but Imam never claimed directly to be in touch with Imam Mahdi(af). Another example which shows Imam Mahdi(af) helped Shias directly, is in a movement which took place two centuries ago, in those days, many of the Iranian people were working in planting Tobacco, and it was their sole income way, but the dominant dynasty of those days Qajar, signed a contract with Britain in which people were forced to sell their harvests to British for a really low price, in those days many protested but none were heard by the king so, the Great Mirza Shirazi, the greatest Marja of those days announced a fitwa:" From now on, consuming tobacco in any way, is equal to declaring war against Imam of Era himself" after that people burned their farms, and destroyed all the instruments they used to consume tobacco, and thus the Britain saw there's nothing left of the contract so they themselves violated it. After that, Mirza Shirazi canceled the fitwa and people started planting tobacco again. With a little thinking, we can see that no Marja ever speaks instead of Imam of Era, for it will be the same as lying about them? Then only one thing remains, Imam of Era gave the command himself. Leave all of the things said above aside, just take a brief look at Iran's revolution history, no country ever could endure so many conspiracies, each one of the things that had happened to Iran after the revolution, was enough to destroy more than one country. I ask you a question, can a country over taken by the chaos of a revolution, being invaded by another country armed to teeth, while the president is a betrayer, the army commander is a betrayer, the air force commander is betrayer, multiple of the provinces declared independence and the country is busy unifying the country? I only see the hand of AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì that preserved Iran, and where ever AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì is helping, definitly Imam Mahdi(af) is working as well.
  4. This video was posted by Khamenei.ir website and I decided to share it with you good friends of mine.
  5. lesson from treaty b/w imam Hassan and Muawiya

    True, Islam is the religion of peace, I agree with that, but, it was Imam Hassan(as) who offered peace, not Muawyiah(la), Muawyiah wanted war to eradicate every single shia remains from the face of earth, it was Imam Hassan(as) who saved everyone. Besides, who said rejecting peace offer would be against divine Imamah, during the Badr War, Muslims captured more than 70 mushriks of Mecca, the prophet MuhammadÕáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå commanded them all to be killed, but, Muslims disobeyed and the prophetÕáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå said: For every one of these you didn't kill, you will be killed next year. The prophet Davoud(as) was a king as well, he was divine yet he had wars, the divine king Talout(as) also had wars, The prophet Moses(as) commanded his nation to go to war, to fight and their enemies knew they cannot withstand the attack yet, no peace was ever made. Above all of these, sometimes peace is the tool of the enemy, some examples from the current age: Iranians revoulted 40 years ago and announced : "Israel should be removed from the face of the earth." What happened? first Iran was the subject of some coups, all ended up in failure. Yet, the threat already remained for Israel, for before the revolution, the dictator Muhammad-Reza Shah was a mad arm fan, he had stockpiles of awesome weapons to be used against Israel, in such situation, Iraq invaded Iran and those stockpiles were used defending against Iraq rather than being used for invading Israel, after 2 years Iran ran out of arms, and in this moment the UN, Iraq, in one word the whole world offered peace. But Iran didn't accept for the reason I will mention in another example furture. Iran kept the war going on for 6 more years. Israel attacks Gaza Strip and when Gaza retaliates with some missile, a peace agreement is offered and both sides agree and again Israel will invade and agin peace, attack and kill and when it is time for Israel to bleed, peace is offered, and is accepted, If Iran had accepted that peace agreement after 2 years of war, then whenever Iran made any progress in arm producing, Saddam would invade Iran again, and the cycle would repeat, but Iran finished it once and for all by fighting for 8 years. Sometimes peace is beyond fighting. A more tangible example, is what happening in Syria, whenever the terrorists are cornered and are reciving heavy damage, a cease fire zone will be offered by the UN, and always, it is terrorists who start attacking again. The cease fire is a tool for them to reinforce. Above these all, during the Saffain war, Imam Ali(as) had won the war, but Muawyiah offered peace, and people forced Imam Ali(as) to accept it while Imam didn't want. Now we all know that that peace was a trick.
  6. Why is Everyone So Angry?

    I believe this manner of anger is the resault of our wrong new lifestyle, we are highly dependant on social media, virtual things, youths should engage in activities to stablize their anger potenials such as archery, shooting with guns at objects in controlled zones, sports such as kungfu, wrestling, ... even soccer can do it. Yet instead, people tend to play video games and watching movies full of violence and this will accumulate this anger and it cannot be hold back and ... it they get angry for stupid things. That's why the Prophet Muhammad said:" Train 3 sports to you children, swimming, riding, and archery."
  7. lesson from treaty b/w imam Hassan and Muawiya

    In fact Imam Hassan(as) was criticized by his companions on those days for his peace making, Hujr Ibn Adi(ra) whose shrine was ruined by terrorirsts in Syria and his body was taken out as if he was died a day ago, criticized Imam Hassan(as) by such words: Ya muzil al-mu'minin. And Imam Hassan(as) told him:"If I hadn't made peace, no Shia would be left alive on the face of the earth." This peace was against Muawyiah's agenda. Muawyiah could erradicate all those who oppose him and rule with utter surity, but what Imam Hassan(as) did made forced Muawiyah to accept the peace for if he hadn't then the very soldiers of Muawiyah would turn against him and it was what would benefit Imam Hassan(as). But why Imam Hassan(as) offered peace and had no other choice? Imam Ali(as) had worked and forged the system of Shi'ism, he started his task by 3 shias and gathered people and trained more and more Shias during the first 3 caliphs, he trained people capable of governing states, leading armies,... but all of these people were killed during the wars, all that he had left were not wise enough to become the pillars of his system, and Imam Hassan(as) was the heir of such ruined system, he needed to mend it, reinforce it, and Muawyiah knew this and that's why the war broke out but Imam Hassan(as) bought this time by making peace. Yet, he proved that, Muawyiah was not the man people think and this was what, that strenghtened Imam's power. To tell you what we can learn from it is that, Imam Mahdi(af) has been doing this for over 1170 years. He was training, reinforcing, and forging an army of millions for his revolution. The revolution of Iran in 40 years ago, was the resault of those endeavors, the main goal of Iran's revolution is the reappearance of Imam Mahdi(af).
  8. I saw fearful dream.

    If you have seen it near dawn, then it can be mean something really but if you hadn't then it only means a distant relative will be your guest and he will eat all you have at home
  9. need info for the hawza ilmia in iran

    I suggest you to pay Iran's embassy a visit there or call them for guidance, I am sure you are not the first Indian intented to do so, besides, they can help you with citizenship and other related stuff.
  10. Single men come here please

    Use yogurt, and fast sometimes. I wanted to write more but I know you already know them all.Btw we all know that, these are not what you meant to do, you and I and many others are meant to get married yet due to the wrong traditions, conditions, expectations and ... , marriage has been delayed. Everytime someone spoke of delayed marriage it reminds me of a story. It was winter, and a poet was traveling for days in safety, but one day, he was attacked by bandits and they took him to their chief, he told himself, I am a court poet so I will do what I always do and it will save me. He started flattering and rhyming praising the bandit chief, but, the bandit chief was an uneducated, illiterate man so he ordered to leave the man naked out of their camp, the poet left and after taking few steps, some dogs barked at him and started pursuing him. The defenseless poet felt the danger and saw no way to run, so he bent down to pick up some stones to throw at dogs but the ground was frozen and the stones were sticked to it, he failed again... desperately shouted:" What damn people are these, they have collared the stones and left dogs without collar." This is the situation of us brother, sexual materials are everywhere, much more than before, yet getting married is much harder than ever had been.
  11. 1 year ago this clip was made, yet...
  12. Ofc it is available, but it is in Persian, I don't know whether it was translated to English or not
  13. He is among us!

    An awesome short film made by Masaf institude about Imam of Era,... and us.
  14. In the Name of Allah, the Companionate, the Merciful What is the need for a “Mahdavi Resuscitation”? What we understand from studying the actions which are recommended to do on the eve of the 15th of Shaban is that this night is the successor and equivalent to the “Night of Power”, a blessed night, a perfect opportunity to approach God, to gain excellence and pardon, also the distribution of portion and the destinies are inscribed on this night. The most significant actions of this night include: ablution, staying up late (saying prayers, praying and repenting), conveying a salute to Imam Hussein (PBUH) even by saluting him from the roof of one’s house (this is the most preeminent of the actions on this night), Du'a Kumayl, some special Du’as (of which the most important and relevant one is اَللّهُمَّ بِحَقِّ لَیْلَتِنا [هذِهِ] وَ مَوْلُودِها –[Oh God, to this night and the one who was born in it]) and some prayers (which are long and detailed). By “Mahdavi Resuscitation” we mean to make the people aware of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and to grab their attention to him and making this night special because of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Based on what has been said so far, the following strategy can be considered for this night: First, we should repent (as it is recommended to do so on this night) and then we implore God what we want (this is highly recommended in different prayers). Of course, we should pay due attention to this fact that “as far as the form and type of organizing gatherings for such a night needs to be expedient and wise so that along with what lecturers say on this night the addressees are trained well, we need to have a special plan for this night.” In fact, a participant in such gatherings wants to find an answer to the following questions and we want to have the best possible answers: Why is such a night so dear to God? Why does it have so much widespread blessings? (God has sworn that no one is returned empty-handed.) What should we repent for? (What sins entangle prayers and bring about chastisement and hardship? What is the surest way to be pardoned? What should we ask God? (What are the best requests? Is there a request which incarnate all the good things?) Are the mentioned cases related to the person born on this eve? To answer the above questions we suggest the following scheme: Repentance B) Urgency C) Prayer Repentance As it was mentioned earlier, such a night is the night to repent for the sins and seek pardon and excellence: What better way do you know for repenting other than showing sympathy to Imam Hussein (PBUH) by crying? (On this night, the most preeminent of the actions is conveying a salute to Imam Hussein (PBUH) even if we just face toward Karbala and which prayer better than Du'a Kumayl of Amir al-Mumenin?) The aim of step A: Repenting for the sins which entangle prayers and for the sins which prevent or hamper the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Urgency Our addressee should know that the best prayer is to implore God for the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), provided that he understands that what abundant grace and blessing he has missed because of Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) Occultation. Therefore, it is suggested that the Du’a al-Faraj (supplication for relief) [O God! The disasters have increased) and special clauses from Nudba Du’a (Where is Imam Mahdi (PBUH)? Where is the avenger of the blood of Imam Hussein (PBUH)?) and the clause which refers to “Where is he?” and the one which implies the failure to gain blessing because of his absence be recited. The aim of step B: the addressee should realize that he lacks this huge treasure and finds himself as unfortunate and orphan and consequently feels distressed. Prayer Now we know what we should ask: “Oh God, to this night and the one who was born in it” as well as some lines from Nudba Du’a (اللهم انت کشاف الکرب و البلوی to the end) and other phrases in which God is addressed and anyone who stays up resuscitating has Inshallah reached the meaning of the Prayer for the relief and Reappearance. Now, that we have repented and become distressed and we implore God for the Reappearance we can ask everyone to recite together the Verse 62 of Al-Naml Surah: “أَمَّنْ يُجِيبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ إِذَا دَعَاهُ وَيَكْشِفُ السُّوءَ وَيَجْعَلُكُمْ خُلَفَاءَ الْأَرْضِ أَإِلَهٌ مَعَ اللَّهِ قَلِيلًا مَا تَذَكَّرُونَ” Or, who listens to the (soul) distressed when it calls on Him, and Who relieves its suffering, and makes you (mankind) inheritors of the earth? (Can there be another) god besides Allah? Little it is that ye heed! Undoubtedly, this part is the most spiritual and interesting part of the gathering based on what we have experienced in three consecutive years and by making the programs into a network nationwide and even abroad as well as according to the survey done by asking our audience. It is quite obvious that a communal request and a general distress accompanied with tears and supplications are been emphasized in prayers and narrations. (Is there any succor?) Thus, it is recommended that conveying a salute to Imam Hussein (PBUH) or “Ziyarat Ashura” be the first program on the agenda. (It helps prepare a spiritual atmosphere for the gathering). By reciting some Verses of the Holy Quran (after “Ziyarat Ashura”) the gathering has already begun. Then the orator should give his oration. Next, some phrases from Du'a Kumayl (the end of the repenting section) should be read. A refreshing (if needed) The Du’a al-Faraj with the phrases of “Where”, Nudba Du’a (the end of the urgency section) The Du’a of اَللّهُمَّ بِحَقِّ لَیْلَتِنا [هذِهِ] وَ مَوْلُودِها as well as the phrases which address God (اللهم انت کشاف الکرب و البلوی to the end). In these lines we just request God his Imam. And at the end, a repetition (e.g. 100 times) of the Verse by everyone: “أَمَّنْ يُجِيبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ إِذَا دَعَاهُ وَيَكْشِفُ السُّوءَ وَيَجْعَلُكُمْ خُلَفَاءَ الْأَرْضِ أَإِلَهٌ مَعَ اللَّهِ قَلِيلًا مَا تَذَكَّرُونَ” (It is recommended that the eulogists be aware that at the end of every ten repetition they can mention the urgency the Ahl al- Bayt had, for instance the distress Abbas ibn Ali (PBUH) had when his waterskin was torn, the distress Imam Hussein (PBUH) had when the arrow hit the neck of his six-year-old son, the distress of Imam Ali (PBUH) and even by mentioning the distress of the Shias all over the world including Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Lebanon and by referring to these, we implore God to precipitate the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). The organizers, lecturers and eulogists of the gatherings should pay attention that excluding their indisputable discussions (no need to mention them but e.g. the duties of the awaiting people) should refer to the following points due to the special conditions of these days: The great oppression that has been inflicted on humanity and Islam as well as Shias by the Satans of the humans and Jinn. The oppression is the cultural unawareness and lack of faith which is widespread all over the world and also the humans’ inability to manage the world. Referring to the importance of solidarity among Shias and avoiding division, and mentioning the bravery of the defenders in Syria, Iraq and etc. emphasizing the role of defending Islam and spreading hope to the awaiting people until the moment of the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Having a complete awareness toward the fake and astray sects of Islam To sum it up, the person who is staying up praying repents from the sins (those which prevent the Reappearance) he becomes distressed because of not having the Imam and the oppression in the world and prays for the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) (in this pray all the blessings and good things are included). Based on what have been said so far: The motto: “Mahdavi Resuscitating, repenting, distress and prays” is recommended. Repenting from the sins which prevent the Reappearance --->Distress for the Occultation ---> The Al-Faraj Du'a and the separation ends. You can download this video for more clarification: http://dl.masaf.ir/film/Raefipour/Mahdavi Vigil 2016-Mr.ALi Akbar Raefipour-English360p.mp4 ========================================================================================= Here is the Arabic explanations: لماذا إحیاء المهدویة؟! ما نلاحظه من دراسة الأعمال المذکورة في لیلة النصف من شعبان هو أنها تسبق لیلة القدر و أنها لیلة مبارکة و هناک فرصة ممتازة للتقرب من الله و الحصول علی الفضل و المغفرة و تقسیم الأرزاق و کتابة الأجل. من أهم أعمال هذه اللیلة هي:الغسل ، إحیاء هذه اللیلة( بالصلاة،الدعاء،الإستغفار)،زیارة الإمام الحسین (علیه السلام) و لو بقول التحیة من سطح البیت (من أفضل أعمال هذه اللیلة)، دعاء الکمیل،بعض الأدعية الخاصة(من أهمها و أکثرها علاقة هو دعاء اَللّهُمَّ بِحَقِّ لَیلَتِنا وَ مَولُودِها) و بعض الصلوات (و هي طویلة و مفصلة). الهدف من إحیاء المهدویة في الواقع هو تنبیه المخاطبین إلی الإمام بصورة عامة و إلی صاحب الزمان بصورة خاصة.نظرا لما ذکر نستطیع نتخذ الإستراتیجیة التالیة للمراسم: في البدایة یجب الإستغفار(و کما اوصینا في هذه اللیلة) و طلب الحاجات من الله(و اوصینا کثیرا في الأدعية).و یجب الإنتباه إلی هذا الأمر«یجب أن یکون شکل و ظاهر الأداء متسماً بالحکمة و التعقل لیربي المخاطب إلی جانب ما یطرح من جانب الخطباء في مثل هذه اللیلة فیجب وضع برامج خاصة لها». الموضوع في الواقع هو أن المشارکین في هذه المراسم یجب أن یبحثوا عن الإجابة إلی الأسئلة التالیة و نحن نبحث عن أفضل الإجابات: 1- لماذا هذه اللیلة عظیمة عند الله إلی هذا الحد؟ 2- لماذا هي ذات برکات واسعة إلی هذا الحد؟ (لقد أقسم الله أن أحداً لا یرجع بیدین) 3- ممّ یجب الاستغفار؟ (ما هي الذنوب التي تحبس الدعاء و تنزل النقم؟) 4- ما هو أفضل أسلوب للغفران؟ 5- ماذا یجب أن نطلب من الله؟ (ما هي أفضل المطالب؟هل هناک مطلب یشتمل علی جمیع الخیرات؟ 6- هل المواضیع المذکورة لها علاقة بمولود هذه اللیلة؟ للإجابة عن الأسئلة الآنفة یقترح الشکل التالي: الف: الاستغفار ب: الاضطرار ج: الدعاء الف- الاستغفار: کما قیل اللیلة هي لیلة الاستغفار من الذنوب و طلب المغفرة و الفضل: ماذا تعرفون من طرق الاستغفار أفضل من البکاء علی أبي عبدالله الحسین(علیه السلام)؟(إن من أفضل الأعمال للإستغفار هو زیارة أمام الحسین(ع) و لو بکلمة التحیة إلی جهة الکربلاء) و أي دعاء أفضل من دعاء الکمیل لأمیر المؤمنین(ع)؟ الهدف من قسم الف: استغفار الذنوب التي تحبس الأدعیة و استغفار الذنوب التي تمنع الظهور ب- الاضطرار: یجب أن یعرف المخاطب أن من أفضل الأدعیة هو طلب الفرج و ظهور الإمام لکن بشرط أن یعرف أنه بغیاب الإمام حرم من أي خیر و فضل عظیم ! فیقترح قراءة دعاء الفرج (الهی عَظُمَ البَلاء) و جمل خاصة من دعاء الندبة (این بقیه الله، این الطالب بدم المقتول و...) التي تشیر ألی موضوع "أین أنت" و عدم الحصول علی النعمة المباشرة من الإمام . الهدف من قسم ب: یعني أن المخاطب یستطیع أن یفهم و یشعر بعدم امتلاکه لهذا الکنز العظیم و یری نفسه مسکینا و مستکینا و یتیما و نتیجته أن یصبح مضطرا. ج- الدعاء: نعلم الآن ماذا یجب أن نطلب : دعاء اَللهُمَّ بِحَقّ لَیلَتِنا وَ مَولُودِها + جمل من دعاء الندبة (اَللهُمَّ اَنتَ کَشّافُ الکُرَبِ وَ البَلوی إلی نهایة الدعاء) القسم الذي یکون الله هو المخاطب و العبد الذي یحیي الليلة توصل إلی فهم الدعاء للظهور و الفرج ، إن شاءالله. د- الآن و قد استغفرنا و أصبحنا مضطرین و نطلب ظهور و فرج المولی بدموعنا و نستطیع مشاهدة جمیعها في تکرار الآیة الشریفة 62 من سورة النمل و توحید أصوات الإمام و المأموم و هو: أَمَّن يجُيبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ إِذَا دَعَاهُ وَ يَكْشِفُ السُّوءَ وَ يَجْعَلُكُمْ خُلَفَاءَ الْأَرْضِ لاشک أن تجربة إقامة مراسم الإحیاء لثلاث سنوات متتالیة و جعل البرامج بشکل قناة في أنحاء البلد و حتی خارج البلد و الإأستطلاعات التي أجریت من المخاطبین نجد من خلالها أن هذا القسم هو من أمتع أقسام المراسم و أکثرها معنویة. من الواضح أن الطلب الجماعي و الاضطرار العام مع الندبة و الدموع و التضرع أکّد علیها في الأدعية و الأحادیث (هَل مِن مُعین؟) فیقترح أن: تکون زیارة إمام الحسین (ع) أو زیارة العاشوراء أول برنامج لهذه المراسم. (لتحضیر الأجواء المعنوية للمراسم ) - یبدأ البرنامج عملیا بقراءة القرآن من قبل القارئ (بعد زیارة العاشوراء). - بعد ذلک کلمة خطیب الجلسة - بعد ذلک قراءة بعض الجمل من دعاء الکمیل (نهایة قسم الاستغفار). - إستراحة (عند الحاجة) - دعاء الفرج + جمل (أینَ) دعاء الندبة (نهاية قسم الاضطرار) - دعاء اللهم بحق لیلتنا و مولودها + جمل من الندبة التي یکون الله مخاطبها (اللهم انت الکشاف الکرب و البلوا إلی نهاية الدعاء) في هذه الجمل نطلب من الله الإمام فحسب . - و في النهاية تکرار (مثلا مئة مرة) الجمیع و بصوت واحد و بقلب واحد الآیة الشریفة اَمَّن یُجیب... [یقترح أن نفهّم رادود الجلسة من قبل بأن یتحدث حول اضطرار أهل البیت بعد کل عشر مرات من التکرار و یقسم الله بالأئمة و الظلم التي قاسوه – مثل اضطرار العباس(ع) عندما ثقبت قربته، اضطرار إمام الحسین(ع) عندما اصاب السهم حنجرة الطفل الرضیع ذي الستة أشهر و اضطرار الإمام علي (ع)... و حتی الإشارة إلی اضطرار الشیعة في أنحاء العالم بما فیها سوریا، العراق، نیجریا، لبنان و ... و یطلب قرب فرج امام الزمان. - علی مقیمي المراسم أن یتحدثوا مع الخطباء و الروادید الأعزاء حتی یشیروا إلی المواضیع التالیة إضافة إلی محکمات کلامهم (التي لا حاجة إلی ذکرها لشدة وضوحها مثل واجبات المنتظرین و ... ) بسبب الوجود في وضعیة زمانیة خاصة و لمنع الأضرار: - الظلم الذي حصل للإنسانیة ، الإسلام الأصیل و الشیعة من جانب شیاطین الجن و الإنس بما فیه الظلام الثقافي و العقائدي الذي عمّ العالم و أن البشر لا یستطیع أن یدیر نفسه و العالم. - الإشارة إلی أهمية وحدة الشیعة و الإبتعاد عن التفرقة و الإشارة إلی شجاعة و تضحیة جنود إمام الزمان(ارواحنا فداه) في سبیل الدفاع عن نطاق الإسلام في سوریا، العراق و غیرها؛و التأکید علی حمل الرایة و حفظ خندق وجود التشیع و الإسلام الأصیل و إعطاء الأمل للمنتظرين حتی ظهور الحجة إن شاءالله. - التنبه أمام الفرق الضالة موجز الکلام هو أن الذي یحیي هذه اللیلة یستغفر من الذنوب (التي تمنع الظهور بصورة حقیقیة)، و یصبح مضطرا من عدم وجود الإمام و الظلم و الظلام الجاري في العالم و یدعو لظهور الإمام ( و تکون جمیع الخیرات و البرکات مستترة في هذا الدعاء). نظرا لما قیل: یقترح شعار : " احیاء المهدوية، الاستغفار، الاضطرار و الدعاء". dl.masaf.ir/film/Raefipour/Mahdavi%20Vigil%202016-Mr.ALi%20Akbar%20Raefipour-English360p.mp4 =================================================================================== To read the original article in Persian/English/Arabic, I suggest you to use the link below: http://masaf.ir/View/Contents/38494/توضیحات-کامل-در-مورد-برگزاری-مراسم-احای-مهدوی-سال-1396-shia muslim
  15. Those who praise Zoroastrianism don't even know what it is, This divine religion was so fabricated throughout the ages that nothing has left of it but the outer skin, inside of it is empty like a drum. The next time you met one of these guys tell him to read the book Vandidad which is the book of the law of Zoroastrianism, which is a really funny book, For instance, the to bury a dead you must wash his corpse by using the urine of cow, or the punishment of killing a castor is: burning 10000 branches of "a" tree, burning 10000 branches of "b" tree, burning 10000 branches of "c" tree, burning 10000 branches of "d" tree, burning 10000 bushes of "a" weed, 10000 bushes of "b" weed", "c" weed and ..., also you must kill 10000 wheat stealer ant, you must kill 10000 of ominous ant, you must kill 10000 turtles and ... . These were just two examples of the laws of this religion which are unacceptable by wise people.