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  1. racism towards white people

    I think the racism against black and Indian. there is so much rasicm
  2. most of iraqi shia are fighting now with our army or with the popular mobilization forces now if there 10 shia 9 would fight and 1 would say I won't you should focus on the point that the majority are fighting these aren't important for us the iraqi people
  3. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    trump said that saddam was good because he killed terriost well those terriost were innocent people he is so dumb and stupid and ignorant he say thing so people vote for him now for me it's weather trump or Hilary the both will kill Muslim so and them Obama will be an angel at that time. it's not just talking it's doing and he failed (trump ) in every thing he did so yeah he's is a failure in 2000 he said I'm in with war on irak and know he says that he wasn't he as staight up liar
  4. well I study spanish in university of baghdad in iraq thank you very much
  5. I am studying Castille spanish and it would be great to speak with anyone from Spain or hispanic