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  1. Thoughts 2017

    Khair howe
  2. Thoughts 2017

    Thank you sister :3 i saw posted as a joke by someone whose called it Allah month instead of Ramadan :p
  3. Thoughts 2017

    Lol, saw it on my timeline and elsewhere(tumblr I think) as well
  4. Thoughts 2017

    Happy Allah month, as our non Muslims friends like to call it
  5. Congratulations, you deserved it
  6. Confused About Family Issues

    Salam. I think everyone else has given adequate advice (esp @Islandsandmirrors) and you're absolutely right about not thinking about marriage at the moment. I don't think with the toxic home environment and the stress that you are ready for it. If you start to look for someone now you'll see it as a way to escape and it'll hinder you from finding the right type of person. You are young, still figuring yourself and your situation out and that's what your focus should be on. And if anyone does come along that's looking to marry you please be wary. You may still see him as an escape and latch onto someone who may be even more toxic than your family. Islamically we have obligations towards our parents but they have their obligations towards us too. I think you can fulfill those obligations while distancing yourself. They are affecting your mental well being and I think it's fine to take a step back and reanalyze your relationship with them. Also try seeing a therapist as sister islandsandmirrors has mentioned. I hope any of this has helped. May Allah ease your difficulties
  7. Thoughts 2017

    I was not directing it at YOU specifically. If I was I'd have no problem quoting you I find nothing wrong with what I said. If men would see women as equals they'd be able to understand their pain without having to associate it with their mothers or sisters. Have you ever heard anyone say we should respect a man because he is someone's husband, father, son? This further perpetuates the idea that women are worthy when associated with men. We shouldn't be defined in terms of our relationships. I'd rather someone respects me as a human being, and wishes the same for me that he does himself, than someone's daughter or sister. Thank you for your explanation, it was a good one. I hope mine makes some kind of sense to you too
  8. Thoughts 2017

    Yes, I saw some video where a lady painted her nails and had a mini one on one fingernail...and it spun lol I don't understand this lol
  9. Thoughts 2017

    Interesting how men can only care about women's issues if they think of their mothers or sisters or daughters but not human beings who are worthy of respect and ...basic human rights just as much as them
  10. Thoughts 2017

    Thank you! that's okay if it doesn't happen, I didn't think anyone would like the idea anyway lol
  11. Thoughts 2017

    Heppy Budday @starlight !!
  12. Thoughts 2017

  13. Thoughts 2017

    This *might* actually help. All of us wanted to look "cool" in middle school-high school. And when you do dress like the "cool" kids (you know the brand name sneakers and all that) people think you're "cooler" - you may make more friends and in turn you'll feel "cooler" and better about yourself and going to school don't know if you'd be teaching the kids that its the only way to be way to have value (like dressing like the cool kids is the only way to be good enough or something) but it's well known that dressing well positively affects you overall anyway. I don't know if any of this made sense lol
  14. Thoughts 2017

    Could we maybe have a mental health forum here? For people to just share their experiences or how they're getting help, what's worked for them or maybe just for encouraging/supporting each other would that be a bad idea?

    I know but those two lines!