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  1. Salaamz, Hamas is a sunni islamic movement, they are the palestinian branch of the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen. The Ikhwan was founded by Hasan al-Banna, a great egyptian sunni muslim teacher in the beginning of the 20th century.
  2. For sister mominah - Shia/sunni article

    Dear sister, Do you want to give false informations for a sister about your sect? :angry: With full respect and love, this Mr. Shahid don't know shia and don't know too much about the sunni too. Alhamdulillah, he wrote this to the end: amin was-salaam
  3. For sister mominah - Shia/sunni article

    Well, very funny article, has this guy ever met with an ithna asheri shia? An example: Hey shias, do you real consider the first three caliph as great companions and good Muslim administrators? :D I'm afraid this writer was misguided or this is a bad joke.
  4. :o errr, you wrote it the sunnis are arrogant and ignorant. U wrote that u was sunni. U wrote that Allah raised u up from ignorance. But what happened with the arrogance? :o bye
  5. How many bibles are there?

    Salaam There is not only catholic and protestant bible, there are other christian sects with different bible. Like the nestorian (or syrian) christians have only 22 books in their New Testament. The ethiopian ortodox christians has the largest bible, which has 81 books. And there are other churches with their version, too. So there are not only one or two bibles. :) was-salaam
  6. Lifting the index finger in tashahud - Question

    Salaam Bro Mujahid, You are right. :) Jalsa means sitting, so my question is that, what do the twelver shia ahadith say about the characteristic of sitting in prayer? was-salaam
  7. Lifting the index finger in tashahud - Question

    Salamz, Brother Mujahid, here is one from Sahih Muslim: The Sunan of Abu Dawud is a respected authentic collection, it is one of the so called "Sihah Sitta". Can you give me some ithna asheri hadith about this topic? What do your sources say about the "jalsa"? It's interest me. Thanks, was-salaam
  8. Salaam, Lebanon is the most democratic country in the arab world today, so I don't understand what's their problem with the syrian army. If Syria didn't go to Lebanon, the civil war could never stop.
  9. Miswaak - What's the deal with it?

    Salaam, Miswak is really cool, I like it very much. :) From saudiarabia.net: :)