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  1. living in hell

    @Hussaini624 yeah i will never kill myself cause i know the consequeneces, what said about my prayer made me feel good so thank you. its just difficult to recover from depression. i just went outside before it felt good but came backbin and all my sadness is back.but thanks anyway
  2. i know everyone encounters hardship in life. i am so tired of life. so tired of everything. i have severe depression and panic attacks. im young,17, i just dont wana exist anymore. ibwish god can heal me, but i dont think he will. my life is a living hell and all i think about is not wanting to exist. i lost intreset in everything and its very hard to live. i pray 5 times a day everyday, i try to read quran everyday, but everyday seems to get worse. i feel like god has left me. someone please help me.
  3. snake

    hi so i bought a t shirt, its a picture of a skull with a snake around it. I bought it online so i didnt look at the picture well and i didnt notice the snake , is it bad to wear a picture of a snake because inheard that god dislikes snakes or something like that. is it okay for me to wear the t shirt.
  4. ghusul

    hi i did wajb ghusul yestarday, and now i realised there was a nail tiny nail polish that i forgot to remove from finger nails. do i have to do ghusul again
  5. tattoos

    Hi I want to get a ttattoo on my hand but im a girl is it haram if men sees it. i really want it next to my thumb , tiny tattoo.
  6. mom jeans with knee length tunic

    Hi , i know whering tight jeans is haram , what about about mom jeans, its not tight in the calve area so is it okay to wear? I wear knee length, sometimes below, dresses.
  7. punishment in the grave

    How do you avoid the punishment of the grave? i dine many sins in my life and repented and asked god for forgiveness but does this mean im still going to get punished for them. Im extremely scared, I dont want snakes punishing me. And if you are a good person but you do 1 major sin do you get punished until the day of resurrection? Or will everyone undergo barzakah? And also what kind of punishments will happen to you if you do sin?
  8. after all the things that are happeningg in this world do you think that day of judgment is soon? like this world right now is so terrible. if im alive in the next 50 years i cant imagine what life would be like i think it should end. but anyways i wanted to ask about the signs of the end of the world, when will imam mahdi come out,jesus,dajjal? i know that we muslims will have war against jews but i read somewhere that we will aslo be fighting against christians in syria? is that true?and yeah i would like to hear your opinions about if the world should end and should not. because really the world is sick and needs to end. also after jesus comes out will non-believers convert to islam?
  9. helpless

    thanks for yoru replys, helped me so much, espeially today, thing is im scared after i die, the punishment in the grave, im scared to exprience it and i heard 99 snakes will puinsh me for things i done and it just makes me really terrified. i wish i knew about the punishment in the grave. ive been reading alot if quran recently but the though of the snakes that will be in the grave just makes me numb and scared to death.
  10. helpless

    hi, i feel so helpless, suffering from this sorrow in my life. im a good person but not 100% perfect shia. i think the only sin i commit is listining to music ( good music). howevr i did used to sin everyday in my life when i was began maturing and responsible for my actions which was about 5 years ago (well i still am a teenager) and i just wish i knew the consquences of those sins that i used to do. like i knew i would go hell but i didnt know commiting 1 major sin can make me go hell for 100 years. i done like probably 300 sins. but in the past year i became a very good muslim, began making up for my prayers and im still not done like i have 2400 days of prayer to make up and if i die now does this mean i go to hell for 240000+ years? i just dont know what to do anymore, im gona keep strong and hope god keeps me alive for a very long time and forgivees me but i just still feel sad all the time , wishing i never did this horrible things. i used to love life and now i realised its stupid. i look at the people, my friends that are happy and wish i was like them. i jus wish god can give me a sign that he has forgiven me because i fear everyday that all my prayers are not answered. note that im never giving up my faith no matter what and always love god even if he may never love me.
  11. sin

    i stopped listening to music a year ago, and now today i listened to it and i honestly regret it. i hate myself so much. i feel like all the good deeds i've done is all worthless now. i feel like i'm never ever going to be forgiven. i'm so angry with my self i hate myself. i just don't know what to do anymore.:(
  12. music

    okay i know my music is haram and i stopped listening to it at the start of ramadan last year , but i realised that music used to make me think positive about life. And i'm not talking about rap music or the music that has bad words, drug stories or that. I'm talking about instrumental music. I only listened to porter robinson. It never took me away from god. so is it really haram
  13. Qada Fast

    Hi, so i need to make up 185 days of ramadan ( i fasted for 6 years but never performed salah during that time, so i guess my fasting was not accepted) and now im getting really confused with 60 day thing/feeding poor and paying charity. Can someone explain me all this?
  14. Fear death

    thank you so much, i feel a bit better
  15. Fear death

    thank you so much for your answers, And no I'm a girl, but i wont do bad things in life, id rather have the afterlifeĜ› worth it and forever