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  1. Why do shias consider sunnis moslem

    it is true that daesh r kafirs. a fatwa issues by our sunni ulema said that daeash r kafirs
  2. Wiladat Mubarak!

    salam whats wiladat
  3. Women's hair in pigtail braids

    salam dude tbh it turns me off
  4. Why do shias consider sunnis moslem

    daesh r kafirs
  5. do sunni muslims believe in intercession too

    Alhamdulillah. Lol I don't know if you've run into Salafis during time for salat, but they are vicious towards the hanafi guys when it comes to hands and feet. @iubelum that is true akhi
  6. Qadiani or sunni

    lol what? Qadianis r rejectors of khaatamun Nubuwwah while we sunnis accept khatamun Nabiyyen
  7. Qadiani or sunni

    @ShiaChat Moderator
  8. Qadiani or sunni

    @ShiaChat Moderator @Abu Tufayl Mods can u pls close this topic to further replies? salam
  9. Qadiani or sunni

    Qadiani or sunni?
  10. Why do shias consider sunnis moslem

    dude i said as a group there kafirs. As in like twelver shiism is kufr, but not all twelvers make takfir and commit shirk. But majority do. and there are alot of shirki statements that many twelver shias who dont commit shirk and make takifir on the sahabi are not aware of. salam.
  11. Why do shias consider sunnis moslem

    exactly its a personal choice. Majority of shias take that 'personal' choice and thereby make takfir on the sahabi and say 'ya (insert imams name here) hence there kafir. In the quran Allah swt clearly says he's pleased with the sahabi. so therefore anyone who gives takfir and calls the sahabi a kafir becomes a kafir himself because his rejecting Allah swts word. In the Quran Allah swt calls ppl who call upon dieties or people other than Allah as mushriks and kafirs. Now tell me what do majority of shias do? the majority of shias these days call upon Ali and Husaain (as) and there 12 imams (rah).
  12. Abu Sufyan (ra)

    I am sunni.
  13. [Resolved]tech questions

    I'm not upset a tall Sis I don't want to change my username in just merely asking a question as to why the mids have to do it but alhumdulillah NY question got answered. So it might be a good idea to close this thread to further replies Salam.
  14. Abu Sufyan (ra)

    Can u please tell me which exact verse in surah Maun where Allah swt according to u 'condemns' abu sufyan ra? Also please include the translation. Thanks.
  15. Abu Sufyan (ra)

    Abu sufyan during the early days of Islam was an arch enemy of Islam but then he converted to Islam and died as a momin and a Muslim. As for yazid‚ we don't hate him nor do love him. As for firawn la he died as a kafir. His 'coversion' to Islam was nnot accepted bc his shahadah was not sincere and thus he died as a kafir