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  1. Salam alaikum brothers and sisters , I wanted to know the ruling for namaz for a person who stays 5 days at one place for his job and then return on weekend to his home regularly should he offer qasr namaz or full namaz pls do reply with tauzihul masail rule no thanks Khuda hafiz
  2. Tauqeer Mehdi

    Hazrat jibrail

    Salam Alaikum Who was the sahabi whose form hazrat jibrail would take when he would come to meet holy prophet ??
  3. Tauqeer Mehdi

    Quran question

    Thank you Jazakallah
  4. Tauqeer Mehdi

    Quran question

    Salam What is the term used for mankind and jinn together in quran " ?? Pls mention the ayat from quran
  5. Tauqeer Mehdi

    Quran question

    Salam What is the word used in quran for describing human and jinn together?? How does quran mention the successor of hazrat suleiman?? Pls mention the ayats I need these answers for a quiz Thank you
  6. Tauqeer Mehdi

    Quranic question

    Jazakallah Thank you so much
  7. Salam Who are the people reffered as "those firmly entrenched in knowledge" ?? Pls mention the ayat from quran
  8. Tauqeer Mehdi


    Salam , I wanted to know if there is any whatsapp group for shiachat thank you
  9. Tauqeer Mehdi

    ayyatuhan in quran

    The word ayyatuhan has appeared two times in quran 1) ya ayyatuhan nafsul mutmainna irjae..... i need the 2nd ayt in which this word is there
  10. Tauqeer Mehdi

    names for new born

    Salam, i would suggest these names Qasim,qiyan(friend of hazrat mukhtar),kashif,kaleem,kamil
  11. Tauqeer Mehdi

    thinking question

    One of my sunni frnd asked me that if hazrat umar had attacked bibi fatima and was responsible for her injuries then after this all incidents why did imam hussain kept his son's name as umar whereas a human's tendency is to not even hear the name of those whome they hate so why did imam hussain and even imam ali kept his sons name on them ????
  12. Tauqeer Mehdi

    thinking question

    Salam, Mere ek sunni frnd ne mujse pucha ke hzrt umar ne agar bibi fatima ( sa) ki pasliya todi thi to gir imam hussain ne apne beta ka naam umar kyu rakha jabki insan ki fitrat hoti hai ke use jisse nafrat ho wo uska naam sunna pasand bhi nahi karta what should i say him on this pls help
  13. Tauqeer Mehdi

    quranic ayat required

    Yes i need the ayat on this i am not a urdu speaker pls help me with this ayat
  14. Tauqeer Mehdi

    quranic ayat required

    Which ayat states that Allah does not make transgressors his helper???
  15. Tauqeer Mehdi

    quranic ayat

    Thank you so much i had searched but couldnt get it