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  1. thank you, but im actually not new here. ive been a member here for a while
  2. First: I was walking down a hill to an imam's house in my hidhma (Gulen) jamaat. (in real life, I had a bad history with that imam, because I grew obsessed with his daughter as a young teen even though he, as a strict Muslim, did not allow his daughter to talk to boys at all, so I ried befriending him to increase my chances, but angered him by talking about her too much, and because I was not very religious at the time and a bit of a psychopath, I harassed him online and told him "your daughter will be mine!" I was going through a very troubled period of my life, and suffered from many disabilities such as autism. i tried apologizing, but he wouldn't accept my apology, and because i started to suffer from panic attacks, i had panic attacks, whenever i saw him, but evenntually he forgave me. anyway) anyway, i was walking towards his house and i felt disapponted that much of surat an noor from a sunni perspective (as i am sunni) was revealed for Aisha when in fact my whole life I thought it was just another surah. suddenly, i felt a jolt and recited quranic verses in a jolt very quickly. and i found the 16 year old girl's (I am 19) youngest sister, who looked far younger than I had ever seen her, on a tricycle, smiling at me. I saw myself from a distance and saw myself in a business suit and saw i was smiling, i began talking only from the quran, in a melodious voice, sweetly to the young girl, and i found the 16 year old girl, and talked sweetly and melodiously and as if singing from the quran but also carefully so as not to scare her so that she doesn't get scared (she is still scared of me and hates me for what i did, among other reasons), and i could not see her face, but she was wearing a hijab, and islamic coveringof her body, all except hands and face, and i was stunned by her beauty despite not seeing her face, and the rest of the dream was very pleasant, but i didnt rmemember it, and i woke up feeling extremely overjoyed, and with a warm feeling. i would like the sunni and shia interpretation
  3. The Risale-i-Nur is a collection of religious texts written by a 19th-20th century sunni muslim kurdish turkish theologian who lived under harsh persecution by the Turkish kemalist (draconian secularist, perhaps like shah of iran, although i dont know much of shah of iran) authorities for his beliefs in Islam, and he was a sufi of the naqshbandi order, and an ashari by creed and a shafiite. his movement is still popular in turkey to this day, and overcame decades of oppression. In his book The Flashes, in the fourth chapter, the fourth Flash, he tries to explain the sunni stance on shiism, (without the hostility of wahhabis, and almost if not in an attempt to reconcile sunnis and shias, as he said towards the end "stop your senseless fighting!" or something along those lines) he also addresses the imamate of Ali (RA) (I'm Sunni, sorry), in the 15th letter in his book the letters. unless you live in russia, a country where the risale i nur is illegal, i highly advise you to read this: http://www.erisale.com/index.jsp?locale=en In order to gain a sunni understanding from a minority sunni group. they are known in turkish in nurcus. here is more info from wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Said_Nursî https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nur_movement
  4. I'm not sure if Erdogan or the Saudis are the sufyani, but they act a lot like it and fund bad people who could be described as sufyani. I have my own beef with him (his persecution of gulenists, kurds, and other political dissidents in turkey). In 2013, there were corruption allegations in Turkey where the judiciary uncovered millions, if not billions of dollars in hidden bribe money going to Iran and al Qaeda linked groups, in violation of the fight against terrorism, and the sanctions on iran and countersanctions by iran. at the forefront of this was businessman reza zarrab, a billionaire who exchanged gold for Iranian oil and natural gas, and possibly has info on turkey's dealing with takfiris. alsdo implicated were 4 AKP ministers, Erdogan's son Bilal, and a bank known as Halkbank. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_corruption_scandal_in_Turkey zarrab has dual Iranian and Turkish citizenship, and was accused of money laundering using US banks and sending millions to iran, and possibly other groups. but recently, Zarrab, and the vice president of halkbank, Mehmet hakan Attila, were arrested after landing on American soil. they are currently charged with money laundering and WAR CRIMES. Zarrab was arrested shortly after his boss was arrested and executed in Iran for the corruption, because he stole Iranian people's money in the corruption scandal. Zarrab then flew to Miami, and was arrested. Attila flew to New York, and was arrested. So much information was discovered, American prosecutors said: "we can not share everything, as it is a matter of national security." There cases were merged, and they are sent to trial on August 21. Rudy Giuliani, a close associate of Donald Trump, President of the US, is representing Zarrab and wants to make it a diplomatic case, in order to benefit "American national security" and "make a deal with Turkey" But Rudy Giuliani is in trouble for dealing with Russian intelligence during the election campaign. Erdogan went on a rage, calling Preet Bharara, the man who originally prosecuted Zarrab but has now been replaced after trumps inauguration, "a FETO member" (FETO stands for "Fethullahci Teror Orgutu" or "Fetullahist Terrorist organization" a term for the Gulen movement led by Fethullah Gulen) Meanwhile, German lawyers have filed crimes against humanity charges against Turkish military, and Syria has complained to the UN about the violation of their sovereignty. My father, a financial economist with a PhD is finance, claims Turkey could face international sanctions, by the West for supplying Iran (ironically), by Iran and Russia for funding groups like ISIS, al nusra, and Boko Haram (a wiretapped phone conversations showed a Turkish officer saying, "we don't even know if these weapons will kill Muslims or Christians...they're headed for Nigeria!"), by Iran and Russia for the latter, by Iran for stealing their money, and by everyone for crimes against the kurds. Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been filed against two Saudi banks for their role in 9/11 (the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks in the US) and it has become legal in the US for 9/11 affected families to sue Saudi Arabia. With rising discontent in Turkey over the won presidential system referendum proposed by President Erdogan, the drop in oil prices affecting Saudi arabia, extremism and zulm amy soon be crushed. (and the economy in Turkey is already getting bad, and with sanctions the Turkish people will likely turn in Erdogan, even though many support him now, including the courts and intelligence, who often stage terror attacks and blame it on "PKK" or "ISIS")
  5. the sunnis believe Umar converted to Islam AFTER trying to kill the Prophet.
  6. Sinan

    fake heroes in Islamic world

    i just edited my quote before you responded...i also said, if you can prove the better authenticity of the shia hadeeth than sunni hadeeth, than tell me. also, i never said he was brave, but i didnt say he wasn't either. also, id also like to add, youd have to prove to me the superiority of shia aqeedah as a means of reliability of sect in order to prove shia hadeeth are better, but i urge you not to delve into that since it will likely cause a heated discussion with many members losing their temper.....so i will close with these words.....nobody has legitimate proof over the other, so let each side believe what they want. i concern myself with ibadet, imaan, and staying away from the major sins, not grudges held over the sahaba. but to make you feel better, i would like to inform you that i also believe the martyrdom of Hussain (ra) was a tragedy and a grave injustice. so we dont have that much apart as you think, but anyway, this is a discussion for another section of the forum.
  7. Sinan

    fake heroes in Islamic world

    that discussion is based on shia hadeeth, which are biased, and sunni hadeeth, which are biased. until you present me a secular, objective historical source or prove the superiority of shia hadeeth to sunni hadeeth i wont believe in your claims.
  8. you guys have to keep in mind, sunnis and shias have differing historical accounts of these two.....both collections of hadeeth, sunni and shia, are bound to be biased......you have to look at secular, objective accounts of history to see who is right. @BillyJo
  9. Sinan

    fake heroes in Islamic world

    why do shias always say bad things about Umar? What did he do? Im curious....and keep in mind, sunnis and shias have separate collection of hadeeth, and there aren't any secular sources on these accounts of history.
  10. Sinan

    fake heroes in Islamic world

    i was curious about shia islam, and wanted to interact with shias because i had never interacted with a shia in my life (just iranians in the diaspora who left shia islam, or weren't muslim at all, or this one girl who avoided me because we were in high school and because of modesty, back 3 years ago in the 9th grade, who i had a crush on).....also, i used to be a member of ummah forum before being banned, but before i was banned, i grew disillusioned with everyone calling each other a kaafir or of being a "deviant" or of having "shia tendencies" and the hostility of the forum (one member even became a mod and started picking on me and bullying me, even making fun of my disabilities (like autism, and anxiety), and how many people supported horrible rebel groups in syria (not free syrian army, at the time i saw them as "freedom fighters"), and even some for ISIS, and many, MANY for President Erdogan. on Islamicboard(a sunni forum), mods kept deleting my threads or posts, and same on ummah forum, especially for "repeat threads" which i had forgotten about, and i felt like i was being bullied......and some supported erodgan and had extremist takfiri rhetoric, like "hate non muslims for the sake of Allah, but how?" "can we love shias?" etc.
  11. Sinan

    fake heroes in Islamic world

    african americans dont use the term "negro" they find it racist....but they do use the term "uncle tom"
  12. Sinan

    fake heroes in Islamic world

    I know right. They'll say, "he [Erdogan] lifted the headscarf ban and beard ban"....well, he also threw tens of thousands of innocent people in prison and had them tortured and raped (women included), and fired over 150,000 from their jobs , banned giving charity to those fired, caused fitnah in syria, and censored the media intensely. and his son (Bilal) does trade with Israel (so much for Islamic war!)
  13. Sinan

    fake heroes in Islamic world

    salahuddin ayyubi liberated Jerusalem from the crusaders. Khalid ibn walid spread Islam far and wide and never lost a battle. how are they not heroes? EDIT Never mind, I did research, i suppose the sources conflict, or they did good and bad. I wont comment.
  14. Sinan

    advice to sunni brothers

    I agree. I am proud to not be associated with wahhabis, and to have been raised by parents, family friends, and teachers who protected me from the fitnah of wahhabism.
  15. The girl's father's himself is an imam. And he might ask my dad about my personality. And because he's divorced, he might not know me as well as my mother, but he's friends with the. Girl's father.