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  1. struggling

    Salam I am really unhappy with how things are with my marriage. I feel like sharing with someone. I discussed with a sheikh about a problem that I was facing. My husband does not fast or calls religion boring whereas me I talk about religion a lot and it is a clash between us. He said he gets sick when he fasts and I have seen him not eating at all till near maghrib time. I questioned him about it and he quickly said he does get sick if he doesn't eat or drink at all. The sheikh told me to convince and if nothing works , I should leave him. The leaving idea was a shock because I am not perfect myself in anyway, I can only try! This is one of the reasons why I am not happy with my marriage because I can't share anything related to religion with him. I wish I could . Few other things that I am unhappy about are a) He keeps telling me I can't do anything in life b) I have seen his profile on shiamatch and seen him active( the last seen). The profile said he has never been married before. When I asked him about the account. He said he hasn't accepted a single request , his account does not work because he paid for it in UK and doesn't work anymore. c) He owns a business , no job but whenever he travels , he asks me to go back home . It has been hardly few months to my marriage and he said that's his work nature. so i am mostly home. d) My inlaws are totally disconnected. They haven't called me to ask about me. Though my father requested them to treat me like their daughter. They said they will. It hasn't been like that e) Since I am sensitive, I do get moody like shut off when he talks negative about me. He keeps telling me to change my behavior and I said I am ready too if he changes too! We both need to make an effort to change things. I am kind of in a phase to give up on everything. I don't feel being married. It is because of lack of respect and care I am getting. During our fights, he completely switches off, he won't pick up my phone. He told me I am not his responsibility when I am at my place. I feel alone and realize it was a wrong decision to marry this person. I have kind of lost peace within. help.
  2. high igE levels, help!

    thanks! I had respiratory infection when I got the igE level tested . the shortness of breathe keeps reoccuring. I will get it checked. The eos count was ok. ❤
  3. Salam I got the igE level tested and it is 3000 plus. It is pretty high. I am wondering what to do next? Should I get food allergy and food intolerance tested? I have been suffering from shortness of breathe quite often. I do not suffer from asthma according to the doctor. I was never told what I should be doing. any advice on how to keep the level low? would appreciate.
  4. Being ignored

    coming from a female: it's been three months to my marriage. We have been having normal fights and have gotten back to our lives several times. It's been a week now, I came to spent ramadan with my family. My husband has been totally ignoring me. He hasn't called me or replied to my messages even once. I am not expecting him to be there for me for hours but to ask how I am doing etc for few minutes only! Asking too much? I has sent him miss you messages and haven't gotten a single reply. He used to call me often and I don't know why things are changing now. I called him to do my part but I am hurt. What should I do? I plan to ignore. I have communicated to him about how I feel and there is no reply to that . I see him on facebook but no reply....
  5. worried

    It's been around 40 days since my marriage.. something started bothering me ... my husband said he will not fast during ramadan because it would be HOT . He does not fast at all regardless of how the weather would be . He also tells me it's his personal matter(religion) whether he chooses to.follow or not .The reason why it is bothering me is because I want his good ! I have been trying to convince him but it is not working . He avoids religious topics.! So life goes on . I would never force him into religion that is against the principles of Islam. I am just worried about the decision I made to marry this guy. How do I deal with my worries? Being a girl, I am.afraid to.move my life ahead . My life roams around talking abt religion and suddenly that is going under the shed. I do think about moving away from him. I don't know what I am doing. understanding that I am.not perfect in any sense. advice please on how to live up my life. How to live with a non religious partner...