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  1. I bet you "oldies" are the nice neighbours on the block that eveyrone likes!
  2. Ah ok, well practise makes perfect, just keep on at it and inshallah you'll be fine!
  3. I had the practise CD and the AA book, I revised from both but personally found the CD more beneficial, its just whatever works for you. Best of luck!
  4. For lunch today! : )
  5. We've got new neighbours moving in soon, I pray to God they don't cause any problems! Good neighbours are such a blessing.
  6. You gave it a go and you were close enough! No need to feel awkward, happens to the best of us. ; )
  7. Its Options time!
  8. Thought: Alhumdulilah for a good night's sleep!
  9. Bless them! Yeah turns into Operant Conditioning. They look so cute though : D
  10. Wasn't my quote brother.
  11. Agreed, I can't have Karhi without Pakoray.
  12. Oh well! At least you aren't going anywhere!