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  1. Shajarah of Hasani Syeds.

    Also this is not about Shia or Sunni because I have seen allot Kazmi Bukhari Naqvi Said Rizvi Jeffery and many more who are sunnies. So instead of hating each other bring everyone together
  2. Shajarah of Hasani Syeds.

    I someone is denying that there are no Hassani Syeds I think they are denying Surah e Kausar. As far Abdul Qadir Jilani is concerned he was controversial because of his faith as well. Also Abdullah Shah Ghazi is also Hassani Syed. As I said before Imam Hassans lineage is through his two sons. Zaid bin Hassan and Hassan Mathana Shah Abdul Azeem famous Shia personality is from the lineage of Zaid bin Hassan as well. If someone wants history or shajra please contact me. But I would like to see ur shajra before u see mine so I know I am talking to a real cousin brother or sister. Mola ki Aman
  3. How can we create unity between Shia's?
  4. Sayed Murtaza Kashmiri

    Can I have his email address?
  5. Shajarah of Hasani Syeds.

    Imam Hassan had two descendents, Hassan zaid and Hasan Mathana, Hasani syeds are mainly populated in Iran and Arab. Also all pakistani Hasanis are not descendants of Abdul Qadir Jilani.