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  1. Have you listened to sheikh Imran Hossein? He's the only intelligent Sunni speaker that I've listened to. He speaks about real matters that affect the world today. He even provides a solution out of the mess.
  2. Need help with a wood fire clay oven

    Not sure if this is helpful
  3. Ask them why; there usually is a good reason. The primary reason is the meaninglessness of life, second is despair. If you can identify the causes perhaps you could help them. Sometimes it may well be practical help. For example, there's no use telling a starving person to believe in God while not helping them out with some food. Whenever people gathered round to listen to Jesus speak, he normally fed them all as well as feeding them spiritually. Otherwise, all your preaching is meaningless and empty if you cannot extend a helping hand. I notice there are many Christian shelters for the homeless etc. But, I've yet to see an Islamic shelter for the homeless; it seems not to occupy any importance in the lives of muslims. People I think are too busy concentrating on their own plates. A man came and asked Jesus, "what must I do to follow you". Jesus told him "Go sell everything you have, give it to the poor, and then come follow me". The man walked away downcast. Jesus knew this man's wealth was dear to him and is the reason he asked him to do that. The man was unable to give up his wealth and so compromised his life in the hereafter. I have yet to meet a Muslim; sadly, I've not come across any. I only read about them.
  4. Muhammad and Aisha

    Was not the prophet 25 years old when he married his first wife who was older than him?
  5. Suhoor Ideas (Pre-Dawn Meal/Snacks)

    Save yourself some money and add some sea or rock salt to your water along with some magnesium citrate with a little fruit juice.
  6. Suhoor Ideas (Pre-Dawn Meal/Snacks)

    If you eat lots of fat and no carbs, it will give you energy throughout the day, so a bowl of strawberries & cream, for example, or peaches and cream; or eggs, avocado (whole one) and vegetables. Do not drink water after the meal; if you must, have a tiny amount of fruit juice. Otherwise the food will sit in your stomach for hours and make you sluggish. You can drink all your fluids during the night, eating melons is a good idea than drinking just water, and stop drinking an hour before you eat at suhoor. Don't forget to add a little salt to your water. Personally, I would try and live on only fruit for the month if I was fasting, but since people are going to be eating other foods anyway, I thought the above may help.
  7. Ruling on touching the opposite gender

    Jesus said that if a man even looks at a woman lustfully he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
  8. Muhammad and Aisha

    I've heard the Qur'an says it is haram to have relations with a child. A seven, six or even nine year old is a child. Does it makes sense then, that the prophet who brought the Qur'an would contradict it?
  9. It's not about just staying hungry

    Sadly, there are many Muslims, I would say majority, that are the whitewashed tombs Jesus spoke about. He was actually speaking to the Pharisees, but it may as well apply to the majority of contemporary "muslims". They follow the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law; perform their perfunctory exercises three or five times a day. Why do they even bother?
  10. The Last Dance

    Here's the website: http://web.archive.org/web/20160125215036/http://iamthewitness.com/ and a little background:
  11. The Last Dance

    "Send the foul beasts into the abyss." - Gandalf in Lord of the Ring. Have you heard the Saudis are crypto Jews? Makes sense that Israel and Saudis are so closely allied. Check out Daryl Bradford Smith if you haven't already heard of him.
  12. It's a cult classic. I think you'll know who "they" are if you watch it. http://ffilms.org/they-live-1988/ I hope you can find that interview. I'll try and send it from a pc another day. I'm on my iPad right now.
  13. "Deanna Spingola and Stephen Goodson - History of the International Bankers and Central Banking System" On a separate note, have you seen the film "They Live"?
  14. No. If you google it, you'll most probably find it. It begins with https://archive.org