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  1. Am I in the wrong?

    Indian culture. When you get married that doesn't mean u can no longer have a social life with friends. I don't want a break from my husband at all, I just want some time to myself as I'm continuously around his family. I'm used to having my own space and having time alone and since moving in with in laws I can't get that until night time, or else I will get questioned why I'm upstairs in my room etc. Whenever me and my husband go out we always take his mum with us and his siblings. We don't get much time alone to do things or else his mother will take it bad that she wasn't invited to come along. Anyway, my husband is at work and me and my friend wanted to have some girly time together. Don't really see it as a big issue tbh. Even if I wanted to stay at my mums house for a few days/ week.. that would also be an issue with my mother in law.
  2. Am I in the wrong?

    I love this. So true! I'm still going, my husband said I can still go so regardless of what she thinks she has no say in the matter. Mother in law was scolding at me last night and giving me the dirtiest looks and shaking her head. Regardless I'm going and I'm going to have fun
  3. Am I in the wrong?

    I agree with you. It's a cultural clash we are having and as me and my mother in law can't have a general conversation due to language barrier it makes things harder. But if my husband has said I can go, it has nothing to do with the mother in law. I get my husband has to respect his mum but then how can he let her try to control me like that. It's not the first time I haven't been able to go out because she thinks women aren't supposed to. I'm around his family 24/7 and when I go to see mine it seems like it's an issue. Me having a little break with my friend is harmless we aren't doing anything haram.
  4. Am I in the wrong?

    thanks for your message. I get what your saying but it's not her place to be upset with me. If my husband has given me permission she has no say. Also I can not leave without saying so myself to her. I would love to live separate and not share facilities but that will never happen.
  5. Am I in the wrong?

    I completely understand where your coming from. But I am always around my in laws , always take them out with me and my husband. My husband is busy working , I don't see any harm in having girly time away with a friend. It's good to get your own space and be able to have a social life. If it was really an issue with my husband he would of said no to begin with. Considering my husband said yes and my friends husband said yes I don't see their being an issue. I understand his mum has cultural differences with me but I respect and compromise a lot with his family so I don't see me having some fun with a friend as a big issue.
  6. Am I in the wrong?

    I know you meant no harm I'd love to send it but wouldn't go down well
  7. Am I in the wrong?

    Loool omg no. She would be so insulted
  8. Am I in the wrong?

    I asked him again if I can go he said yes. But I just know that when it's times for me to go his Mother isn't going to be happy. Tbh id love to get away I'm constantly around his mother in law and Family, id just like some time to myself for a change.
  9. Am I in the wrong?

    This isn't the case. His mum just sees that women should be at home cooking and cleaning...
  10. Am I in the wrong?

    My husband said he's ok with me going on holiday with my best friend. Instead of going on holiday I said we would rather stay in the UK and just go out of town for a few days. He was also ok with this and said I should go. So I'm going tomorrow to London for 2 nights with my friend. Her husband also said he's fine with me and her going. I live with my mother in law and she was not happy when my husband told her. She made all kinds of comments and was basicly saying women can't do things like this only with their husbands. I shouldn't go it's really bad etc. Then this caused an argument with me and my husband as he then was saying he don't want me to go now and has mixed feelings about it ( I assume because of his mothers cultural thinking) Everything is booked so how can I not go, that's also unfair on me and my friend as we have been looking forward to going and just having a girly break together. Is it really wrong for a married women to go away for a few days with her friend. Also we both don't have children at the moment, so we using this time as an advantage. If my husband agreed and the other persons husband agreed then I don't see how it has anything to do with anyone else? Should my mother in law be able to have a say in what I can and can't do? ..I'm just feeling really upset about this situation I'm in. She has commented before on other occasions, even with me just going out for dinner with my friend. She don't like me going out much. Then questions my husband about me... Any advice would be appreciated
  11. [LAWS]Henna on fingernails?

    Jazakillah!! Thanks so much for your reply alhamdulillah. I'm excited now to put henna on my nails lol. May Allah swt reward you. As salaam alaikum.
  12. [LAWS]Henna on fingernails?

    As salaam alaikum. I know of some women that apply henna to their nails. I was wondering is it haram? Can you still pray/ make wudhu with henna on your nails? I've had a browse online about this matter but haven't really found anything on this topic. Any advice/ knowledge would be much appreciated as I'd like to apply some to my nails but I want to make sure it's permissible first. JazakAllah in advance.
  13. HELLO.

    As Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh
  14. In laws..

    @certainclarity jazakAllah for all of the replies you've given
  15. In laws..

    @starlight jazakAllah for what you've said I Deffo agree with you! once just because I didn't clean the bathroom floor and went to my mums house. I came back and his mum started shouting at me in Gujarati. She was angry cos she had to clean but the day before I cleaned everything in general, the floor didn't even need washing. Then she complained so much to my husband about how she had to clean :S and then she said I can't go to my mums house. I put my foot down and said to my husband and said I'm allowed to go to my mums whenever and how many times I want. My husbands mum wasn't happy she said I had to go to my mums when it suits her and when she doesn't have any plans. When this happened I knew I wanted my own space, I'm not a child and my husbands mum sure made me feel like one. Also made me feel I can't do as I please within reason of course. In Shaa Allah I do move out because I don't see this living arrangement working.