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  1. What if its something i cant control, how do i send a private message on here?
  2. Salam, The past couple months, I have not been praying on time, not listening to dua, nor reading the Holy Quran. I feel like i am a big hypcocriate. I was so in love with doing religious activites and making sure I did not miss a single one, but now I miss all of them. I wonder know if i will even pray. Fortuanely when I visited Karbala', I fell in love even more with my religion and kept wanting to learn and do more to please God. After I returned, I was doing everything possible to stay away from sinning, but now i am doing disgusting bad habits that i have never even done before. I used to wait on the prayer matt for time of prayer to come, and i was in love with it. Now i hate that im delaying my prayers, but not enough to get me back to how i was . I need help, i need to return to loving to pray and reading dua. I don't know what to do anymore. But all i know is that i can not stay like this any longer. Was it just a phase? Will i never return to loving to pray again? I am scared.
  3. Salam, I am not figuring out how to acess the dropbox, it keeps saying page not found. Help as soon as possible would be much aprreciated. May God bless you all and Ramadan Kareem.
  4. Kheera

    Hi can you do one for me?