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  1. Superstitions

    Not ghosts and jinns, but more cultural stuff, like if u do this this will happen
  2. Superstitions

    Salam, is it allowed to believe in superstitions?
  3. Salam, is it allowed to read Duas when im on my period?
  4. Interrupted in dua

    Salam, I was just reading Dua Tawassul, which is not a long Dua but still, my dad interrupted me while I was reading it, he wouldn't stop asking so I answered him and paused my Dua, then for a brief second I thought of something and 2-3 minutes went by before I started reading the rest. I was just wondering if any Dua's are accepted when you get interrupted
  5. Abaya in the west

    Please make dua for my father to let me wear the abaya & accept & support that I want to try putting religion before anything
  6. Abaya in the west

    As salamu alaykum I want to start wearing the hijab properly by wearing abaya, instead of wearing jeans & other tights clothes with my head scarf. I told my dad I wanted to wear it but he was just joking around with it & said we live in the west, do u want people to look at you as a joke & then he said do u want to cover your face as well ( as a joke ) and I replied not now, and he replied with "calm down, thats not right, its completely wrong & a wahhabi act & etc etc" And several times he has said that I won't get job oppurtunities, and education will be tougher & etc basically he cares more about what people will think & if I get a good career later in life, than me putting my religion first I really don't care about jobs & etc, I want to put my religion before ANYTHING else he says that as long as I cover my head it's okay, which many people try to say is, but it really isn't but I'm only 16 so I can't really ignore what he's saying and do what I want I'm not only talking about the hijab, but with everything else as well We were casually talking & he asked me have u talked to ur friend s after you came home? and I said no, then he asked are u gonna get new friends ( in norway school is up to 10th grade & then u start at a different high school for 3 years & then its college/university, so he was referring to me starting at a school where I know nobody) then I replied no I don't need friends (i was just saying it casually) and he got annoyed & told me to meet up with my friends the problem isn't me not wanting to go out or anything, but all of my friends are bad influneces like they're all sunnis first of all they're not religious at all (not that im a perfect shia or anything) like they're always with boys & everyone at my age has kinda become so used to being with boys that they kinda of act like it's allowed third of all , some "friends" even smoke & snuff & etc they don't even realize how haram it is, + we're like 16, even my somali friend with hijab is around boys all the time like They'll say "inshallah this boy ends up being a good boy, and we'll have a long lasting relationship" it just gets me really annoyed how they completely forget that we're muslims and Literally for 4 years I've been trying everything to fit in with them but it's impossible, I argued with my mom for not letting me go out with them & I just don't like the influence they have on me + having only sunni friends isn't really fun, their religion allows so much that's haram and it gets me annoyed I would rather be friendless than be with them and I'm just trying to kind of loose contact with them since I'm starting at a new school anyways
  7. Unsure if it's my period or not

    No my period doesn't come on a specific date but it usually appears a week later each month so if I get it the 10th of a month I'll usually get it the 17th of the next month, and yeah I usually have my period for 7 days straight but in the end I have brown discharge instead of blood, last month in ramadan I got this "brown discharge" and I told my friend, and she said that it is old blood. I use an app for my cycle and I've noticed that my period comes a week late but Now im on vacation and Last month I got my period a week earlier on the app but since I get it a week later than the app on usual I got my period 2 weeks early. My marja is Ayatollah Sistani
  8. Scarf while wudhu

    I said in the absence of non mahram
  9. Scarf while wudhu

    as-salamu alaykum Do you have to cover your hair when you do wudhu, in the absence of non mahram ofc. My marja is Ayatollah Sistani, I haven't found anything on the matter and I even sent him a question, but he haven't answered yet. I've prayed and done wudhu for 10 years and my dad is pretty strict of doing wudhu and prayers the right way, he said that you don't need to but now I'm on vacation and other family members noticed and they say that my wudhu isn't valid.
  10. As-salamu alaykum I don't know whether I can pray or not, because I'm unsure whether it's my period or just dark brown discharge, it's like a week earlier than when I normally would have gotten my period..
  11. Seen w/out hijab

    Salam, Im 16 and I basically have worn a head scarf for a while now, started 8 but I secretely ( without my parents knowing ) used to take it off at school until I was like 11 I think. but anywas I dont wear the hijab properly ( I wear makeup and tight jeans ) but the point is, that I live in a western country so I obvi know boys from my class and etc and I have them on snapchat. And many times they have seen my hair by accident, My house is close to the mall that everyone goes to and sometimes i sit beside the window completely forgetting that if anyone passes by they'll see my hair. And several times they have seen me w/out hijab while passing by and I ofc ran away from the window immediately. but today I had oral exams and everyone was asking eachother what they got, on snapchat, and I replied this guy in my class that I got a bad grade, and I laughed to myself while sending it to him ( bc i suck at french ) on snapchat chat and if any of you have snapchat you know that in the chat part you can send small video and while laughing i accidentally clicked on that, keep in my i was laying down on my bed and my hair was completely showing, and some of my neck as well and I accidentally sent him that. I literally freaked out when I realized what I had done, (hes sunni muslim) and he saw it immediately and Instead of going out of the chat to make disappear I freaked out and wrote astaghfirullah, and [Edit], and [Edit]. [Mod Note: Edited to remove expletives.] Now i know that it wasnt any point in writing such a long text just to explain this but im freaking out,, this has happened severaly times when I have accidentally posted a pic of myself on mystory by accident and by the time i realized 2 boys had already seen that or me being in somebody mystory without being covered. I feel extremely dirty, (idk why) and i had a mini panic attack, its going to be so embarrassing bc we are in the same grade and classes. he didnt make a big deal out of it, and i sent him " it happened by accident, and he replied with "yeah i understood" so that basically how he reacted. + i know i should be a lot more careful but i still am freaking out, and i know its my own fault not being careful but still.
  12. Update : she wasnt "ignoring" me bc of me not helping to carry groceries, but bc she felt hurt that i wasnt talking to her
  13. It was literally nothing, but we were in the store and I was on my phone while I was walking, and she told me to put my phone away whilst walking and I just said if I fall (bc of not looking while walking) I'll probably break my mouth then she replied with its better if You break your mouth than your phone tho( obv she didnt literally mean it ) but I got a bit offended ( before we went to the store I bought a few thing for myself) so I told her that I wanted to go home and I just left. When she came home She started telling me that I just went to the mall for my own reasons (to buy things for myself), and that I left so that I didnt have to help carry the groceriws .. But I denied ofc bc thats not the reason I went, but she didnt wanna listen to me, and after that I just went to my room and later I asked her something but she ignored me , so I asked her again, and she ignored again, so I just asked my sister, and after that I just thought why say something to her when she clearly doesnt wanna talk to me,,, and now its been like 5 days since we talked
  14. Salam Recently, I had a fight with my mom and now she won't talk to me. Usually she tells me to do small tasks like making tea for them and etc but the other day she only called for my lil sis when she needed anyone to do anything, and today when she came home from work i didnt say salam to her ( bc it honestly was really awkward) and she told me to never talk to her again anymore, and Honestly it may sound like nothing but she was really serious. And she blamed me for not talking to her for like 3 days . But honestly i've tried to ask her something but she either didnt answer or only answered with no or yes, but now she doesnt believe in me . And i dont what to do.