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  1. Salams to all My father has to go to Syria from the NGO he works for. I wonder if Damascus is safe nowadays. We really don't want to discourage him. Do u know anything about Syria conflicts n security?
  2. Political Compass Test

  3. Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    I wish I could eat whatever I want without getting fat n sleep all day without feeling guilty.
  4. Why are there no female Imams ?

    The only reason why there is no female Imam is for the responsiblities God considered for each gender. Imam Ali said to Imam hassan: Women r like flowers. Do not put on them responsiblities which they can not bear. Allah also won't place a burden on a soul greater than it can bear. Alhamdulillah for the religion which respects women more with less responsibilities on their shoulders. N about lady Mariam I'm sure u know more than this.
  5. Women proposing

    An Iranian actrees ( Vishka Asayesh) ,in an interview, talked about how she proposed to her husband She used to live in another country n just Bcuz she'd fallen for a guy in Imam Ali series she came back to Ir I like her n her frankness. N one of Iranian martyrs (Ali Sayad Shirazi) once announced in the mosque about his unmarried sister n told the guys if u want u can propose to her.
  6. Do u know Elahi Ghomsheis??? All of them studied theology, literature, philosophy n I admire them. Becoming a lecturer sounds amazing. What about Master Shajarian? Master Farshchian? Don't u think they r more successful than lots of mathematicians. Or Ali Hatami. They were my role models as a child. We only live once, better to follow our heart... This film n its music changed my life when I was 16 n nobody could do that except an Artist
  7. Teaching, I always have a guilty conscience about everything n think I have to do something special in my life
  8. I wish I hadn't gone to university!! My mother forced me to study mathematics but I was into history, philosophy n literature. I was really into Farsi literature n I also used to use lots of expressions n poems in my everyday conversation but my mum didn't even give a toss to my feelings!!! So I was depressed as a teenager... This point of view can do nothing except bringing up hopeless n aimless ppl. Everyone has their own preferences. Actually I studied my favourite subject at uni (Architecture) but I wasn't satisfied... Instead of studying I could do more important things....... I never forget those bloody math talent classes... oh, too much money n time wasted ...
  9. آیا تیمور واقعا لنگ بود؟

    I'm really into history.
  10. MUTAH

    Everyday someone starts a topic about Mutah There r more important things to discuss, believe me !! In my community it's considered as irresponsibility... Ppl who r afraid of starting a new life n accepting its responsibilies do that n religious playboys as well... I don't want to discuss about it. I haven't got its knowledge n I don't want to mislead ppl as an individual brought up in a feminist family but I just can say it's not beneficial for muslim women!!! Wasalam
  11. آیا تیمور واقعا لنگ بود؟

    I haven't thought about him from this perspective
  12. I really think so. We have to do so . We must always pay the zakah of our knowledge as Imam Ali said : زکاه العلم نشره n I think lack of knowledge is the mother of all evils.