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  1. Honey only comes from one stomach

    Wa aleikoum, No problem at all. As I said, I searched a little bit more on the meaning of 'min' and found that one of its meanings is 'among'. Plus, the Quran in other verses clearly uses 'min' for 'among'. In 3:113 for example, Allah swt says "They are not [all] the same; among the People of the Scripture is a community standing [in obedience], reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating [in prayer]". It is very clear from the context that the word 'min' used here means 'among', not 'from'. Which means some (but not all) of the people of the scripture are righteous.
  2. Creation of Animals.

    I have heard or red somewhere that some animals will go to Jannah. Like the dog of the people of the Cave, the camel of the Prophet pbuh (I think), etc. I don't know for sure however, could someone confirm?
  3. As salamu aleikoum, As a law student, I would like to know if there is any hadith (shia if possible) about acquiring secular knowledge. I know there are a lot of hadiths about acquiring knowledge but I wonder if these hadiths only speak about religious knowledge. I recall a mollah talking about one of our Imams (as) giving a long chemistry lesson to someone though. Also, I heard that one is not considered a true shia if there is anyone better/more successful in their village. Again, I don't know what exactly this hadith means. The mollah stressed that as a muslim/shia you should be the best at everything you do, although he didn't mention any narration about that (starting from 7:30).
  4. Ignoring impurity allowed by ayatollah?

    If it can help you even a little bit, know that by not eating too late in the evening (and not staying late in front of a screen also, to a certain extent), you will avoid wet dreams 99% of the time. I can guarantee you that, you do not need to sin to avoid wet dreams: just follow this advice (by the way, didn't the Prophet saw say that eating too much arises satanic desires?). I would recommand eating 5 hours before bed to make sure. Personally, every time I got a wet dream was because of eating late or too much, the food not being fully digested when I was sleeping. One or two times, it was because my sleep was disrupted by staying too late in front of a screen.
  5. Honey only comes from one stomach

    Wa aleikoum salam, I can't understand arabic unfortunately. I found what a harf jar is but I don't know what harf tab'eeth means. I thought 'min' only meant 'from'. Could you give an example where 'min' is used in the way you described (to designate a part instead of the whole) or a website explaining this? Maybe I can understand better that way. I didn't know that plural was different for animals either. Again, could you give examples/a website? Sorry for being that insistent but I really want to know how to interpret this ayah. P.S.: I indeed found on Wikipedia that 'min' also means 'some of'. How would you translate the ayah in English, taking into consideration what you said about the 'min' and the plural for animals? EDIT: I think I understand what you mean. You mean that honey comes from 'among' of its stomachs, right? That would indeed be a good way to interpret it. Not only does it point out the fact that the bee has several stomachs like the cow for example (which the Quran already states a few verses before) but it would also be coherent with the fact that honey only comes from one of the two stomachs.
  6. Honey only comes from one stomach

    Thank you for your answer. I think I thought the same thing as you in the beginning. However, 'eat' (kuli) and 'follow' (fasluki) are both adressed to a single female bee. I am not the only one to think this (http://www.speed-light.info/miracles_of_quran/honey_bees.htm). From what I found on the internet, it seems that in arabic, you don't have 'her' or 'his' like in English. Instead, you add something at the end of a word to this end. Please check this link, under the title 'Enclictic pronouns' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_grammar) In English, you would say 'her belly' or 'her bellies'. In arabic, you would literally say 'belly-her' or 'bellies-her'. In the verse quoted above, it is written 'bellies-her', belly being in the plural form but the 'ha' at the end refering to a single female bee. In another verse, the same is said about the cow. The Holy Quran, in the same Surah, a few verses before (16:66), accurately states that the cattle (cow, goat, etc) has multiple stomachs (butunihi) and then says where milk comes from. Here also, 'stomach' (if we interpret the word in this meaning) is in the plural form but a 'hi' is added at the end, which means it is in the 3rd masculine singular form. That's probably because 'cattle' is a masculine word although it is very clear the Quran is talking about a female cow, goat or sheep. In many languages, a word is either masculine or feminine, no matter what: in french for example a human is 'UN homme' (masculine), irrespective of whether it is a male or a female individual. In verses 63 to 66, surah As-Saffat (37), Allah swt is talking about the wrongdoerS (dhalimeen, plural form) and how they will fill the bellies (al butoon, plural form, although no possessive article but instead a definite article). Similar verses are present in surah Al-Waqi'ah (56:49-53). Again, there is mention of al butoon (the bellies). Thus, multiple bellies for multiple wrongdoers. This is more clear in surah Al-Haj, it is said that 'those who disbelieved will have cut out for them garments of fire. Poured upon their heads will be scalding water'. 'Their heads' is written as 'ruoohusihimu', -him in arabic refering to multiple masculine subjects according to Wikipedia. Thus, multiple heads for multiple persons. I don't know whether 'heads' is in the plural form since the corpus.quran.com is not working when I'm writing this but I guess so because in verse 48 of surah Ad-Dukhan (44), it is said 'Then pour over his head from the torment of scalding water.' where head is written 'rasihi', -hi meaning one single male person. Thus, one single head for one single person. Is there any one familiar with classical arabic who could give his opinion?
  7. Salam aleikoum, "Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down [for you]." There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought." In Surah Nahl, verse 69 (16:69), Allah swt says that a healing liquid comes from the bellieS of the female bee (butuniha). If you check this link (http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp?chapter=16&verse=69#(16:69:1)) you will see that butuniha means several stomachs for one single female bee. The translator should have written 'its bellies'. Science says that a female bee has indeed two stomachs, one called the honey stomach and the other being a 'normal' stomach for her own digestion. The content of the honey stomach is regurgitated into other bees mouth and then placed into a cell, this is how honey is made. According to the first link I posted below, there is a valve between the two stomachs and only the content of the honey stomach is transferred to other bees. https://honeybeesuite.com/honey-is-not-bee-vomit/ ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZlEjDLJCmg&t=98s But the Holy Quran says that the healing liquid comes from its bellies, not from its belly. I know that butuniha has several meanings but I am confused. How do you interpret this verse? Jazakh Allah khair.
  8. I don't know if they are authentic hadiths but some narrations (sunni ones I think) encourage muslims to practice horse and camel riding, bow shooting, javelin throwing, swimming, running and walking. When you think about it, if there is a nuclear war or a big worldwide natural disaster, there will no more factories to produce the ammunition needed for modern firearms. Nowadays, you need the right ammunition (comprising the bullet, the powder and the little explosive) to use a firearm and that ammunition has to be produced in a factory, you cannot make it yourself as far as I know. We will eventually run out of ammunition and then less sophisticated weapons will be used.
  9. I'm very interested in this, can anyone post the original hadith in arabic and tell me which word is used for "animals" ?
  10. Public transport and taharat

    Waleikoum, There are people asking the same question as you to Ayatollah Sistani's website and the answer was that everything is deemed tahir as long as you do not know it is najis. Question: I am living in India and I have a lot of doubts about things I am using and I eating. What is my duty about such things? Answer: A well known religious law says: "Everything is ritually pure for you unless you come to know that it is ritually impure." This law declares everything to be pure unless one becomes sure a particular item has become impure. And as long as you are not sure that it has become ritually impure (najis), it is to be considered pure and you can apply all the rules of purity to it without any hesitation or doubt. The rule says you must consider everything to be tahir unless you are certain or satisfied that it is najis. It's true however that there is this "satisfied" word but at the same time there is that other sentence "if one suspects that something may be najis, it is not necessary to avoid it". One should be certain, or satisfied that something is najis. If one suspects that something may be najis, it is not necessary to avoid it.
  11. Thinks he created himself

    I love this idea lol. He wouldn't be able to deny it, exactly. I don't think he really believes it though, it must probably be a "possibility" in his mind. But yeah, the world being created last Friday is possible too, despite the lack of evidences He says he created the world then decided to live in that said world before erasing his own memory... So maybe he thinks he lives among us in an human form. How convenient I agree. But it's annoying that there is no answer to this. Just like when someone says the world appeared last Friday with all your memories and so on. It's ridiculous but yet one cannot answer it (at least not that I'm aware).
  12. As salam aleikoum, What would you say to someone who believes he created the world, including himself, and then for some reason he doesn't know, erased his own memory. Basically, that person believes he may be God (astarfilulah) . He says you cannot prove whether his theory is false. It reminds me a bit of the "simulation theory" where basically people believe that this world isn't real because we cannot prove it's real (since all the informations we have about the world come from our senses and is stored in our brain). Of course, we cannot prove the world is a simulation either. Plus, even the world was a simulation, it wouldn't change anything for us muslims since you still need Someone of a great intelligence, the Creator, to make that complex simulation work ! But this guy's theory we are discussing is a little bit different since I think it would be a problem if the Creator mysteriously erased his own memory for some reason to live an ordinary life (yeah I know, it's reaaaly far-fetched). One could wonder WHY anyone would possibly want to do that ! What would do answer to this, my brothers and sisters ? It's difficult to give him a rational answer despite the fact that he has no evidence at all to support his theory and that this theory is completly retarded . EDIT : making my post a little more clear.
  13. How to keep tahir ?

    Oh, by the way, kashif.h and kf2013 are both my accounts. I had a problem with the first one but now it's okay.
  14. How to keep tahir ?

    Only in my heart. But I remember having once expressed doubts about the day of reckoning or Hell I don't know which one precisely (I perhaps said something like "maybe it won't happen").
  15. Muslims going to Jannah

    I have indeed red that before, on al-islam if I remember correctly. I cannot find the reference however. Is this belief founded on hadith or Quran ? That is indeed a horrific suffering by itself. Even when someone we love is unhappy with us it hurts so what if it is Allah swt ? Muslims pray their whole life, fast, control their desires for Him only.