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  1. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Hello Sumayyeh.. There are lot of banana variants and not all are suitable to be fried or cooked/steamed (steamed banana is equally delicious, but make sure you steam it WITH its skin). I do not know in which part of the world you live, but the best banana to cook is the 'hard' one, like plaintain. We have here a variant that will not go ripened and soft, very huge and long and we call it horn banana as the shape would remind you of a horn. This is the best type to be cooked; deepfry it, bake it and then put grated cheddar cheese on it, steam it. In Indonesia, one favorite dish for ifthar is called Kolak, which is actually plaintain+sweet potato chopped and boiled in thin coconut milk, sweetened with palm sugar with pandan leaves and sometimes with cinnamon.
  2. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Sis...can u make that for me I've always wanted to try that...is it literally like...you're frying a banana? How does that work? Hi StarryNight. Greetings from Jakarta. In my place, we deepfry plaintain but first cover it with dough, made from flour+egg+water+a pinch of salt+sugar.
  3. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    my simple breakfast at office today was 2 pcs of kuk-rice (sticky rice flour, with sweetened bean as the filling) and 2 small beef rolls that I bought at the bakery down the office building. I also had a glass (not cup, but glass) of coffee, followed by a tablet of high dose vitamin C. I am in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  4. Brother & Sister In Indonesia

    Btw ICC is the one located in Pejaten area rite? Is it okay if a hijabless female like me visiting there? I always dress casually and politely though. Just not wearing hijab.
  5. Brother & Sister In Indonesia

    Salam.. Been born and raised as Sunni Muslim by my parents, I have grown a curiousity yet un-prejudice stance to Shiah believers. I got some friends who apparently are against Shiah, but I guess that is merely due to lack of knowledges. I just found recently that we (my family and I and most of my friends) are actually more to NU than Muhammadiyah. I am a Muslim, that is all. Apakah ada tempat berkumpul penganut Shiah di Jakarta?